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After initially connecting, a buyer will ask to set up a first phone call (typically within a week’s time) in order to quickly gauge your general interest and fit for his company. What are your (the founder’s) expectations of what would happen in an acquisition with this party? How long are you and your team willing to stick around the acquiring company, post-acquisition? At this point in the process, you should have a fairly clear picture from the buyer about what are the core assets they’re looking to buy. Managing the expectations of your team within an acquisition process is a very delicate game.
If it appears that expectations on both sides are within a standard deviation of each other, the buyer will request to meet and interview key members of your team.
These interviews will typically be held by engineers or technical product people at the acquiring company who will try to determine if there’s a technical skill, process and culture fit. This is a very, very common place where interviewees get tripped up, and where reviewing some of the basics and fundamentals of computer science would be helpful. If the first set of interviews goes well, the buyer will typically ask to interview the rest of the technical team in a similar fashion. If you make it past the interviews and the buyer is still engaged and pressing ahead, you’re moving into the actual Deal Execution and Due Diligence phase of the process.
This post is part of a series of case studies Exitround is publishing about companies that have used the Exitround platform.  SUMMARY Bangalore-based Attribo had built a service for companies to manage their cloud resources and spend across all their various accounts. The great part about jewelry is that it rarely get used so much that it’s ruined and that everyone has different styles.
One great thing about jewelry is that just because a piece is not new to you or you don’t like it, does not mean that someone else won’t. Apart from all the folklore and legend behind the Irish and that little sign, the real message to the players is to play and act like a winner (champion) …despite the odds…despite what others may think…despite the record… despite adversity. It’s a powerful thought or attitude and one that can easily apply to selling and to your sales destiny: Sell like a Champion Today.
In other words, go out there and act like a winner (Champion) despite the odds…despite what others might think … despite your (sales) record … despite adversity. And sometimes it’s tough.  Sometimes holding your head high is a real battle when all you really want to do is collapse.
Action #2:  Before you walk in the office, put your ‘game face’ (‘selling face?’)  on and keep it on.

Controlling your sales destiny is a matter of attitude and choice.  With the right attitude you can choose to succeed. Voice mail messageWP Cumulus Flash tag cloud by Roy Tanck and Luke Morton requires Flash Player 9 or better. Consider this like the initial phone screen during a normal hiring process, to determine the highest level feel of a conversation to see if it’s worth spending more time on this potential match. The goal of this meeting is to get a sense of your expectations, as well as a closer look at the fit of your company with theirs. No need to go build something fresh, but tailor your existing deck to that of the interested buyer.
This is different from a resume in that it lists all the employee’s prior companies and roles, and explains each of the specific projects they had been responsible for. This may come after the first in-person meeting, though many of the more experienced acquirers tend to have this conversation earlier rather than later to make sure expectations are aligned. Often the people are the most important part of a transaction, even as part of an important IP, technology and product acquisition. Is it just the team, is it a specific product or piece of technology, or is it the entire company? You want to balance the timing of when you inform your team, with where you are at in the process.
They may ask to meet specific people, or they may ask you to select a small group of your top employees to send for interviews. Oftentimes, these are questions, theories and concepts that many engineers haven’t been thought about since computer engineering classes in college. Typically, this means that the buyer is happy with the product and experience fit, and that most of the team members fit the skill and culture check. After the legal back and forths, and after the due diligence is complete, you’re finally ready to close. We’re also keeping tabs on the latest mergers & acquisitions and trends in the industry and you'll be the first to know. This is also the time where you should get a sense for if the buyer is actually not interested in acquiring you, but just wants to learn more about you for the future. Some more experienced founders who have gone through this process before have a short deck prepared to help explain the business and synergies between the two parties.
This gives the buyer a deeper understanding of the specific skill sets, expertise and leadership experience of each individual team member.

In addition, each of these transactions take up an immense amount of time and resources for the acquiring company. Each of these components (and others) means many different things in terms of the type of transaction, compensation, team outcome, investor return, tax implications, and so on.
You may not want to tell your team too early, to help insulate them from the inevitable emotional ups and downs of the process.
And many times the interviewee is asked to stand before a white board and draw out the solutions by hand. Lawyers come in on both sides, negotiate over terms, legal structure of the transaction, and representations and warranties of each side. Typically, both parties will agree to a closing date before they engage in deal execution to ensure the process continues moving forward at a timely pace.
You may not know why a potential buyer is calling, what exactly they want, or what to expect throughout the process. So to have people leave quickly after an acquisition actually hurts the business worse than if they’d never have engaged in the first place. Ultimately, this is the point at which you should decide whether or not this a type of deal you, as the Founder, are excited to moving forward on, and whether or not it makes sense to further engage the rest of your team. Though at the time you move towards Team Interviews, you will have to bring them up to speed. This is a great area to seek the advice of your Board and Advisors who may have gone through this before and can make specific suggestions given the unique dynamics of your particular company and team.
The specifics of the process can vary depending on the types and size of companies and buyers involved. Still, based on our experience with hundreds of corporate development members actively engaging with Exitround companies, we wanted to give a general sense of what to expect when a potential buyer comes calling. As you’ll see, there are many different boxes that need to be checked for a potential buyer to pull the trigger and buy a company, but with a well-prepared, transparent approach you can make the process as smooth as possible.

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