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Manipulation of search results is always thought of being performed by seo companies and hackers. Making major changes once, or twice, and even three times per month has caused a disruption in the world of ranking websites in the top positions on Google search. These self-teaching algorithm manipulating machines work in two separate fashions and have separate names, Panda & Penguin.
Battling against Google’s manipulating machines is the new challenge moving into 2013 and there are several ways to have your website stand it’s ground against Google manipulating the search results. Google wants to see real companies, doing real things, engaging in real conversations with customers.
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In addition to running Seo Hop, I have done business with clients of all different sizes in almost every industry, getting fast results in even the most competitive online niches such as health insurance.
It was recently announced that Google has given in to SEO and has come up with a new method to create super high profile ultra-safe white-hat SEO links. This is a very fortunate time in that websites have never been easier to create and at the same time most local businesses are hesitant to develop their own site.
What can we expect with search engine optimization heading into 2014?  With Google still being the #1 search engine globally, it goes without saying that our strategy should preferentially target Google. Google announced the Hummingbird update on the 15th birthday of the company, September 27, 2013. There is a lingering idea out there that in order to rank #1 in Google, you must have a designer site, spend thousands in SEO (i.e. Anyone who’s been in SEO for a while knows that the idea of mass link building has been SEO-suicide since the release of Google’s Panda and Penguin updates.
The Google Penguin update picked up where previous Google updates left off, and worked to further increase the page ranking for high-quality sites while decreasing the search ranking for lower-quality sites.

In the world of SEO and internet marketing, Google updates decide whether you live or die in search engine results. Yes, big, national brands have it a lot easier than your local mom and pop shop, but you can still follow in their example. Your SEO marketing strategies have been in place for a while and they are driving traffic to your site. However, over this past year or two the blame of manipulation has been placed on the largest search engine in the world, Google. Google is simply sick of people manipulating their algorithm to gain the highest rankings on search engine results pages.
Many of these websites that are penalized have seen over half of their traffic disappear over night.
There are many more, but these will show Google that you are a real company and not a spammer trying to steal real companies’ traffic. These updates targeted spammy mass links and made the owners of those websites pay a hefty price, sometimes even with de-indexing their sites. Specifically, the Google Penguin update was designed to punish sites using so-called “black-hat SEO” to increase their page rankings. Since May, there have been seven different Google updates each a varying degrees of severity.
Those brands were doing the right thing to gain exposure before the explosion of the internet, so you can too.
If your website doesn’t provide a good experience then your website won’t rank well in search engine results. While 301s and canonicals have been a great thing for SEO professionals, they take away from your overall equity, and every tiny amount matters. Now, that the traffic has arrived, are you offering a customer centric experience when they get there?

So in turn they have created search ranking manipulating machines that survey websites to be good or bad.
This is why Panda & Penguin are so dangerous because they are drastic changes that happen in a blink of an eye with no warning.
Hummingbird is the biggest update to the Google search algorithm since the Caffeine update, back in 2010.
Sometimes they help you, sometimes they do nothing for you, and sometimes they bring down your ratings.
Basically, if your customers like your website, they will keep coming back and they will share it with their friends. Webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by creating a high quality site that your audience will want to come back to and share with their circles. This isn’t an article about how to recover from Google updates, there are plenty of those online already. This is the state of the modern day search engine, they’re favoring actual company names over generic keywords and links that only go one-way.
Don’t create new pages for a new iteration of a product, just keep the old URL pointing to the new product page. Instead, here are some SEO tactics to help you stay ahead of Google updates and avoid getting harmed by those updates.

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