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1 – Once you have Windows Movie Maker open, find where all your Go Pro images are that you are wanting to process into a time lapse movie. 6 – If you did click and now only have one image selected, simply go up to the first image and select it, then scroll down to the last image and hold down the shift key while selecting it.
8 – Now that this phase is complete, it is time to move on to the next set of 200 images. 9 – Repeat the process 1-8 until you have all of your Go Pro Time Lapse images processed. Good Luck and comment with any suggestions or experiences you have had with processing Go Pro Time Lapse images in Windows Movie Maker.
This post was more about the sensitivity of Windows Movie Maker with the large amount of files, than a how to create a time lapse.
Project Bolony is about the many things that seem to be happening all around, but only few take notice of. I made a Game Jam title this weekend about a mermaid with a monster mouth that eats smaller fish.
I woke up that morning with the vision of some kind of game involving mermaids and Fish Feaster with Shantae style graphics.
Grab your hard hat and come see which Steel Attacks will help you cut through the competition! Getting pretty excited about graduating so soon, but with that comes the pressure of finishing these last few exams with top grades to make sure nothing goes wrong. Last Saturday I submitted Battle Gem Ponies to the Game Expo and I got a lot of nice feedback from the random players who decided to give the game a try.
The latest Battle Gem Ponies demo is available to download just in time for Easter weekend! This demo introduces party management, bug fixes, battle polish, sweet music tracks, a pony follower, and some new artwork! It's a simple RPG with a ton of features on the way. I aim to release the next demo in April.
Most of the work this time around was behind the scenes stuff that won't be revealed for a while, but design-wise, the game is more thought out now and on a much more reasonable development schedule. You can find details about the upcoming combat system and new release date on the dev blog.
It's a big news week for Battle Gem Ponies and to kick it off, here's an update on how your pony's attacks will work! Moves make up the core of the gameplay in Battle Gem Ponies, so having Light, Heavy, Status, and Special Attacks will promote strategic play. You can look here for the full blog post explaining how it works and why this style was chosen over Pokemon's freeform move slots. My school's BYOC game design expo is coming up on April 9th and I need a polished build to show to strangers one last time before BronyCon.
Category matches in MLP are the equivalent to fan made Pokemon tournament rules like "Fire only" or "Little Cup" in which the only monsters you're allowed to compete with need to fit within that classification. Time zones are going to make this a tricky thing to pull off universally, but since users need to be on the internet to participate, I can force the cups to sync with EST for simplicity and alert players when the challenge is about to change in-game.
This week I'm talking myself into making a quick project in the middle of BGP's development. I'm determined to make characters in Battle Gem Ponies that people will quickly fall in love with.
Now Add Files or refer to step 2 and pull in your newly created mini-movie Time Lapse movies. Pay special attention to the details as I have figured out how to get past some of the more challenging ones.
It's a sort of halfway point between the last version and the big jump to version 5 (where the game starts looking real).

