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As newer Internet-capable devices come to market, they bring not only differing displays to respond to, but also differing search intent. Not to be confused with Google’s Nexus Android devices, Nexus SEO is optimizing your site for any Web-enabled device (within reason) that might reasonably be seeking you and your services, taking into account how search intent differs across devices.
As more devices transmit searches to others displays, such as Chromecast, simply responding to the user-agent of the transmitting device loses the intent of the destination display. Ever-increasing notification overlays with Google Now are based on location, user history and device intent. Google generally suggests responsive design, as it is relatively easy to implement, even for beginner webmasters. There will be a growing expectation of Smarter Content that adjusts to the intent and social media behavior on specific device types. Google recently has provided a responsive ad unit that looks to bridge over to its long-term approach with Google Web Designer, to be launched later this year. In October 2013, SMX East has an entire track of panels on Mobile with 4 sessions that will touch on elements of what can be called Nexus SEO. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land. Michael Martin is a SEO Manager at Covario, SEO course instructor at San Diego State University, contributor to The Art of SEO : Mastering Search Engine Optimization published by O’Reilly and owner of Mobile Martin based out of San Diego, California.
MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23.
SEOs have long wondered how blog posts from Bufferapp consistently topped search engines and attracted huge audiences for free… until their content team drew back the curtains and revealed what went on behind the scenes. In other words, by linking SEO to an effective content marketing strategy, a fairly new entrant into a hyper-competitive niche dominated search results and built a powerful brand. Evolve a smart content marketing plan to build content that pulls in your target customers.
Done correctly, content marketing is an excellent way to build a relationship with customers.
Being found on organic search results and attracting traffic to your site makes it possible to engage people and convert them into fans and customers. The crucial concept behind effective content marketing, then, is to tell stories that people find interesting.
The business case for content marketing is clear: If you want to build your brand to become the market leader you must OWN the niches in your market. I’m not accusing some agencies or consultants of intentionally trying to fool someone into investing in an inefficient model.
This leads to their companies implementing strategies that an expert would quickly identify as useless or counter-productive. Instead, they should step off the hamster-wheel, review the situation and focus on whatever has worked for them already. Businesses should think about content marketing as inbound marketing, rather than push marketing. Content marketing can’t be a campaign that you launch whenever you want to sell more products. Once the campaign ends, the content is forgotten — only to repeat the cycle next year. Too many organizations jump directly to production and churn out content without researching and planning it.
Google Keyword Planner is a good starting point, where you can type in keywords and discover how popular they are. is a logical second step, because it gives you more specific information about searcher intent through long tail keyword phrases. Effective content marketing will help build your brand and attract more qualified leads and paying customers. Intersections of SEO and content marketing, where experts work together, will generate better outcomes.
Content planning and content promotion can help you leverage the incredible power and longevity of content marketing and SEO. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land.
If you’re responsible for driving focused traffic to your site using content marketing, lead generation, or lead nurturing techniques then you either passionately love or hate SEO.  I doubt you will be comfortable, fence sitting. Most digital marketers find SEO the only type of advertising they are clueless about, largely because search engines often change the rules they play by with the minimum (or no) prior notice. Now here’s the thing, apparently 61% of B2B buyers start researching appropriate suppliers using Google, hence the need for applying an effective SEO process to site content is crystal clear. A lot of people say that SEO has not changed much, I agree.  It’s SEO best practices, and their recommended strategies that have changed.
If you are a digital marketer who hates SEO, here are some modern techniques you may actually enjoy implementing, which are not going away OR morphing anytime soon.  SEO in 2016 is going to be all about using content based tactics that work.
SEO, in the recent years, has shifted (pretty far) away from relying on the use of keywords. Earlier the logic associated for great SERP ranking using a keyword was – Write a page about the keyword. Use the keyword just right, and search engines (here read Google) used to assume you’re the expert on that keyword.  Boy!
Today search engines (especially Google) are very clear that pages about keywords have the least significance in delighting users. Building a long term SEO content strategy around topics, which definitely includes the perfect blend of keywords, requires that the digital marketer shifts away from their, be sure the keyword is EVERYWHERE habit.
