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I am a long time customer of a home security system, and it has been a wild ride through much of its history, but not one I will detail here -- suffice it to say, the alarm can scare you to death for no reason at times. Now, Sighthound wishes to fix that problem with new technology that can distinguish images and filter out the false alarms. The company also claims that its software can search through days or weeks worth of video in seconds to find events that interest you -- handy if you are away for an extended period of time. Sighthound Video is not restricted to any single make of camera -- it works with any IP camera or webcam with an accessible video feed, which is almost all IP cameras and webcams on sale today. After installation, it claims to find most cameras automatically, and that you will be up and using the desktop software within 60 seconds.
All of this sounds like a dream come true for security-conscious consumers, but this is a brand new product, so there could be some false positives along the path. Worldwide Priority Mail service offered for all purchases of prints over $150, with no limit on quantity. We are so pleased to offer this gorgeous litter of akc labrador retriever puppies for sale to loving new homes.

I have now come out of myself and come to you to be stroked and have some much needed contact and fuss. Because I am a sighthound I need a home that is used to my breed and I cannot be rehomed with small furries.
Adding a camera can intensify this problem, by opening up the motion detection to every creature that wonders into the field of view -- a lot as I live in a rural area. Users can also control remote access to their videos by creating secure links to the Sighthound software. If you rent, you will be required to provide written approval from your landlord that you can have a dog. When I first arrived, I was so frightened I went into hiding and would not come near anyone. I will need a quiet home where I will have time to gain my confidence and trust,with lots of walks.

I was so afraid of people that I had to be trapped and came into the shelter very skinny and scared.
The software’s ability to detect and differentiate humans from animals or other objects greatly reduces the number of false positives and unnecessary alerts sent to users, which can make even the most modern security cameras unusable", the company claims. But the staff and volunteers at the shelter didn?t give up on me and it wasn?t too long before I was walking on leash and playing in the yard.
And now, as you can see from the last photo, I?m a lover who is ready to be your forever lap dog!

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