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The function of INSERT COIN with active mode or passive mode can meet the customers for commercial purposes. The visualized song selection interface and Android-style operating system represent the current mainstream. Now, a large number of song files and high definition MTVs requires a large capacity of hard drive for storage. The diagram below shows partial UI operating interfaces of the client side required for choosing songs via cell phone. You can add songs from peripherals such as U disk, USB mobile HDD, SD card, or add songs into the HDD of the KAKAOKE machine by connecting Mini USB to a computer. To provide an enhanced entertainment effect, the machine is designed to display the score of the singer with cheerful sound effects once every song is finished playing.
The KARAOKE machine operates in Android system, so it also functions as an intelligent media-box with Internet access. The machine has preinstalled some essential applications involving Internet surfing, news reading, gaming, file sharing, online TV, image browsing, video playback, music appreciation, Instant messaging, email etc to offer support for a home multimedia entertainment center. This machine is now one of the most influential product on sale in market, so it is incredibly payable and ideal for a home entertainment center.

They are able to make it easier for the KARAOKE player to be applied in different occasions. Easy to operate and use, the machine supports multiple languages and various ways to choose songs including choosing songs by languages, artists, Spelling, full search, song type, album etc. If it is well done, you can succeed to choose a song without a songbook, you dona€™t need to strenuously searching your favorite songs one by one by gluing their eyes to the screen, or you dona€™t need to operate the menu to avoid interrupting others. In the party, you can connect your cell phone to the KARAOKE machine via wireless Wifi network, then you can choose your favorite songs on your cell phone.
It is usually operated via a mouse, so it is usually connected to an external USB mouse and keyboard, and sometimes a remote control is required to simulate the press of a mouse to make simple mouse events occur.
Currently, thousands of Android applications are available online, so you can download these applications on the machine from Android markets and Google markets, or you can install these applications as per your requirements. The combination of black ground color and screen-print white characters explicitly shows an extremely simple design concept and great exquisite craftsmanship, so the machine is ideal for your living room. It also provides song ranking and allows users to add their favorite songs to My Favorites.
When you press the [MOUSE] key in the remote control once, the remote control will function as a mouse and a mouse arrow will be displayed in the screen at the same time.

When set at active mode, the port can connect to the coin selector directly so as to receive coin signal from the coin selector.
The SCORE external scoring port can be connected to the MIC AUDIO output port of the amplifier so as to obtain data through evaluating singera€™s singing level. By doing so, the true scores will be displayed on the screen once users finish singing a song. The combination of Mini USB port with USB connection cable will form an HDD external enclosure which can be connected to a computer to ensure a multimedia file is transferred to the HDD of the KARAOKE machine for adding songs.
The port makes it easy to copy the multimedia files in USB portable HDD into the HDD of KARAOKE machine for adding songs.
The port can also be used to connect any external USB device, including mouse, keyboard, camera, bluetooth, 2.4G receiver etc.
Additionally, the port can also be connected to a network router via WIFI or Lan port to access Internet directly.

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