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From creative publicity work directly related to sales and customer attraction (such as department store gift catalogs, event announcement posters, or supermarket foldouts), to direct marketing and helping out with booth setup, we support your sales promotion activities 100%. We set industry type, target, and promotion goals, then combine the optimal selection and method tailored to contact points, leading to effectively and efficiently accomplishing your goals. We offer an extensive lineup of media content and hardware, so that you can be sure that target users receive your message clearly. We propose one-stop solutions, from planning to implementation and the production of tools. Personal selling is more used when dealing with expensive and risky goods in a industrial market with fewer, but larger sellers. Personal Selling and Sales Promotion are the primary promotion tools when using a Push Strategy.

PremiumsA premium is an offer of an item of merchandise or services either free or at a low price that is an extra incentive for purchasers. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. From customer attraction to customer visits, and to cultivating regular customers from fixed customers, our system will help you to grow your customer base.
Whether analog or digital, we develop a wide variety of content and then design your entire promotion so that it is reasonably priced. Advertising and Public Relation are the primary promotion tools when using a Pull Strategy. A sweepstakes is a promotion where winners are determined purely by chance; it cannot require a proof of purchase as a condition for entry.

Event marketingEvent marketing is a type of promotion where a company or brand is linked to an event or where a themed activity is developed for the purpose of creating experiences for consumers and promoting a product or service.An event sponsorship is an integrated marketing communications activity where a company develops actual sponsorship relations with a particular event and provides financial support in return for the right to display a brand name, logo, or advertising message and be identified as a supporter of the event. Event marketing often takes place as part of a company’s sponsorship of activities such as concerts, the arts, social causes, and sporting events.

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