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Samsung has been able to dominate the smartphone industry by offering handsets at every size and price you could imagine, but will the same strategy help it capture the tablet market? Until recently, Samsung claimed less than half the tablet share of Apple’s iPads, but the company has already begun building momentum and is currently about 10 percentage points behind its rival. Jacob Kleinman has been working as a journalist online and in print since he arrived at Wesleyan University in 2007. When the Ultrabook launched in June 2011, Samsung were ahead of the curve because the Series 9 had already launched into the thin and light space.
There are two models in the range and the pricing is competitive; especially in Europe where the 13” Series 5 is offering a great package for a price that is currently only beaten by the Acer S3.
Opening the Series 5 up to check out the keyboard reveals nice feedback and a nice feel to the touchpad and buttons and looking around the ports isn’t going to result in a ‘how to I transfer my pictures’ shock. The first 5 minutes are a good quality experience with no shocks, but not major highlights either. Like the Toshiba Z830 and the HP Folio 13.3” Ultrabooks, the NP530 comes with a good set of ports.
An access port on the base of the device allows access to an empty memory slot for very easy upgrade to 6 or 8GB RAM. As Ultrabooks employ more and more features it gets harder and harder to test and provide simple performance figures. In general, performance is swift to the point of it being transparent when using as a desktop PC with a dual-monitor. Boot from cold is done in about 25 seconds thanks to the speed-up offered by the Express Cache software and other boot optimisers running on the system. Return from standby takes 2-4 seconds depending on programs loaded and length of time in standby. Disk speeds using mains power in high-power settings on the left.For comparison, the Acer S3 is shown on the right. The HDD on the Samsung is slightly faster than the on in the Acer S5 so file copies and installations should be quicker, in theory. To test Express Cache, we installed Cyberlink PowerDirector 10 which we know can take 20 seconds to start on an HDD (as tested on the Acer S3, Samsung NP350) but takes 5-8 seconds on an SSD.
In tests (about 15 application re-starts including some reboots over 30 minutes) it was impossible to measure any difference in application startup and usage. Update: 24hrs later, after a fresh reboot, Cyberlink PowerDirector started in 14 seconds instead of 20 seconds.
Audio from the built in speakers is relatively loud for an Ultrabook and of reasonable quality.
Like all notebooks based on 2nd-gen Core processors, the Samsung Series 5 supports full HD (1080p) decoding in hardware and we tested it up to 30Mbps which is as high as you’ll get on most consumer video cameras. The Sandy-Bridge 2nd generation core platform used in all first-gen Ultrabooks includes the Intel Quick Sync Video hardware that, through use of an Intel SDK, can provide accelerated encoding capabilities for common video file formats. For field reporters needing to record in full quality the quick-sync video hardware provides a great way to crunch the video for upload either in quick time (newsrooms will be particularly interested in this) or over low-bandwidth connections but the Samsung Series 5 doesn’t appear to capitalize on the feature as well as other Ultrabooks.
The Intel Quick-Sync video feature found on all Ultrabooks can also be used by video editing programs to speed up, significantly, the rendering process. The Samsung Series 5, like all Ultrabooks, isn’t a ‘gaming rig’ but it’s capable of some gaming entertainment if games are chosen and configured carefully. We skipped our usual Half-Life 2 and AppUp Pinball tests and went straight to Just Cause 2, a Steam-based download. Note that 2nd generation Ultrabooks will introduce greatly improved gaming graphics capability but won’t be available until at least June 2012. One of the features of the Samsung Series 5 is the port selection and that includes a full-size Gigabit Ethernet port.
I do have two Intel BT+HS devices here though now so i’ll try a specific test between the two. I’d really like to see real world power consumption tests when compared to using hotspot tethering.
Right now, I mostly use the hotspot feature of my phone and when space permits, I tether via USB.
I think the fact Samsung is pushing these slim bezel displays which make it the same size as other manufactures smaller-screen machines should really be made more mention of.
Hi, I’m about to buy one but the problem with the built-in microphone is scarying me.

