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For over 20 years, he held different positions in technology and creative realms until he couldn’t resist the call of entrepreneurship and at-home Fatherhood. With such a need for qualified SEO copywriters, I have current and prospective projects that include ghost SEO writing, blog writing, landing pages, email campaigns, social media content (after all, social and search are kind of going steady now), developing full- blown content strategies and whatever else I have on my project management dashboard. Simple – explaining to prospects and even current customers the amount of work involved, why they need it, and the costs (value) of SEO Copywriting. They always ask me why do I need to know so much about their business, how it ties into Social Media or why it takes so long to write a web site.
What have you found to be the biggest “take-aways” from the SEO Copywriting Certification program?
I have proof that I took the time to dedicate myself to increasing my knowledge and skills from the best in the industry. I am also a big supporter of Special Needs parenting and disabilities rights, as my youngest child currently lives with disabilities. If you’re looking to learn about true SEO copywriting, look no further than Heather’s program. Since Heather is the resource for SEO copywriting, I wouldn’t waste anymore time searching for programs that just spit out false promises. Learn how to drive targeted traffic, convert browsers into buyers and turn words into cash. You need compelling wordsA if you want to stand out from your competitors, be found in an aggressive online world and get your readers to sit up and listen. Once a month I’ll send you my latest blog as well as copywriting mini-tips reserved for subscribers only. Search engine optimisation can be like a big box of misty magic for communicators, PR’s and marketers.
Before you start writing, do some research into the keywords and phrases you want your blog post to be found on.

In order to optimise your blog posts for search engines, you need to use the keywords you’ve selected in certain SEO meta tags.
Now as the owner and operator of a successful online copywriting and online services business, Passwater Media, and a Stay-At-Home Dad, George utilizes his trusty tools of laptop and vacuum cleaner to provide both his at-home clients and business clients with what they need, when they need it. I was working “online” before the web came along and my first writing piece was a story I created before age 6. I mean, think about it – SEO fulfills my techno, statistical, data weenie side and copywriting quenches my creative thirst to weave the thoughts (or is it voices) in my head into ideas, stories, and strategies into the written word.
Most understand the search engine ranking thing, but they don’t get why you can’t simply take the copy they have and add a few keywords to it. I actually had one prospect say that a homepage shouldn’t take more than an hour to write! Heather is all that and a bag of chips – everyone in the industry knows this and when she certifies someone, you can be sure her graduate knows what they’re doing…thanks to the SEO Copywriting Maven. Everyday, she inspires me to be a better Father while helping her move any objects that block her path to success. She gives it to you in simple, easy-to-understand lessons along with the personal attention of a well-seasoned professor. Thanks to Heather and Laura for allowing me to shed some insight here and what Heather has helped me accomplish. I was looking for a mentor when I found Heather’s copywriting program and have never been disappointed. Together we can send a strong message to your audience that gets them excited about your business. It is also not about going crazy on all sorts of techy SEO stuff (such as meta tags in code).
There are a lot of things you can do in that department, but if there is one meta tag you cannot ignore it is the title tag.

When he didn’t become a caped superhero, the leader of a temple of Shaolin Kung Fu monks or win the lottery, he set his sights on more attainable goals. I have two younger children (my inspiration) that rock my world, along with my wonderful wife (my voice of reason and my rock). Just as with everything else, I believe you can do anything you want and I know one day my children will become what they want – disabilities or not! I always wanted to be a fiction writer growing up, but somehow I think I’d be left unfulfilled without the websites and business side of my life. Or, if you’re already blogging, it may well prevent your content from being found by your target audience! So, use the most important key phrase in the title tag, and preferably at the start of the title tag. Today, I’m a proud husband, father of two & content marketing specialist at ROBIN – the intelligent customer service assistant.
In my 20 something years of doing whatever it is I did, I held many job responsibilities including webmaster, programming, systems admin, project management, copywriting, storytelling and some marketing too.
Recently Google updated it’s algorithm (Panda update) with the objective to increase the search engine performance of websites that offer quality content that is valued by users.
Understanding the needs of your target audience allows you to write the content they are looking for. This way you are not using the keywords you think you target audience is using, but the ones they are actually using. Doing a summary at the beginning and the end of the post also helps users and Google to understand the framework of the topic you are writing about.

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