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Online success these days, rest largely on a businesses ability to create quality content that provides value to potential and existing customers, and builds authority in terms of Google. I am contacted daily by cheap SEO companies (almost always based in India) who are still using damaging, old style black hat techniques, that simply do not work long term. Marketing Advice, News, Tips & InsightsSocial media and marketing news, advice, tips and insights from Shell Robshaw-Bryan, a Cheshire based marketing consultant and professional blogger with extensive experience in consumer retail brand marketing, web design, SEO and content writing.
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In the midst of unprecedented recalls in scope and size over the past several years, the company’s OB brand of tampons have mysteriously disappeared from store shelves back in early December. Johnson & Johnson has stonewalled all inquiries to find out what is going on, neither telling people why the brand had suddenly disappeared nor giving any indication of when consumers could expect it to be restocked. You would think with the piling up of public relations disasters, someone in Johnson & Johnson would perk up and address consumers. If you don’t communicate with your customer, you can bet the rumor mill will take over—and your story won’t be positive—although it might be amusing.
They provide a really convenient way to consume often detailed information, on the subjects that I care most about.

When it comes to respecting consumers and clear communication, Johnson & Johnson has lost his masterful touch. Johnson & Johnson’s response to the seemingly endless string of current product recalls, however, has been anything but masterful.

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