I'm kinda drowning in last minute projects and cram sessions, so programming this game an hour at a time isn't getting me very far.
And yes, the text in the logo is a mashup of Hungry Howie's, The Little Mermaid, and Viral Hunger.
I managed to make that random dream fit with the theme by adding elements of escalating difficulty and humor. Nightmare scenario would be the surprise failure of a class and having to take a summer course. Look below for the gist of what else happened at the big gaming party of the Pennsylvania College of Technology. Much of it was research, some of it was experiencing another live demo showcase, and I got to think about where I want to be in a few years a bit more. Explore the town, cave, and island areas or battle against random computer opponents right from the main menu! The next demo will be the post-BYOC build and is set to have working multiplayer, tons of polish, and pony customization.
People will customize their movesets with the limitations of one strong move (with little GP), one weaker move (Enough GP to usually last the whole match), a status move (affecting gameplay beyond just lowering enemy HP), and a special attack (wildcard moves that can't be learned naturally). Some features like dynamic text reading, special battle move effects, stat buffs, and special NPC interactions will have to wait for the next demo. I met contacts, attended tons of panels, made some friends, saw some awesome people, got inspired to cosplay hardcore next year, and danced my feet straight off. A big feature I want BGP to have is an automatic rotation of category matches that fit with the seasons. I think it'll keep the community active, get people to try new pony teams, and let new people stand atop the leaderboards as a new fresh slate is made each time it changes. Progress is fine, but a new idea has been eating away at me and tons of exposure opportunities are in sight that may end up helping all my future games if I take action.
The Toxic class is the "whittle them down" group that focuses on weakening opponents into submission. Aspects of my future games have been affected too and I wrote up a lot of design changes to Unicorn Quest in order to make it a more story rich world people can fall in love with.
Battle Gem Ponies needs to balance tension, humor, mystery, and sadness perfectly in order to make exploring Pinto a truly memorable experience.
Not much got done dev-wise thanks to all the traveling this weekend, reuniting with friends, and adjusting to my school schedule. If they are from your Go Pro, the Time Lapse images should be in consecutive order with their respective file names. There are usually a few images that are blank, once all the images load, then these will show their thumbnails. It will ask if you want to save, I usually don’t when I am in between like this, but you can if you want. To make sure I get out of here alive, I'll need to cut out some dev time to "study" (memorize answers to questions in the short-term so I can regurgitate them in a couple weeks, like a good little student).
My first big spend in a while was the Rewired Unity plugin that easily allows for controller and keyboard input, eliminating one of the game's fussiest problems for the price of $45.
They rest on the top of the food chain and have a fearsome power that you don't want to mess with without some daedric armor! Even though they're mostly defensive tanks, these Dragon class moves pack a crazy, fire-breathing punch. Think of her as a mix between Derpy from MLP, and Slaking or Magikarp from Pokemon because that's what I thought of when designing her. I can take the extra time to polish it up and make the major story moments that much more memorable as well as balance the combat with extensive playtesting through Steam Greenlight. Harnessing this spirit energy can trick your opponents and turn a number of scenarios in your favor.

I have outlines for how they work in code and I have tested many parts of those features, but putting all those pieces together and testing them as a whole is going to take at least a week. It's a lot to handle in a single month, so I'm hoping Spring Break gets me ahead of schedule by a decent amount.
Game development will resume tomorrow as the dust settles and I get caught up on the school work that was tossed aside. Get the full story over here.
It's also about keeping special category pony selection relevant despite the small total of 60 different ponies to collect. Alongside that I want a daily challenge that cycles more frequently as to keep the attention of daily users who could easily get bored and move on to the next mobile game. Battle Gem Ponies will deliver on its promise of an experience worth the $5 app store price. The main problem is figuring out how long it'd take, and I think if I do it game jam style, it could be worth a shot. I understand now, more than ever, just how much emotion affects a player's attachment to a game. This week, I've got a grasp on things and I can get started on my 4 hour minimum workday plan.
Now choose the EDIT tab, (the edit tab will show up after you have photos or videos in the editor), change the duration of each image to your preference.
In this scenario, I make sure that I am in the correct folder then I name the files with numbers, 1,2,3. Things like car tags, crashing laptops, and exam cramming won't be enough to stop me completely though. Now whenever a menu pops up, the game gets confused as to what the button presses do and locks you into a certain screen, making the game unplayable. Learn what draconic power you can possess, and see which one will be essential to your team.
There's nothing set in stone about Derpzee just yet, but I just had to share something silly for April Fool's Friday. I want demo 4 out by March 18th (week after Spring Break), so there's some higher priority stuff to get out before then. Things are shifting into overdrive since I need to get serious if I want it released on time. This may depend on your time lapse project, I use .07 often, but have sped up or slowed down depending on what I am making a Time Lapse Movie of. The next BGP demo needs to be ready to play in time for the My Little Pony season premiere weekend (March 26). If the psychic power of Esper class ponies intrigues you, just wait until you see what they can do. It'll be a hectic week of prep and snowstorms over here at Penn College, but the happy times are right down the road. This time around, the excitement of running a panel has been replaced with coming up with a good 1-Hour Game Jam idea.
Then I usually scroll through the images to make sure that they are all loaded and processed before moving on. If it's anything like BronyCon, I'm in for a huge morale boost and a ton of priceless memories.

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