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If therea€™s any one thing that can be said about SEO with certainty, ita€™s that it manages to cause a lot of confusion. For example, it seems like many peoplea€™s idea of SEO was formed 10 years ago, and hasna€™t bothered to change with the times.
If theya€™re looking for a product or service, therea€™s a good chance theya€™re looking to buy it. And of course if youa€™re a professional web writer, whether freelance or with an agency, this discussion is purely academic. A quick review of the chart reveals that as far as SEO goes, what happens off your site matters more than whata€™s on it. In this case, Google wants to know that people are linking to you, and the words theya€™re using (link anchor text), because that’s a more trusted relevance indicator. It may come as a surprise that some of the brightest minds in social media are SEOs, and theya€™re completely on the up-and-up and non-shady.
The huge influence of a€?off-pagea€? factors on search optimization is why I wrote the SEO Copywriting 2.0 series 3 years ago.
If you havena€™t, check out SEO Copywriting 2.0 to get more out of the remainder of this series. Likewise, if you do everything right by building an authority site that Google trusts, but dona€™t tell Google that your page content matches what people are actually searching for, the targeted traffic benefit is lost. The beauty of building a reader-focused online presence based on valuable content is that you can do well even if Google hates you.
Going back to that confusion, many think that a search-optimized web page is some ugly keyword stuffed mess that sends people running for the hills on sight. This is an excerpt from a free 28-page report called How to Create Content that Ranks Well in Search Engines. Brian, I read somewhere that Google would pay *less* attention to the number of inbound links when determining rank.
I recently concluded that search engine optimization can be very effective if applied to social media sites. It is important to point out that I wasn’t realized importance of search engine optimization at the time of the creation of my twitter account.
I didn’t chose the right username which would be preceded by market research and search engine optimization. Most bloggers don’t even bother to consider writing something deliberately because people are searching for it. The same keywords that matter for search also matter in grabbing the eyeballs of your reader.
Whilst keywords do play a part, particularly in titles (blog posts need to get seen) and your on-site content, it isn’t the overbearing presence it once was. Nothing has yet usurped the power of the search engine to deliver visitors, and until it does SEO will always be relevant. This is my first comment on your site although I’ve been following your blog for a long time. Google caters to the searcher and wants to make the searcher’s experience as valuable as possible.
When website owners and SEO advisors also put the visitors first, they will much more naturally do the things that Google values.
There is different SEO theory for people that are browsing versus the words that people use when they are BUYING as well. When you can design your page around a single, specific, high-traffic search term and then show the search engines that you have exactly what their customers are looking for, then you win the search. Once you have your laser-focused page, you can then continue to work throught the process by creating links to it.
Excellent Article… We are essentially holding each other up to one degree or another. It’s good to know that my goal to provide quality content first is a step in the right direction.
Jim, it’s mostly the number and quality of links coming into the domain, plus age, the amount of unique content, and a few other minor factors. Look forward to the series and also thank you very much for the time and effort put in and you will continue to put in for Third Tribe. For over 12 years, I’ve been preaching that SEO copywriting is more than just shoving keywords in your copy and calling it good. Once you’ve mastered how to write prime-positioned copy that converts, you can start seeing the incredible impact of *good* SEO copywriting. I wrote a blog post about this topic called SEO copywriting is dead, long live SEO copywriting. The thing is, around all the Google updates and the stress that comes with them, that fear is really counterproductive.
What this fear of Google updates does is get a lot of companies stuck in this learned helplessness trap: they don’t know what Google is going to do next and so they use that as an excuse to stop writing content. But instead of being all fearful about what Google is going to do next, think of what’s going on as an opportunity: Good content is still good for Google. I know that it’s not sexy news, but there are a number of sites out there that never got penalized by either Panda or Penguin – they came through just fine! The key is to focus on what your customers and readers are looking for, and stop focusing so much on what you think Google might want! So think of ways you can focus on making your content better, and this will help you ride through those algorithmic updates.
