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Like its counterparts, PowerPoint 2010 offer multiple ways to insert  hyperlinks, you can easily link an email address, a document, a webpage or any other application. This will bring up Insert Hyperlink dialog, from left side bar, select place in This Document, from center pane, select a slide to create link with and click OK.
Can you tell me if the hyperlink remains static even if another slide is added to the presentation. AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems. You can't build a compelling presentation that communicates your message if your slides are cluttered, text-heavy, or ugly. Initial Public Offering (IPO) presentations are a great way to learn how to present information in a simple, engaging, and compelling format. The best investor presentations are comprised of slides that are short, sweet and to the point while being highly supported by research, data, and defensible assumptions.
In this post we are going to highlight several PowerPoint design tips by focusing on some of the slides from GrubHub’s IPO presentation. One of the easiest ways to attract the attention of investors, or any other audience, is to start with a visually appealing cover slide. It’s worth pointing out that the visuals on the slide have a nice looking “cut-out” effect where it looks like the images have been cut out and then pasted onto the slide. Beyond the visuals, note how the presentation designer did a nice job of marrying the colors of the logo (red and white) with the colors on the slide. One trick that designers often use in presentations is to leverage the color scheme as heavily as possible. If you’re hungry for more visually appealing PowerPoint cover slide examples, click here.
Any good presentation designer knows that it’s best to limit the number of words on each slide. Additionally, the font throughout the presentation is a simple Calibri font, which goes to show that fonts already included with PowerPoint can work well if they are used in the right way. Most presentations tend to have slides that are cluttered with data and other statistics only to result in confusing or distracting slides. On another note, did you notice the aesthetically pleasing “paper cutouts” behind the four callouts on the left?
This slide in GrubHub’s deck is another example of combining limited text with clean looking images to help deliver the slide’s message. The point of an infographic is to take complex information and make it easier to take in through graphical reinforcement. Beyond the infographic style design, the presentation designer also does a good job of showing the references in a super small font at the bottom left corner of the slide.
If you are going to use bullet points, make sure to limit both the number of bullets and the number of words per bullet. Otherwise, you run the risk of your presentation turning out dull, boring, and mind-numbing.
Did you know that presenting things in sets of three will make your presentation more interesting and memorable? For some different examples of how you can harness the power of three in your presentations, click here.
Also, do you have a friend that is currently creating an important presentation that could benefit from the information in this post? Finally, if you enjoyed reading these PowerPoint design tips, please remember to like and share using the share buttons to the left!
About PandaWe're a presentation design firm that creates KILLER presentations for startups, large businesses, and individuals.
Adam Noar is founder of Presentation Panda, and has been designing sweet looking slides for over 10 years.

Enter your your name and email below to get this free presentation template and also get free updates! Subscribe to my newsletter to stay informed on all of my latest presentation tips, articles, and resources! PowerPoint Tips v5.PPT PowerPoint Tips for CERT Instructors Paul Lufkin Palo Alto Fire Department. 4 Design Templates Design templates contain color schemes, slide and title masters with custom formatting Changing the design template replaces the slide master, title master, and color scheme of the original After you apply a design template, each slide you add has the same look * Tip: Create a look then save as a template File, Save As…, Save as type: Design Template * PowerPoint 2002 and later allow multiple designs in single presentation! SADC Course in Statistics Module I4 Session 12 Getting the message across An interactive tutorial. Click Left Mouse Button or Press Space Bar to continue Introduction to PowerPoint This is an overview to introduce you to some PowerPoint basics.
Exit Introduction to PowerPoint This is an overview to introduce you to some PowerPoint basics. Exit 1 Introduction to PowerPoint This is an overview to introduce you to some PowerPoint basics. 1 POWERPOINT May 2004 To move the text box - move the mouse over the border of the text box, and once the 4-way arrow appear – click and drag the box.
Pasewark & Pasewark Microsoft Office XP: Introductory Course INTRODUCTORY MICROSOFT POWERPOINT Lesson 2 – Enhancing a PowerPoint Presentation. XP New Perspectives on Microsoft Office Word 2003 Tutorial 5 1 Microsoft Office Word 2003 Tutorial 5 – Creating Styles, Outlines, Tables, and Tables of.
We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. These tips from design pro Garr Reynolds will help you develop presentations that are professional and inviting. When companies are looking to go public there is a LOT of money on the line and these companies spend considerable amounts of time and resources to make sure that their presentations will impress potential investors. So, keep reading in order to learn several valuable lessons that you can incorporate into your own presentations. This slide in Grubhub’s presentation deck is an example of a simple cover slide that includes a logo and a couple of screenshots of their mobile application. You will see throughout the presentation that the red and white color scheme was nicely incorporated. Sticking to just a few simple key words or phrases makes it easier for your audience to follow the presentation. Therefore, strive to create a template that incorporates colors that fit in with your company’s branding. However, if you are still not convinced that Calibri is suitable for your presentations, you can check out some various font trends here. The slide almost looks like something you would see in an infographic. In case you didn’t know, people love infographics! Our ability to quickly interpret visual information is far greater than that of written words.
That way the audience remains focused on the slide’s key points instead of getting wrapped up in the details of the reference. If you add more than 3 items retention falls off considerably, and as more and more items are added to a list, the average person retains less and less. For example, when he announced the second generation of iPads, he mentioned that they were “thinner, lighter, and faster” than the first. The simple messaging throughout the presentation made it easy for the audience to follow along and understand the key reasons why GrubHub is a great company to invest in.

With the limited amount of time allotted to present and captivate investors, presenting with passion, simplicity, and power is key! New feature in PowerPoint 2000 Will get interesting results if played back on PC with PowerPoint 97 2.
Skills Matrix SkillsMatrix SkillSkill # Creating a New Blank Presentation Create presentations from blank presentations. Goals Upon completion of this 1-on-1 training, you will be able to: * Create a Presentation * Become Familiar with the Location. Project 1 Creating a presentation Formatting a presentation Saving a presentation Running a presentation Printing a presentation.
In 2014 GrubHub, an online food ordering company, filed for an IPO and raised a whopping $192 million in its first public offering. There is not too much text and there is plenty of whitespace on slide that allows the slide to breathe. In fact, studies have shown that people will only remember 10 percent of information when the content is delivered verbally, compared to 65 percent retention when information was conveyed through visuals! As you can see in the slide above, the red and white colors within the logo fit harmoniously with the rest of the slide’s design. This slide in the GrubHub deck is an example of how data should be displayed on your presentation slide. Lastly, the font color of all the numbers and text match the color of the bar charts on the right.
Presenting information in an infographic style format can help your audience process complex or extensive information. By creating visualizations, using the combination of words and text, you can make complex information easier to understand. Not every little scrap of information needs to be communicated in an instant, but the overall gist of the data should at least be perceivable in under a few seconds.
These three adjectives were highly effective and said everything the audience needed to know.
So next time you need to create a simple, engaging, and compelling presentation, pitch it like GrubHub.
They do a nice job of directing the viewers attention to the four important callouts that appear on the left of the slide, which are easy to scan and understand. By keeping the number of bullets to a minimum people can better remember what is being pointed out. The company’s online and mobile ordering platforms allow diners to order directly from approximately 35,000 takeout restaurants in more than 900 U.S. On the right hand side of the slide, the charts look clean without any gridlines, legends, or other distracting elements. While many presentation designers will tell you to avoid bullet points at all costs, I believe you can use them if you use them minimally. Once the number of items on a list hits eight, most people have little chance of remembering the entire sequence.

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