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Here are just a few of the positive success stories and client testimonials we have received so far! Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The Importance of Real Estate Sales Contract Form in Real Estate Contract A sales contract is a bilateral contract since it contains promises to perform by both parties. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
Brandy and her team have negotiated and closed over 450 short sales in Nevada with over $75 million in mortgage debt forgiveness. Her book of business consists of short sales, REOs, property management and a strong investor portfolio. FUN FACT: Brandy was awarded an athletic scholarship as a heptathlete at Cal State University of Sacramento. FUN FACT: She purchased a 36ft Carver Mariner boat and is semi-retired playing “pirate” on Lake Mead every weekend. Terri graduated from Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science. FUN FACT: She plays the drums, prefers to play electric guitar over acoustic and loves classic rock. Geri comes to the IRES team with extensive experience in working through challenges and emergencies as she was in the Air Force for 12 years during the Vietnam Era. FUN FACT: She taught Life Extension Courses at Miami Community College where the average age of the class graduate was 80 years old. FUN FACT: She was a school teacher in Honolulu, Hawaii and taught seventh grade social studies, hula, health, and physical education. FUN FACT:  She is passionate about reading and is in the process of building her own personal library.
Veronica Suarez has assisted numerous buyers to accomplish the American Dream as well as investors to increase their profits. Before receiving his real estate license in 2012, Ricardo was in the construction industry for 20 years. John has worked with several attorneys to help facilitate the successful processing and closing of over 60 short sales.

Her vision to open a company where she could actually help people in need is what started it all.  She was a pioneer in short sale training and procedure here in Las Vegas. Taking care of the homeowner and doing everything possible to negotiate with the bank to waive all deficiencies is paramount. She still teaches classes and recently opened a new training facility to serve and educate homeowners.
Upon graduation she nurtured her client care dexterity for five years as a client services supervisor for a top trade show contractor.
She has been in the REO real estate industry for 4 years and brings much experience in BPO evaluations.  Prior to getting involved in the real estate world she was a health technician for four years in California. He is able to use his expertise in building knowledge to educate his clients and what to look for in a well built home.
Around 2005, there was no formal training nor were there many brokers who would even allow agents to negotiate short sales in their offices.
In addition, she implemented a recovery plan to support homeowners in rebuilding their financial future once the short sale transaction is closed. In 2003, she became a licensed REALTOR® and enjoyed the success of the Las Vegas real estate boom. Two years later she partnered with a Las Vegas land developer as a managing member.
As the market changed, she shifted with the flow and has flourished in the short sale arena.
Veronica goes beyond the extra mile to represent her clients’ best interests and net them the highest amount of money at close of escrow. While he specializes in all aspects of real estate, he is also a licensed property manager and worked extensively with investors regarding managing flips and rental holds. He received his license in 2004, before the boom hit, and has successfully pushed through each change in the market since then. So she started to write manuals, negotiation scripts and course materials to assist other agents in the short sale arena. Due to Brandy’s leadership and inspiration, IRES has become forward thinking, compassionate and most of all accountable to helping homeowners across the valley in their desperate time of need.
Yvonne is our chief compliance officer on all transactions as well as agent licensing, and we are grateful to have her wealth of knowledge. She raised seed capital for real estate projects in Las Vegas, Arizona and California, with project value totaling over $64 million.

In addition, she has been processing short sales since early 2007 and has an incredible skill in saving the most difficult files and getting foreclosure sale dates rescinded.
She is a great team player, no fuss-no muss attitude, puts her head down and gets the job done! During the last five years, Veronica and her team have also assisted many distressed homeowners to successfully short-sale their home and avoid foreclosure.
He has his Bachelors of Science degree from Francis Marion University in Political Science. He is dedicated and hard-working and has been an advocate for home ownership in the Hispanic community.
As a result, Brandy was asked to serve as an advisor for several banks when they were implementing their short sale platforms.
When one makes adecision to to buy or sell a real estate, it can actually effect the lifestyle of manypeople. She has trained over 8,000 agents, loss mitigation negotiators and business affiliates on short sale procedures, REO best practices and BPO’s.
Although, the real estate option agreement may sound complicated, it is inreality a quite simple legal agreement.
This kind of agreement in simple termsmeans that a buyer is paying the seller for the exclusive right to buy a piece ofproperty from the seller for a predetermined price for a predetermined amount oftime.The buying or selling of property, be it anything, is without any doubt one of themost important decision a person would make in his life.
The agreement of real estate sales works as alegal proof of the contractual arrangement between the buyer and the seller.The real estate agreement between the buyer and the seller is usually prepared bythe real property agents or lawyers. These forms can also be downloaded fromvarious property websites for free that is important for legalizing the transactions. This bilateral contract, which is agreedby both the parties should perform all the essential requirements specified bycontract law in general in order to become enforceable. Certain conditions thatcannot be ignored in order to enter into this contract includes: the mentallychallenged people, drugged persons, etc.

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