That’s a great way to be able to get folks to come to your site that might not know anything about you! If you’re not satisfied that your website copy represents your company, you can change it either in-house, and write that quality content within your organization, or if you are maxed out internally and that’s not an option – then outsource it! Find someone you can trust to work with: just last week, I talked about how to find a (Google-savvy) SEO copywriter. You might also want to evaluate your site and see if you have low quality content that you need to fix. On the lower left-hand side of the slide there is a link to an article written by Jill Whalen about other types of low quality content – those things you might want to evaluate on your own site to see if it’s something that you might want to tweak. Focus your content around your readers, and when the next update rolls around, then you are probably going to be much more relaxed about it, because you’re coming at it from a different angle – rather than trying to tweak your content to fit what you think Google wants today.
As always, if you have any questions at all, or if you are interested in the SEO Copywriting Certification training, please let me know – I’m happy to help! As you know, Google has made a lot of changes to its algorithm, and those changes have been largely focused on content quality, so the key to hiring an SEO copywriter is finding someone who is keeping up to date with all of what Google is doing. So yes, you want your new hire to be an excellent writer, and yes, you want them to understand conversion theory and how to get people to take action, and how to write content that is shareable, but you also want to make sure that they know how to stay on Google’s good side! Always ask for clips, and not just from one client, but from a variety of clients that they’ve worked with. And of course, you also want to look at their own website, and see how the copywriter has worked with an optimizer on-site. If they don’t have a website and they are an SEO copywriter, that might also be a red flag because that’s a basic foundational step for an SEO copywriter – to have their own (well written and well optimized) site.
The second thing you want to do is get on the phone with them and ask them about their process. Ask something like: “Let’s say we sign the contract today – what would you need from me in order to get started?

Note their answers and beware these danger signs – the things you do not want to hear in response to your questions. You also want to pay attention to what questions the copywriter is asking you: are they asking about your conversion goals and your target market, or are they saying something like “When we sign the contract, then we will have a kick-off called ‘We’ll ask you a lot of questions’”?
If they are not asking these kinds of questions, that means that the content they’re writing is not going to be good for you: it will probably be too general, it’s not going to fit your target market because they didn’t ask what it was, and it won’t fit your conversion goals. Ask something like: “Well, so can explain a little bit about what Google has been doing lately with their algorithm updates? If they do not know, that means that they are not keeping up with the industry, and that can come back to bite you later! Also, there’s one more week left to enter our contest to win a full scholarship to the SEO Copywriting Certification training – see Win an SEO Copywriting Certification Scholarship! Do you know how to write to sell (called direct response copywriting.) Or, are you primarily a blogger?
Plan to spend quite a bit of meeting time with your new copywriter so you can explain your unique sales proposition, your customer persona and what’s important to your customers.
Did the writer create a compelling, keyphrase rich Title that screams “click me” from the search engine results page? Now that you know exactly what to do, you can safely find the right in-house or freelance SEO copywriter who meets your needs – and start gaining benefit from well-written content.
The point is that you can take one piece of content and then “slice and dice” it into many types of content that people are really tuned into.
This is an especially smart strategy if your company has been around for awhile and you’ve archived content handy to revise and repurpose. This applies to larger companies that have been outsourcing their SEO copywriting for all this time, as well as to those smaller to mid-sized businesses (SMB’s) that have talented writers on staff. For SMB’s: It can be extremely cost-efficient to train those talented writers on your staff in SEO copywriting best practices, rather than relying on an outsourced SEO copywriter to create content.
It can prove to be a costly investment of time and effort trying to figure out fresh, quality content for your blog. This will not only save you money, but will also serve to fill out some of those content “holes” in your editorial calendar, and serve your readers by highlighting fresh perspectives from others.
She may create sales and informational copy for Websites, writing content that helps people take action and buy the product or service offered.
The common denominator is that in SEO copywriting, all writing is “wrapped around” keyphrases.  The SEO copywriter knows how to research those keyphrases, or knows what the keyphrase research means, and she also knows how to skillfully incorporate those keyphrases within the page copy in a way that they fit and flow smoothly.
