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Thanks to cloud storage, people can finally set back and relax without worrying about that USB flash disk with important business-related files they forgot home, since file hosting services give instant access to them (provided that they were previously uploaded, obviously). Most users are already familiarized with Dropbox, an online backup service that rivals with similar tools like Google Drive and OneDrive. The main gateway between the desktop client and the user is established through the system tray area.
Hovering the mouse cursor over any file in the recently changed area shows a button for link sharing.
The program supplies 2.0GB of free space and, at the same time, comes up with various marketing strategies to allow users to increase their storage size for free, like taking the Dropbox tour or inviting friends to install the desktop client. Working with the desktop client is very simple, since all file operations are performed just like in Windows Explorer. The Dropbox web interface has a lot of tricks up its sleeve, apart from the fact that it allows users to download and upload files without having to install the desktop client.
Files that were previously deleted can be shown in the list, in order to give users an idea of the file operations performed in their absence. As far as program configuration is concerned, it is possible to hide desktop notifications, disable the app from automatically running at Windows boot, and change the UI language. Bandwidth restrictions may be established in terms of download and upload rate, in order to prevent the program from taking up too much network speed or CPU. When it comes to account settings, users may unlink the current account and assign another one (particularly useful when the program is shared by more people with different accounts on the same workstation), move the shared files location (just like in the setup), as well as choose the exact directories they want synced with the computer.
The web interface allows users to recover previously deleted files as well as to permanently remove them.
Once installed, the tool automatically creates an entry for automatically running at system startup.
There is no option implemented for uploading folders to Dropbox using only the web interface without resorting to the desktop client.
All in all, Dropbox remains a flexible and intuitive desktop client for storing files and folders online. Cloud storage services are so handy nowadays as it saves space on your portable drive, smartphone or computer; it syncs all your files throughout all your devices, its cross-platform compatibility and best of all, you can get storage space for free. Each service offers different amounts of free storage and a variety of premium storage spaces. Dropbox starts you off with 2GB of free storage but you get referral perks, that is 500 MB of extra space for every friend you refer Dropbox to.
Google Drive is available for Windows and Mac OS; however unlike Dropbox, it has no native support for Linux and relies on third party programs. SkyDrive is readily available for Windows and Mac OS; just like Google Drive, it relies on third party programs for it to be used on Linux. Speaking of Windows Phone support, there is a third party Windows phone app that supports Dropbox, unlike Google Drive which has yet to enter the Windows phone scene. We’ll now take a look at the unique and common features that can be found in each cloud service. Uploading files through the Dropbox website has a limit of 300MB, which is the same for the SkyDrive website.
Dropbox has also successfully integrated with Facebook Groups where you can share files from your dropbox files to your Facebook Groups.
Google Drive allows you to disable automatic deletion of old versions which means you can keep all file revisions as long as you want although doing this maxes out your storage space quickly. You can upload any file type to the cloud but you can view only file types that are supported. The Google Drive app does not fully support viewing the unique files like its website counterpart does. Dropbox and Google Drive have a 2-step verification feature when logging in to your account through the website. On the other hand SkyDrive handles security differently by sending a security code to your secondary email address when accessing sensitive information like editing your contact info or connecting your PC for remote access. Here’s a short rundown of each service to help you determine which service to select. Dropbox is a powerful and simple sharing tool that has been around the longest among these 3 services.
Google Drive has unique file type support (Adobe, AutoCad files) which makes it easier to view those files online. SkyDrive is somewhat in the early stages of being a slightly improved service of Google Drive because of Microsoft Web Apps for online editing, with similar sharing settings and simultaneous editing features. Each service has its strength and weaknesses which is why one service is not necessarily better than the other. The following tools, tricks, apps and web-based services will supercharge Dropbox functionality so you can get the most out of your cloud-based file sharing.
This is the only non-tool tool on the list, but it’s also one of the most useful Dropbox tips out there. Available for Mac, DropLink is a desktop app that makes it easy to copy files and sync your computer to Dropbox. If you’ve ever kicked yourself for forgetting to add a file to Dropbox, your days of self-flagellation are over. Make file transfers easy with WebDrive, a powerful application that allows you to map Dropbox to a local drive letter (e.g. When size matters, viewing mockups, logos and other image files saved in Dropbox can be frustrating. Back on the topic of backup redundancy, Auto File Move is another service that makes it easy to backup your Dropbox to other cloud services. Find your zen with SafeMonk, a file encryption service that keeps sensitive information safe within Dropbox. For people who use more than one cloud service, Otixo unites them in one, easy-to-use file manager. Dropboxen isn’t so much an app or a tool as a technique that allows you to utilize multiple Dropbox logins and keep separate accounts for work, home, app testing, and really, any other use you have for Dropbox. Kanban Tool is a real-time visual management and project management tool that integrates with Dropbox to make your virtual desktop even better. Boxcryptor is the easy way to ensure your files are encrypted before uploading to the cloud. Billed as effortless web publishing through Dropbox, the Harp Platform is robust enough to host front-end apps and high-quality websites through the power of the cloud.