Fortunately for digital marketers such a change is welcome.  They do not have to build webpages to please search engines. There is no issue of over using target keyword(s) or key phrase(s) in a way that feels unnatural.

Creating effective topic-based content means understanding which keywords your site visitor is searching on AND what sort of content they are actually looking for when they use those keywords.
It’s impossible for digital marketers to figure out what a seeker is looking for when they type in the words marketing automation in Google search. Once you being to study search engine result pages for your keywords, you will notice multiple seeker intents because different seekers are searching using the same keywords with different goals in mind. Google has curated enormous volumes of data, leveraging which Google delivers highly tuned search results to provide seekers exactly what they are looking for. The exact variety (or lack of variety) of search results are the signs of what seekers are looking for.   This indicates the intent behind their search. Consider the example of a search for running shoes for women in Google search which returns these top three results, as shown in diagram 1. Do you feel like you are killing yourself by working too hard with inadequate results that leave your own needs and aspirations on the sidelines? Having a plan for your content marketing strategy will get you back on track and empower you to reach your goals for the future. Create a list of what you want to create and what you require in order to find the compromise to realistically create your content marketing strategy without putting a strain on your resources.
Making your content marketing successful requires developing a base to generate your content. Your team has to be held accountable to be successful in carrying out your content marketing strategy.
Do you remember the story of the two children that had to walk up the hill in the deep snow with no shoes?
Now, thanks to Google, the opportunity for small businesses to compete with big names is equal. For small business owners and startups, it is nearly compulsory to utilise SEO in your online business.
Search is the number one driver of traffic to content sites, beating social media by more than 300%, so the importance of search engine optimisation goes without saying.
Moving forward, websites need to be able to accommodate these different devices and the searchers behind them. As mentioned above, the device a user conducts a search from can sometimes have a huge impact on searcher intent. Websites will need to allow user adjustment of the site to device type rather than simply relying on responsive design. For example, Google has noted that feature phones, which still account for a large segment of online search in some countries (like India), are unable to follow the CSS queries that make responsive design possible. This delta is growing as Google refines its metrics for each device and looks to add a tablet site crawler (with expected varying metrics for those search results) as early as this year. However, Google has signaled that they are interested in crawling device-specific content provided by dynamic serving, which means this could make a difference in a device type’s search results. Later that month I will be on a panel kicking off PubCon Vegas 2013, where I will detail the Nexus SEO process further… as well here at Marketing Land.
Columnist Trond Lyngbo discusses the benefits and challenges of marrying these two disciplines and explains how to succeed. Like every smart and successful marketing team, their success was based on content planning and content promotion. All those tactical SEO elements exist, but grow really powerful when integrated into a bigger plan. Search marketers are aware of content marketing as a tactic to engage target audiences and improve search rankings.
While your content is designed to eventually develop awareness, close sales and create advocacy for your brand, it should stay focused on helping, creating value for customers, and meeting their needs. Here are some of the reasons for content marketing being ineffective, and some simple ways to avoid those mistakes. But lacking the right knowledge and expertise still leads to failure, even if the actions are taken with the best purpose and intentions in mind. CMOs and strategy directors should know reasonably well how Google works, and understand intersections between organic search and other marketing in the organization’s overall strategy. Busy with many other things, most take an ad hoc approach, focusing for a week on one thing, and on something else the week after.
Getting a content marketer and SEO consultant together to prioritize areas to focus on will make all activity more cost-efficient. SEO is a great way to find more effective ways to reach your target audience and stand out from the crowd. Consulting experts at content marketing and SEO can help spot opportunities and craft content that’s interesting to customers. Ordering a batch of articles or advertorials just before the campaign goes live leaves little time for research and planning. Content planning can keep your content relevant for longer, make it stronger over time, rank it better and beat your competitors on search results. As a result, they skip over the most important part: what the market and their prospective buyers actually want and need. Google has vast treasure troves of data about search volumes, trends, seasonal changes and popular search terms. You might get ideas to expand and broaden your approach, or go deeper into sub-niches or find new ones to explore and research. You will limit your own success and end up publishing content that no one is interested in. Traffic, leads and sales will not stop when a campaign is over, but continue for many years.