How he meant that is, when you have a really well-written page, people will want link to it, because they want to link out to good quality content.  Well-composed, high-quality pages tend to attract more readers, and keep them on the site longer. SEO copywriters are also crucial to the equation from a sales and conversions perspective, because their incorporation of keyphrases within the copy helps to drive traffic and income.  Their skilled writing will help visitors take that next conversions step, whether it’s going to another page in the site, or buying a product, or requesting more information. Before the first word is written, meet with all involved team members and brainstorm ideas. This particular firm (one that is well known in the industry…and no, I will not name them) contacted me because they wanted to outsource their SEO copywriting. A lot of folks decide to enter into an SEO copywriting career because they not only love to write — blogs, short stories, poetry, etc. Learn everything you can about SEO and online writing: If you come from print, you’ll be taking the same set of writing skills and applying them just a little bit differently when you write online. There are a few critical differences between print and online writing that you’ll want to master.
Make sure that your own site is perfect: If you don’t have a website for your own business, then now would be the time to create one! Consider offering your services for free or low-cost to get your foot in the door: Sure, we’d all like to make money right out of the gate, but it does take a while to ramp up your copywriting career. Consider working as an SEO copywriting assistant to gain experience: Folks who have pursued this route have reported great results from being able to work one on one with an established pro. Learn how to drive targeted traffic, convert browsers into buyers and turn words into cash. SEO content marketing roundup, week ending June 1st Just write!
Even an online veteran like Robert Scoble is completely clueless about modern best practices for search engine optimization. Danny pointed me to one such survey that shows search is the most common online activity after email, and that fact cuts across generations. If theya€™re searching for information and your site provides it, youa€™ve got a great chance of converting that drive-by traffic into a long-term subscriber. You try telling the client not to care about Google traffic, and let me know how that goes. Leta€™s look at the elements that constitute the modern practice of search engine optimization so we can attract those highly-focused visitors. As Authority Rules makes clear, what works for search engines is what works with people as well. Ita€™s just that theya€™re too busy getting things done to proclaim themselves social media experts or some other nonsense. I updated it for 2010, but it is still directly on point, because it deals with fundamental aspects of strategic content development that dona€™t really change. An understanding of content development strategies is critical before going the a€?last milea€? with on-page optimization. You can have thousands of miles of high speed fiber optics carrying loads of data cross country, but if the final connection to the customera€™s home is aging copper or pokey coaxial, the benefit of the optical cables is lost. Thata€™s what effective SEO copywriting does a€“ it tells Google which words are the most relevant ones.
But you do have to begin with the ending in mind from a keyword standpoint, due to the importance of anchor text when people link. Sure, youa€™ll get plenty of untargeted a€?long taila€? traffic otherwise, but what good does that really do you?
Ita€™s the critical last mile of a well-rounded online marketing strategy that makes a huge difference to your overall success.
For the rest of the story, you’ll need to read my free report, How to Create Content that Ranks Well in Search Engines. To get the whole story, head over to the SEO Copywriting Made Simple page to instantly download the full updated PDF. SEO can seem intimidating and technical for people and you’ve really demystified some key points in a clear and easy to understand way. If people land on your site and your content isn’t in line with what they were searching for, that traffic is usually useless. That’s why my philosophy is to optimize for keywords and other on-page elements later, not right out of the gate. So if you have a handful of highly relevant links from trusted domains, that’s going to factor more than a bunch of links from low trust domains. And that’s based on what your esteemed SEO colleagues think, not the personal opinion of some blogger. If You were Google, would it be good for your business if you kept serving up slow pages with terrible code? Now we’ve moved on from the black hat realms of keyword stuffing, there is a definite emphasis on the quality of content being produced. But writing for the internet requires an understanding of the two main audience members – the human and the search engine.

But this doesn’t mean you try to get links with the same exact anchor text from different sites. I openly admit understanding the importance of SEO is somewhat overwhelming for a semi-newbie like me. My personal experience has been to simply be myself, and do my best to edit raw ideas into communicable concepts to share. Google loves blogs as long as you are providing the readers what they want when they want it. This can be done with self-generated links in other blog posts, as Copyblogger frequently does, or you can find people to review your sites and link back to you. Now I need to focus more on getting quality inlinks with relevant anchor text from trusted sites. Those are the buzzwords that matter to those folks — their way of describing and thinking about what they need.
When talking traffic, big numbers are not important to most (except for sites profitting from ads). In today’s SEO copywriting video how-to, Heather discusses a most timely topic since Matt Cutts’ recent, ominous-sounding pronouncement that the next Google Penguin update will be “jarring” to SEO’s and Webmasters – and that is, how to stop worrying about Google updates and start writing really great SEO copy! Everyone who enters receives 20% off the certification training, plus 10% off the Copywriting Business Bootcamp training, through September 7th!
