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The United States relied on net imports (imports minus exports) for about 45% of the petroleum (crude oil and petroleum products) that we consumed in 2011. Incorporating sustainability initiatives into warehouse and distribution center (DC) design is proving to be a win-win proposition.
Comprehensive connectivity – from 802.11 wireless LAN technologies, cellular networks, Bluetooth. According to Gartner, supply chain management software revenues will grow 12% in 2014, the highest rate since 2011.
In the fourth quarter of 2013, Gartner conducted a survey of 447 supply chain professionals across North America. When asked which obstacles hindered their progress toward achieving organisational goals, respondents identified inaccurate forecasts of demand for products and variability of demand as the leading ones. Forty-three per cent of the supply chain professionals surveyed indicated that, to deal with rising levels of integration complexity, they were strongly committed to a single underlying technology platform that would improve the visibility of internal processes and enable more effective communication and collaboration with suppliers and buyers. Through 2018, Gartner estimates that nearly 70 percent of businesses will pursue a single-platform (underlying architecture) strategy to integrate disparate systems, to improve supply chain visibility. Although the SCM software market is nearing the point at which over 60 percent of its revenue will derive from existing implementations, in terms of new spending in 2013 approximately 16 percent of SCM investments were by companies adopting this software for the first time. Organizations that adopt supply chain software still prefer hosted or on-premises applications.
ASCET-SCM represents the interface to the version and configuration management system (SCM). The modular structure of the software components is transferred into the SCM system directly from ASCET. CONNECT ist die leichtgewichtige und leistungsstarke Integrationsplattform der Wassermann AG, die EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) sowie Charakteristika einer serviceorientierten Architektur (SOA) vereint.
Die Wassermann AG setzt seit Jahren auf Methoden wie GAMP, um den Entwicklungsprozess im validierten Umfeld zu gewahrleisten, implementiert aber auch projekt- und anforderungsabhangig mittels agiler Methoden. Software Advice, a Gartner Company, provides detailed reviews and research on thousands of software applications. Businesses both large and small are investing heavily into supply chain management software. Nothing too surprising, though I was definitely a little surprised by the budget estimates the prospective buyers were providing.
Software is becoming increasingly important in supply chain management, and more and more smaller businesses are catching on to that trend.
Many of the smaller businesses got by without commercial SCM software for years, but it's just not possible for them to continue with their old methods.
A couple reasons—there are more solutions available to them at a lower price point, and economic pressures are forcing many SMBs to adapt and evolve. The opinions expressed herein are those solely of the participants, and do not necessarily represent the views of Agile Business Media, LLC., its properties or its employees. Kate Lee is the senior director of research and strategy for Fronetics Strategic Advisors, a Newburyport, Mass.-based consultancy that works with clients in industries including logistics and supply chain.
Necessity is the mother of invention at Quiet LogisticsFaced with the loss of a robotic pick solution, Quiet Logistics invented its own robots. HVLS industrial fans offer important benefits, including alleviating problems with improper air circulation, inadequate ventilation, stagnant air, temperature extremes, maintaining product integrity and unsafe working conditions due to wet floors.
This white paper examines how the deployment of affordable, flexible automated storage and retrieval systems can simplify reverse logistics processing. The market for supply chain management software continued to grow in 2012, with strong growth predicted for the future, too. The market for supply chain management software, maintenance and services continued its upward trajectory in 2012, generating $8.3 billion in 2012, including applications for procurement software.
Without procurement, the market generated $5.528 billion, a healthy $333 million jump over 2011 revenues for the group of applications that are most relevant to Modern’s readers, including supply chain planning and supply chain execution applications such as warehouse management (WMS) and transportation management (TMS). Looking forward, Gartner is predicting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for SCM software, excluding procurement, of 9.9% for the next five years. This marks the 12th time Modern has reported on the supply chain software market from a business standpoint since 2002.