If that might help, I can actually say that the problem I noticed with the microphone disappeared… Not sure what it might have been (maybe an issue with Skype itself at that time?) but now it is all fine. Just bought the machine for my wife and found out the built-in microphone is having the same issue as described above by alex. Citing industry sources, Korean site ETNews reports that the company will do just that starting in 2014, releasing a torrent of new tablets and multi-mode devices in an effort to overtake Apple’s iPad line. The tablet market is still expanding rapidly with plenty of space for both companies to grow, but the South Korean OEM may be able to take the lead using the aggressive pricing and marketing it’s used to push its line of Galaxy smartphones.
The company is rumored to be working on 12 and 13.3-inch slates in an effort to create new demand for larger tablets. It was expensive  but brought the best of Samsung’s engineering to the table in exactly the way the Ultrabook was to do just months later.
The 14” Series 5 offers a DVD writer and a good set of specs but it’s the base model Series 5 13” were testing here.
You can find the recorded sessions, including a RAM upgrade, in the videos here.  During the 2hr live session testing apps and features we recorded the equivalent of 5hr battery life.
The only thing missing is the full-size VGA port although a mini VGA port is available and works with the included adaptor.
Good brightness, contrast and daylight readability with a matt finish is about as good as it gets for mobile users although 1600×900 resolution would have been a step up from the Toshiba Z830 that it’s competing with in the market.
Having used the same design on the NP350 for 3 months I was running at 100% speed with no learning curve.
The keyboard especially so.The mobile PC database contains all you need to find your perfect PC. Boot, app startup and application performance, WiFi performance and file copy performance won’t be an issue for anybody in the mainstream.
On checking Express Cache usage we see that 8.67GB of the 10GB  application space is now in-use. There are some advanced audio features to be found in the settings but nothing that isn’t effectively an EQ setting. If you want the best audio out of the Series 5 you’ll take the digital audio via the HDMI port which we tested. DVD and Blu-ray should be no problem (Blu-Ray not tested) and you’ll find that the CPU barely moves during the process as all the work is done in dedicated silicon. It’s useful for a number of scenarios but the one that most people will probably use is format conversion so that large-format videos can be reduced to more portable versions. On a 4th run under high-power mode with mains plugged in the result had dropped to 27 seconds which is significantly lower than most other Ultrabooks.
We use Cyberlink PowerDirector 10 to test video editing on Ultrabooknews as we’re pleased with its stability and support of the Intel Quick Sync Video.
What we did find on the Series 5 is that Turbo 2.0 wasn’t as long-lived as on some other Ultrabooks. The 24 Mbps 802.11 link is supposedly only on when transferring a lot of data and completely off when not. Finally the PC gaming industry is starting to understand that if they want to compete against iOS, Android, consoles, in the future then they need to forget about desktops & start focusing on integrated solutions. As I would like to make the battery life even better and get better performances, I would like to replace the HDD by an SSD. I have a question regarding the series 5 (and, I suppose, ultrabooks in large): it seems the battery is unreachable.
Mine is recording extremely muffled sounds and it really prevents me from using Skype and other things: people on the other end simply cannot hear my voice. Over time the price has come down so it was difficult to imagine how Samsung might fit a product into the Ultrabook market but at CES the strategy was revealed as the Series 9 received a complete refresh to remain as the premium thin and light product.
Bought (for a family member, not sent by a PR company) in Germany, this is an extended review of the NP530U3B. The Series 5 looks good, clean and classy but it doesn’t shout ‘design’ like some other Ultrabooks do.
The combination of smaller perceived size and heavier weight give it a significant density disadvantage over other Ultrabooks. The audio in-out port is a combo headset port so get an adaptor ready if you have two connectors on your headset.
Having said that, it does have one advantage over the Z830 in that it’s a very strong build.

As we look deeper into some of the performance figures we can reveal some issues and tricks though. Maybe it takes a lot longer for Express Cache to build up a good cache but without any Express Cache reporting tools it’s difficult to tell. We suggest giving Express Cache a few days of normal use to start learning application patterns. Sound quality is not as good as the excellent solution on the Asus UX31 but good enough for YouTube and a bit of quiet background music and radio. Windows 7 provides a good set of software codecs out of the box and supports most hardware video decoders. For the 30Mbps H.264 file (2-channel audio) we saw 8-15% max CPU load in power-saving mode and a power drain of around 11W for about 4 hours of HD playback. The demo runs at an unusably low frame rate under default settings, just as with other HD 3000 – powered graphics units.
I assume the idle power of the slower Bluetooth link is much less than a powered idle WiFi connection.
Of course it also has to consume less battery life when compared to tethering via the WiFi hotspot. I did then again experience some technical issues using this site, as I skilled to reload the site a lot of occasions previous to I could get it to load correctly.
The price was obviously pushed back up which left space for what is effectively a tier-2 thin-and-light in the Series 5 Ultrabook. There’s no tapered front to make it look ultra-thin and on picking it up it feels just as you  expect.
White on black helps in low light but note there is no backlighting for the keyboard, one thing that the Toshiba Z830 has in its favor and something that, once you’ve used it, you really notice when it’s not available.
MPEG2, MPGEG4 part 2 (like Xvid, Divx) and MPEG 4 part 10 (like H.264) along with WMV of course. In addition to HDMI out there’s a second method that can be used with compatible equipment. In this test, 6.63FPS with default settings and resolution, mains power and high-performance mode. While we haven’t been able to test the Wireless Display we have been impressed with the quality of the wireless connection. When my ultraportable is connected to the internet it’s almost always through my Verizon 4G phone since I travel often to places with no WiFi. Most people are going to be impressed at the size and weight though; this reviewer has been a little spoilt by handling Ultrabooks that are thinner and lighter. Samsung have used a mini connector for the power plug, not the standard plug used on other Samsung devices. The touchpad on the test device is made by Elantech and has a big set of settings for single and multiple finger usage, palm rejection and sensitivity. The Wi-Fi card, a Centrino module, supports Intel Wireless Display (Wi-Di) so you can send 1080p video to a screen without a cable. For comparison the Asus UX31 (Core i7) manages 9 fps but it has a much larger 1600×900 display. Now not that I am complaining, however slow loading circumstances instances will sometimes affect your placement in google and could harm your high-quality ranking if ads and marketing with Adwords. It’s slightly inset which helps locate edges for scrolling and lets you know when your palm is wandering onto the surface.
The Centrino 6230 supports two antennas (we can’t confirm if they are both used on the Series 5) and supports 2.4 and 5Ghz bands for throughput up to 300Mbps. Well I’m including this RSS to my e-mail and can glance out for much extra of your respective interesting content. The Bluetooth module supports up to 3.0+HS too which means you can potentially get fast transfers over Bluetooth.

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