Servus is a spiffy little app that serves up (get it?) a custom webpage to display when clients download a file from your Dropbox. To enable the OCD in all of us, SortMyBox allows you to sort and classify your Dropbox files in the same way you can sort emails into folders. PandaDoc allows you to e-sign documents on the go, and the tool’s nifty Dropbox integration makes this app even more useful.
When you need to save quick notes, ideas or outlines on the go, Writebox is a simple solution. Cloudfogger is a Dropbox encryption service that encrypts your files before you sync them to Dropbox. If you’ve ever wanted to let people upload to your Dropbox without giving them direct access to your account, Supply Drops does the trick.
One of the weaknesses of Dropbox is that you must have an app installed on any device from which you’ll access your account.
Bloggers and business owners love Jotform, a web tool that helps you build forms for your website – collect phone numbers, emails, survey questions, and whatever else you can dream. Losing your WordPress database or content is a nightmare – a nightmare you’ll never have to experience, if you have the WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin. Dropboxifier enables you to change the location of important files for games, browsers, and other apps, taking your saved data to the cloud. Wappwolf knocks down the barriers between cloud-based apps by connecting your Dropbox accounts with other cloud services, including Flickr, Evernote and Facebook.
With Dropbox Screen Grabber, a small app sits in your system tray to give you one-click grab-and-save screenshot capabilities. When you’re on the go and want to save a linked file – a pdf, a document, a photo, or other media – this simple solution is at the ready.

Viivo makes file encryption easy for Dropbox, bundling storage, file sharing, and file access onto any device. DropVox integrates with your computer’s microphone and Dropbox to record audio and save directly to the cloud.
You may know that Jing is the perfect app for sharing screenshots, videos, and images instantly, via your online clipboard.
DropPics is a simple picture viewer for Dropbox, making it easy to see any images stored in Dropbox in fullscreen or as slideshows. Of course, we must also be aware of some of their limitations, akin to how Superman’s weakness is a mere stone, Kyptonite. Some of these tools require internet connection, while others may impose a watermark on your project. Doodle is an online scheduling tool where it can be used quickly and easily to fix a date for meetings. It is a web-based project management application which helps you track the progress of your team and the overall project. A simple to use video editor, it comes with many transitional effects and licensed songs to be incorporated into your videos. Create info-graphics where statistics can be presented using images rather than complicated graphs. Dropbox is an online storage that offers 2 GB to start with, but you can earn up to 16 GB additional space for referring friends. All your photos are backed up safely, organized and labeled automatically, so you can find them fast, and share them how you like.
Article on Makerspace at SPMakerspace at Singapore Polytechnic Published by the Singapore Journal of Library and Information Management, vol 44, 2015, pp.
The utility's reliability is accentuated by data synchronization, automatic detection of changes, accessibility across multiple platforms, and general ease of use. Similarly, it is possible to view version history, a feature which basically keeps track of all content changes to files. Photos and videos from smartphones, digital cameras, SD cards and other media devices can be automatically imported into Dropbox (users only need to modify Windows' autoplay settings), while screenshots can be conveniently saved within the app and shared with others rapidly. LAN synchronization may be deactivated too, while proxy settings are prone to modifications.
Files are uploaded and synchronized very fast easily via drag-and-drop, while CPU and RAM usage remains low. The advantage is that users may carry on with normal activity on the PC without noticing Dropbox's presence in the system tray, during which it synchronizes all shared files. But it definitely needs to step up its game in order to talk out users from resorting to other similar apps with a larger gift basket to give away. In this article, we’re going to compare these three cloud storage services head to head.
Sharing big or multiple files is also made easy while it securely keeps your files away from public computers. The Team package comes with administrative tools for centralized management of files and is very flexible depending on how many users or storage space you require.
They have the cheapest upgrade plans among the 3 services which you can see in the picture below. For mobile platform support, SkyDrive is the only service that has their own app for Windows Phone; it is also available on iOS and Android.