In today’s SEO copywriting video post, Heather addresses a topic that is very important if you are looking to hire an SEO copywriter, which is: how to find an SEO copywriter who won’t screw up your Google listings. In judging this, think of their articles as if you were scanning the Web and just happened to land on one of their articles. If you are able to “catch” the keyphrases very easily, and it appears that the same word (or phrase) is being repeated over and over again: huge red flag!
If they can’t clearly explain what Panda and Penguin mean to the SEO industry and to content generation, it’s time for you to run away, and run away quickly, because these are things that any experienced SEO copywriter should know about. You can outsource to a freelance SEO copywriter, or sometimes your SEO company has someone on staff. Where a lot of good campaigns go bad is when the client dictates the article length and makeup based on SEO copywriting myths and misconceptions.
In today’s Q&A video post, Heather addresses the question: how can I save money on SEO copywriting services? If you want great SEO copywriting that gets results, you’ll have to pay for it one way or another.
Make sure the content on your website, blog, or social media site is something you’re proud of, and want to share with others. Some companies wait until after the content is written before they get feedback from marketing, sales, IT and customer service.
If you are revising your SEO copy, you’ll need someone who knows how to write for search engines. For more information about Demand Media’s business model, check out this Wired article.
And while it may sound really technical at first, and there may seem entirely too much to read on the subject, it will serve you well to wade through a few lessons.  The more you know about SEO copywriting, the better you’ll be able to help your clients.
Put what you’ve learned into practice: This is a fantastic opportunity to play, by taking what you’ve learned and testing it on your own website.
So be sure you’re there in search results when you are being considered for that copywriting gig!
Providing your services at zero to little cost for a non-profit or small business is a great way to prove your value.
Granted, while you may not be making that much money when you’re working within this kind of relationship, the long-term benefits do make it worthwhile.
Blogging, social news sites, Twitter, Facebook a€“ these are organic content distribution systems powered by your audience (and their friends). Even with an advertising business model, irrelevant traffic bounces off your site quickly, leading to disgruntled advertisers who dona€™t renew.
That may not work for all, but we’ll explore the ins and outs of it in the next installment.
But then again, I’m also generating meaningful conversions from Twitter and FB I never did before. I also know a few other large sites that moved to Drupal because it embraces more community-oriented features. What matters is that a customer is looking for it and you have a page that answers a very specific question. What kills most new people is that they try the shotgun approach and the search engine does not see that your page stands for any particular term.
Would you want to delve in and read more, or does it look like the article was written hastily? The Copy Czar is the final authority who chooses what revisions make the cut – and what gets left on the editing room floor. Will the same writer be working on all of your pages, or will your pages be written by multiple writers? If someone has an $1,000 mortgage payment, they will need to write over 66 articles in a month just to make their mortgage.
In return, they can provide you with testimonials, clips, and everything else you might need to cultivate even more clients… that you can charge for your services! You’ve an expert in your pocket to help you with questions and otherwise guide you on your way.
Brilliant headlines and killer content are link fodder, which takes care of the off-page stuff.
Repeat visitors dominate the visit lengths (they’re much more likely to read through my posts). SEO writers should focus on profiling a website correctly, so the right people are able to find it when they need it. If you don’t like something, explain what you would like to see and offer an example. That guarantees that you hit your SEO content milestones – and you can successfully launch your new content on time.
I responded that I work with a number of Certified SEO Copywriters – perhaps I could refer them? But you want it to be original content, targeted towards your audience and their specific needs.
So the challenge is if you want to build out really good content for your site, you’re looking at either:     A) learning how to do it yourself, which is an investment in time, or B) outsourcing your SEO copywriting to a professional, which will cost you money. For instance, if I was writing an article about marketing with mailing lists, I’d be asking questions about the target audience, their existing knowledge levels and their pain points.
But just like great content goes unnoticed without promotion, great content doesna€™t rank well if you dona€™t make it clear what ita€™s supposed to rank for. You (probably) wouldn’t work with a SEO firm if you knew they outsourced your account to India. Those specific writing touches helps to connect with your reader…and drives conversions.

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