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Beyonce Knowles wears a pair of Linda Farrow Jeremy Scott Mickey Mouse sunglasses in the controversial music video 'Telephone', in which she stars together with Lady Gaga. A Common Neon Sign in Xi'an, adertising the "Happy Mall,""Your Choice of Modern Lifestyle"!We're playing a new pice on this tour by Michael Daugherty, one written expressly for us, titled "Lost Vegas." Yet, it appears we found it and it's in Shaanxi Province. Pulling into the hotel parking lot in Xi'an, it was clear that most of us were wide-eyed at the spectacle before us. I like doing some research of the places I visit before I travel to them, so I had a very faint idea of what to expect in each city, including Xi'an. It is widely reported that the 2011 Symphony Band tour of China builds upon the initiatives of U-M President Mary Sue Coleman to spur intellectual and educational exchange with the People’s Republic and its 1.3 billion citizens.
Since hearing the premiere of Kristin Kuster's "Two Jades" with violin soloist Xiang Gao, I've been curious about the two jades of the title. The square "tube" is older and is described as a "Cong (square), [from] Northwest China, Shang dynasty, 1600-1100 BCE." Both are made of nephrite, one of two mineral forms of jade and are chemically related to asbestos. According to the museum's description, the use of the Bi and Cong as Chinese symbols date back to the Stone Age.
The "Cong" (square), a Chinese symbol of earthKuster told me that she also considered a nearby bronze mirror and a pair of ceramic tomb guardians as inspirations for her piece, but settled upon these jades because of their depth. For me, the pieces vibrated with a kind of spiritual intensity, only enhanced by their perfect symmetry.
The colors of the pieces also bring them together -- as if they are made of the same stone. I can't wait to hear the piece again at this Thursday's "bon voyage" performance to consider anew the relationship of shape to sound.

Acompanhe tudo sobre a marca de equipamentos para DJ que mais bomba as pistas ao redor do mundo. Maybe Lady Gaga gave Beyonce this pair, because Gaga has been spotted with these shades on several occasions.
The city of Xi'an China like all the areas we've visited and passed through is undergoing remarkable change. The drive had already been filled with neon and LED displays -- but the hotel was so grand and glittery that it didn't seem real. Because it was China's first capital, I expected it to be like Boston in the way that it is filled wih history and a thriving unique culture, and not nearly as modernized or as populated (all things considered) as a city like Shanghai. She led delegations to China in both 2005 and 2010, and as a result the U-M Confucius Institute was created in 2009. So earlier this week I met with the composer at the University of Michigan Museum of Art to visit its gallery of Chinese art and have her point out the jade pieces that were her inspiration.
I was expecting some sort of stereotypical figurines, maybe a dragon or a peasant carrying water—something like the tomb figures I saw when the band visited the gallery for the January 30 culture lab.
6 in the display) is identified by the museum's description as a "Bi (circle), possibly [from] northwest China" and is dated to the Eastern Zhou dynasty from 771-256 BCE. Their use in the Shang and Zhou dynasties is apparently rare, but the Zhou Li (Book of Rites), an ancient Chinese book compiled during the Zhou Dynasty and amended during the Han (206 BCE-220 CE), describes the bi (circle) as a symbol of heaven and the cong (square) as a symbol of earth.
Similarly, Kuster's non-concerto mixes two supposedly incompatible elements (string soloist and symphony band), which, like the circle and square shapes of the jade, both complement and enhance one another.
Both are true, proven by the Terra Cotta soldiers we saw yesterday (I can check that off one of the 100 things to see before I die) and the ancient city wall we saw today.

That her presidential project connects with the work of the third U-M president James B Angell, who served the University from 1871 to 1909 but took a leave of absence from June 1880 through February 1882 to serve as U.S.
Instead the jades Kuster chose were elemantal -- both simple and immediately recognizable while also possessing great depths of detail that reward careful contemplation. Yet next to one another at the museum, they seem almost to interact, not unlike heaven and earth, as the mind tries to fit the larger circle Bi within the smaller Cong. No square milimeter of either piece is the same as another, each view is unique and their three dimensional shapes encourage the view to move around, experiencing the sculptures in time and space.
I was just a bit bleary eyed from all that we had seen that day -- including the terracotta warriors. The pieces are remarkably detailed with fine graining; the decorative bumps on the Bi break up this grain, and then catch the light to emphasize the shimmer of the surface colors and a metallic sparkle. Again, this evocation of time connects the jades to music, which requires time to experience.
Its cotton-like splotches of white give the impression of clouds across a globe or, more intriguingly, as the sky through which the viewer contemplates the heavens.
Their simplicity belies a deeper interest, which challenges viewers to expand their awareness and appreciation. Even though the warriors were found in 1974, only a fraction of the figures, chariots, and horses that are buried have been unearthed.

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