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SharePoint Server offers a best-in-class robust search solution that has native SharePoint integration that allows for the searching of both structured and unstructured content.
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Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. It means that by nature, the content in SharePoint is going to be non-relational and unstructured. SharePoint search can index files, web pages, file shares, Microsoft Exchange public folders, databases and line-of-business applications.
It is a platform that helps us to create, manage and share customized Web services and documents.

I'm Michael; you'll find me blogging about all matters of life, but most importantly, my beloved city of Vienna. It is just information like a file share or something similar that does not have any type of primary key. If you have got content stored across your organization, SharePoint can be set to pull that content as well.
Then you have to follow a number of steps and then choose the name of the network server that you like to search from the drop down menu at the top.
But SharePoint can also search structured content such as sequel databases and other types of business applications. You can also point SharePoint to any type of content that is web accessible such as external websites, maybe a competitor’s site or maybe your organization itself has some other websites outside of SharePoint that you want to make sure get indexed.

When a user types a search query, they can return results not only from the SharePoint content, but also results from those other websites. Databases and line-of-business applications like sequel databases, oracle store product data and customer data. You can select the service account, and select the account which has access to the SharePoint database, also keep “Search database” at its default and set a search schedule. SharePoint can be configured to go ahead and index that content whether it is simply pointing at the other database or using the business connectivity services (BCS).

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