Dropbox also has a unlimited undo (version) history feature for an extra $39 a year, only available with a Pro Dropbox account. Whereas, uploads through the Dropbox Desktop app have no file size limit (unlike the 2GB file limit on SkyDrive). Although it does not have every feature found on the desktop application, it is sufficient enough for quick editing jobs. A feature available on all services, deleted files are kept intact for 30 days before being permanently deleted. Available in Dropbox and Google Drive, this allows you to sync only files or folders you need when you access your files from another computer. Another feature not found in SkyDrive yet, this allows you to monitor activities on folders or edits on files. On Google Drive and SkyDrive you can not only customize who gets to see which files, users also get to simultaneously edit documents online and comment on the files.
Iif the service does not support the file, all you can do is download it onto your computer to view and edit. You can also view Microsoft Office documents, but can only edit it after converting it to a Google Docs file type.
This situation is a whole lot more vulnerable than having your files confined to your computer at home. Although this is a basic security feature, it’s one step ahead than Google Drive and SkyDrive. Although you can edit documents online, you’ll have to convert it to a Google Document that might mess up the formatting of the original Microsoft Office file. Drag and drop any file or desktop folder to the DropLink icon, and it will copy to your main folder in Dropbox.
And for those times, you’ll love this simple Visual Basic script, which enables auto-print from within Dropbox. Spotdox is a handy add-on that gives you easy access to all of your computer’s files, instead of just the ones in Dropbox.
Instead of having to manually create nested folders in your Dropbox, Mihand does it for you. This brilliant utility allows you to edit any text file in Dropbox, from almost any browser – no Dropbox installation required. Accidental deletions, file corruption, and other problems can occur, so if you save important files in Dropbox, it’s good to have a backup. Seamlessly move your files between Dropbox, Amazon S3, FTP and other web-based storage services.
The service uses unique per file 256bit AES keys for file encryption, plus unique per directory 256bit AES keys to the file keys in that directory. JustCast is the easy way to start podcasting, giving you a simple solution to host your audio files on the cheap.
Link the app to your account, and you’ve instantly set up cloud-streaming for your podcasts from within Dropbox.
This uber simple tool transfers files and uploads target links from a host URL directly into Dropbox, so you can save web-based downloads easily. Once downloaded, Dropboxen will launch multiple instances of Dropbox, each unique, so you can drag some files to one account and other files to another. The utility is designed to improve workflow, streamline business processes, and keep you organized.
Keeping your files encrypted ensures data privacy, both for your intellectual copyright and for personal, financial or other information that should be protected, always.
Dropbox functions as your site or app’s file source and database, enabling you to control, manipulate and share your digital assets – easily, online, and integrated with Dropbox.
It’s a professional touch for your business, made easy with a simple desktop-based application. In other words, instead of paying for hosting, KISSr enables you to host all your website files on Dropbox, and to manage your website through the KISSr platform. It performs the same functions, syncing to Dropbox your Mac’s folders, even those not located within the main Dropbox folder. This is the perfect add-on for professionals, as when you share your Dropbox files through AirDropper, they carry your logo and other branding.
Link PandaDoc to your Dropbox, and you can sign any Dropbox documents from anywhere, on any device. The online text editor links directly to your Dropbox account, so you can log in, write a note (or a novel), then sync to your Dropbox account.
The service uses AES-256bit encryption, and allows you to share encrypted files with coworkers, clients and friends – without sharing your Cloudfogger credentials. The app allows anyone you trust (and even those without their own Dropbox accounts!) to upload files straight into your Dropbox account.

One-click install has you on your way to regular backups, making restoration a breeze if it’s ever required.
Just email the attachments to your custom email adress, and they’ll appear in your Attachments folder.
All you need is an account with Gimme Bar, their browser bookmarklet, and a bit of virtual wanderlust. With this app, you can enable a second instance of Dropbox (a secondary account) to integrate into a single user account. Use Wappwolf to drag and drop files to a defined Dropbox folder, and they’ll automatically convert and sync to other apps. Take a screenshot of your entire desktop or active window with the Screen Grabber, and it’ll be automatically saved to your Dropbox. This app helps you sync your music collection and playlists (even via iTunes) through Dropbox, so you can listen to your favorites from anywhere you have access to WiFi radio, mobile phone, or Internet. Just copy + paste the download URL to sideCLOUDload, and the file is automatically placed in your Dropbox.