He has over 10 years of experience in SEO, e-commerce, content strategy and digital analysis.
Make sure that the keyword is in all the right places page title, meta keywords, headline, subhead lines, sprinkled in the content, while keeping a sharp eye open to ensure you do not exceed permitted keyword density.
They can focus on building web pages loaded with content that adds measureable value to the site visitor.

Because search engines measure social signals as an indicator that the content is of high quality since it has adequate engagement.
That said digital marketers are not the only ones interested, Google is heavily invested in providing the best user (seeker) experience as is possible, and they continue to do the heavy lifting.  So digital marketers can just Google it. Whether you are in a corporate setting writing for others or in-house writing content for other departments, you can still keep your own content marketing goals on track. By being on the same page with the customer, you will keep them happy and receive the benefit of a referral. Do this by doing research , interviews, surveys, and analyzing your audiences and customers. There should be a list of draft due dates, final version due dates, who is the writer, the content themes, the type of format, and so on.
The cobbler was so busy taking care of other things that he did not provide shoes for his own children. Passionne de nouvelles technologies, Benoit est toujours a l’affut des nouveautes dans le domaine du SEO et du marketing numerique. La forte croissance des appareils mobiles dans notre societe en fait un sujet incontournable. As a result, there are so many decisions to be made when determining how to best market yourself online.
Without it, how can you build up your validity and credentials in the eyes of your customers? That said, if you have quality links from other web pages, Google will rank you higher on search engine results.
Great content is now the stepping stone to getting the links you need to build your credibility. On a desktop, they could be researching the cheapest places to buy gas — or a potential internal ailment. It positions your company in the middle of the research and buying cycle, so that you can take control of what they see, read, think and do. Investments should be greater in stories that people are actually interested in, and content that demonstrably converts better. You’ll pay money for advertising to lead traffic to the content, which dies down in a few weeks when the campaign ends.
Whenever the going gets tough, or results are not as they hoped for, someone cracks the whip – and they become more confused and disorganized. Tapping this data to tailor and structure your content marketing is smart and helps you serve clients well. Each customer has a life cycle in their needs and your content needs to be synchronized with this life cycle.
Success comes through work and without doing this work your content will seem as if you grabbed it out of the air without any basis. This would be like a doctor neglecting his health or a painter allowing his home to become faded. Improving your search engine results should be the name of the game when marketing your small business in 2015.
If you can create quality content that includes your relevant keywords you will attract links and be well on your way to building your SEO.
Trond has helped grow businesses through more effective search marketing and SEO strategies.
Develop relationships with your customers by getting to know their persona’s and creating content based on different criteria. He is most passionate about working with e-commerce companies and web shops to develop and expand their omni-channel marketing initiatives. Blog entries, scripts, informational content are all different and need to be handled by the team best suited. You need to know their goals, their personalities, their views on their market and what they expect from you and your team. Do customers remember the attention to detail shown in the content you submitted or the customer service received during the service time? Is there anything that didn’t get the promotional push it should have received like some evergreen content created a year or two ago. It will create professional respect among your team members and develop a culture of consistently great content in your company. Making plans, encouraging teamwork, and being accountable for your success will guarantee your success. Match technical writers with the customers needing technical articles and posts for products and services. By understanding all this about your customers, you will understand you and your goals and needs. Remember what your resources are, the strengths of your team, and the quantity of content you can create. Take the steps to make sure you and your team are wearing the shoes you need to ensure your future. You wouldn’t assign a team that specializes in animated cartoons to develop a content marketing strategy for surgical instruments used in open heart surgery. A customer might even like something that worked years ago that can be modernized with just a few tweaks. The person in charge of team moral and encouragement should also keep track of developments and enlist improvements when needed. Don’t take on projects that will strain your resources and create discouragement among team members.
Why not pull out some old ones and create a nostalgic look back by scanning them to your website or blog?

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