More importantly, whether you agree with all of the numbers, the order provides a good ranking of the major providers across the supply chain management space. TMS: The market for transportation management software grew by 14% in 2011, posting revenues of about $735 million. MES: Gartner does not formally survey and size the market for manufacturing execution software solutions, or MES, for discrete manufacturers. Finally, Jacobson expects to see the acceptance of MES spread as large manufacturers provide access to MES functionality to their partners in a distributed manufacturing network. Bob Trebilcock, executive editor, has covered materials handling, technology and supply chain topics for Modern Materials Handling since 1984. Find out what the world’s most innovative companies are doing to improve productivity in their plants and distribution centers. Coming off of a very sluggish first quarter, retail sales in the month of April showed somewhat of a bounce back in tandem with signs of spring, according to data issued today by the United States Department of Commerce and the National Retail Federation. Awards conferred for integrator members, partner members, rising stars and lifetime achievement. Total of $116,460 in scholarships issued to students entering the material handling, logistics or supply chain fields.
Director of software development, software engineer and services specialist bring experience and customer perspective to growing company. This is largely because software-as-a-service (SaaS) SCM solutions have not reached functional parity with leading on-premises SCM offerings. Based on its flexible architecture ASCET-SCM integrates easily to the applied system and provides versioning operations directly from ASCET.
This enables easy recording of functional dependencies and project states (baselines, branches) and particularly simultaneous development is significantly simplified. CONNECT ermoglicht eine schnelle und flexible Integration aller Systeme und Applikationen (insbesondere der Business Suiten der Wassermann AG). Die Vorgehensweise im Projekt bestimmen Sie unter Einbeziehung des vielfaltigen Erfahrungsschatzes der Wassermann AG.
Even five years ago there weren't as many solutions available for SMBs that there are now. This also presents a huge opportunity for SCM software vendors, as the SMB market has been historically underserved. That they're budgeting more tells us that they recognize not only the cost but the return on investment it can potentially have.
Specialized for use in complex information system environments, this RFP Master collects information from vendors about all apects of the supply chain management software implementation project they are proposing. RFP Masters automatically evaluate vendor response data collected to quantitatively determine the SUPPORTABILITY INDEX™ of each proposed software system. Choose from Letter samples designed for all events, such as "RFP Response Request", "Intent to Respond", "No Intent to Respond", "RFP Change Enclosed", "Proposal Rejection" "Finalist Selection", and "Best & Final Offer Request" to meet your unique SCM needs.
Compare proposed SCM system software features side-by-side faster and more accurately with the fully automated Color Comparison Chart™ matrix included with this RFP at no extra charge. This RFP Master™ uses a Feature Support Matrix™ (FSM) that identify BOTH feature AVAILABILITY and DELIVERY Method. The Feature Support Matrix™ (FSM) used in each RFP Master™ categorizes the inherent risk posed for each criteria, and uses that information to calculate the SUPPORTABILITY INDEX™ for each vendor RFP response. That figure represents a 7.1% increase over 2011 revenues, according to Chad Eschinger, vice president of supply chain for research firm Gartner. As with last year, they were followed by JDA Software ($426 million) and Manhattan Associates ($160 million). The addition of these new players, who are each generating between $46 million and $62 million in sales, demonstrate the changing nature of the supply chain software industry.
In this instance, David swallowed Goliath, with RedPrairie ($105 million) acquiring a competitor with four times the licensing, maintenance and services revenue. The most important trend is the addition of analytics that allow users to create what-if scenarios as part of their planning activities. However, Simon Jacobson, a vice president who covers the MES space for Gartner, estimates it at $1.5 billion and growing.

Ein Katalog mit Best-Practice-Ansatzen, Vorlagen und Werkzeugen unterstutzt bei Implementierung und Deployment.
All too often many of these businesses are being hindered by outdated systems and processes.
Each RFP Master includes a Feature Support Matrix™ (FSM) to automatically capture this information, which can be used to create very accurate and reliable supply chain management software system implementation schedules. All questions are professionally prepared by application specialists to address BOTH the STANDARD features and EXCEPTION CASE software functions required. This RFP Master function is useful during both the supply chain management software selection AND the system implementation phases of large projects because it enables effective Earned Value Management through detailed cross-referencing of usable software functionality and vendor invoicing.
Those are the reasons, for example, that Gartner credits Manhattan Associates with $160 million when the company’s overall revenues are more than double that amount.
At this stage, it’s too early to predict how the combined companies will execute, according to Eschinger and Dwight Klappich, vice president of research at Gartner.
One reason is that emerging markets don’t already have a legacy of on-premises installations to deal with. Einfache Systemintegration der way-Produktfamilie mit ERP-Systemen Die SCM-Funktionen der way-Produktfamilie erganzen ublicherweise ERP-Systeme. Accurately compare the amount of ongoing support needed to keep each proposed SCM software system up and running. Quickly and easily compare supply chain management software system proposals side-by-side, feature by feature, in detailed comparisons you control! Gartner’s estimates are based on revenues related to supply chain management software excluding vendor-generated services and hardware and not a company’s total revenues. What’s more, Gartner does not follow the warehouse control (WCS) or manufacturing execution (MES) spaces for the purposes of its chart. Both, however, agree that it changes the dynamics of the supply chain execution market, where RedPrairie is strong. Supply chain software platforms that allow trading partners to share plans and processes will enable this trend. Just as many emerging countries went straight from no telecommunications to cell phones, countries just now adopting supply chain software are finding advantages in the cloud. Of those, 25,000 to 50,000 require the functionality provided by the best-of-breed players.
Instead, he expects interest from product lifecycle management (PLM) and SCM vendors who want more end-to-end visibility to make those acquisitions. Daher findet ein intensiver Austausch von Stamm- und Bewegungsdaten zwischen way und dem ERP-System statt.
Finally, it does not include SCM vendors that focus on specific verticals, such as Retalix, a $50 million plus vendor that is now part of NCR. As to the remaining 200,000 or so facilities, “ERP functionality serves them well,” Klappich says.
7, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) suppliers now occupy four of the top seven slots. Die Wassermann AG stellt speziell fur die ERP-Systemintegration vorkonfigurierte Templates zur Verfugung, die zu Vereinfachungen und Kostenreduktion sowie hoher Wartbarkeit beitragen. The Big Three of SAP, Oracle and JDA accounted for 48.5% of the total supply chain management software market.
Wenn gewunscht, ubernehmen wir gern die komplette datentechnische Systemintegration.Effiziente und hochkonfigurierbare Anbindung der COLUMBUS Business Suite Die Ubernahme, Aufbereitung und Speicherung Ihrer Rohdaten ist die Grundlage fur die Versorgung der COLUMBUS Business Suite mittels einer definierten Standardschnittstelle. Wir unterstutzen Sie bei projektindividuellen Szenarien bei denen Ihre Daten uber verschiedene Datenquellen (z. Wir fuhren diese Datenquellen in aggregierten Informationsmatrizen fur die taktischen und strategischen Planungsalgorithmen der COLUMBUS Business Suite zusammen. Offene Webservice-Schnittstellen ermoglichen es Ihnen, beliebig oft und nach Ihren individuellen Bedurfnissen auf bereits definierte Planungsszenarien zuzugreifen und damit Ihre operativen Geschaftsprozesse nachhaltig mit Funktionen aus der COLUMBUS Business Suite anzureichern.

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