You don’t need to share confidential account information – just your password-protected upload link, which is unique to your account. This simple app uses client-side encryption to beef up security and ensure absolute privacy for your Dropbox. Simply edit your HTML locally, and your site is automatically updated – no extra steps required. The process is simple: Viivo encrypts your files before syncing with Dropbox, and later allows you to access your protected files from any device. But did you also know that Jing enables sharing via Dropbox, so you have (virtually) unrestricted space limitations? The app supports multiples accounts and file operations, including copy and delete, and even allows you to upload to Dropbox new files from your phone’s camera or photo library. In order to access premium features, users may also be required to pay… and the list goes on. The free sign-up procedure requests only basic information and does not need email confirmation, thus allowing users to immediately dive into the app's workspace.
For instance, it is possible to play movies, read documents and view images straight from the web browser, as well as rapidly download files. However, inexperienced users shouldn’t fool themselves into thinking that operations are performed instantly (just watch the system tray icon color), since file synchronization may take a while. A good example is represented by the ability to rapidly put together albums from photos and videos, in order to share them with contacts from Gmail, Yahoo! Meanwhile, members can be invited to access folders (allowing or forbidding them to invite friends) by sending them emails with personalized messages. By the way, there's a special edition made specifically for Windows 8, which has a Metro UI. On the other hand, the very idea of not informing the user of this decision at setup (let alone launching this offer as a choice) does not look good on Dropbox's resume.
Additional space can be purchased with a wide variety of plans (ranging from 25GB to 16TB). They classify their upgrades as add-ons to your 7GB of space; unlike the previous two services. Dropbox is the only service that currently natively supports Linux; and also the only service to support BlackBerry. Videos and images are supported on all three services, but we need to wait longer for audio playback as it is against copyright law (still). It is also very secure with 2-step verification, and a 4-digit passcode lock for the mobile app.
It is also secure with 2-step verification which is linked throughout your Google account and other services.
Unique features found in SkyDrive (not found in the other 2) is the remote access to the files on your PC, native support for Windows Phones and the ability to take sync notes on your mobile via OneNote app. Afterall, they don’t cost anything and you get a total of 14GB of online storage to start on!
Alternately, customize DropLink settings to copy your information to other Dropbox locations: when you drop anything on the Droplink icon, an app window will open to allow you to select a Dropbox sub-folder. You can add folder tags or hastags to your file names, which the app will leverage to automatically classify each.
Mover, formerly Backup Box, provides just that kind of solution, allowing you to easily transfer and copy files from one cloud-based service (including Dropbox) to its own cloud-based servers. From any Android phone or tablet, this handy app allows you to view Dropbox images in full size, at 100% scale. You can even set up automated transfer schedules, cloud backups for your websites, and rules-based transfers. IFTTT connects with 100+ of today’s most popular websites and web apps, including Dropbox, to automate actions. On top of all that, the directory keys’ parent is encrypted with your own, private RSA key, which is then encrypted by your client key, password, and recovery code. DropTunes’ online music player lets you quick-view all the audio files you have stored within Dropbox, and even enables basic playback.
The only action required is a simple right-click, which allows you to sync any folder on your computer with your Dropbox account. Additionally, uses Markdown, which is easier to learn than HTML, and provides easy-to-follow guides to getting your blog or website up and running. And when you link Dropbox with AirDropper, any files you receive via the app are automatically saved in Dropbox. Additionally, the service offers a simple, portable file format that makes it easy to share files via email or flash drive. This useful app takes Dropbox portable, making it possible to access your account from any computer. This makes it easy to save documents, images and other files for later, when you’re no longer mobile or back at your personal or work computer. Drag and drop any screenshot, tweet, photo or other media to the bookmarket, and they’ll appear seconds later in Dropbox. Customize your site from within Dropbox, or choose from one of the service’s easy-to-edit themes. Send your link for users to open in their browsers, where they’ll enter a password and select a file for direct upload to you.
If you bump up to the Pro version of Viivo, you’ll also have access to file compression (save on cloud storage fees!). Bonus: you can also preview non-image files, similarly to how the Quick View function works for Mac. Before doing this, though, it is possible to modify the default Dropbox location that stores all shared files.
Worth mentioning is that the user who receives the link does not necessarily need a Dropbox account to view and download content. Upgrading to any account will also give you the same amount of storage in Picasa while your Gmail Storage is upgraded to 25GB.
Other benefits include natively supporting Linux and Blackberry unlike the other 2 services. Never again will you be forced to evaluate an illustration, image, icon or logo based on a tiny representation. For example, you can set IFTTT so that every time you upload a photo to your Facebook page, a copy of the photo is automatically downloaded into your Dropbox’s Facebook folder. All future files added or deleted to your synced folders will also be added or deleted from Dropbox. The same sharing method is applicable to entire directories via the right-click menu in Explorer.

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