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Photo Slideshow Creator is a computer application designed to create original slideshow with effects.
Digital photo albums provide a low-cost way to save hundreds of pictures, but they are worthless if you’re not near a PC. When you run DVD Photo Slideshow, it automatically opens a new project and lets you start creating a slideshow. Then click the Organize Photos button to create at least one photo album and select photos from a folder on your hard drive and add them to a particular album.
If you are not satisfied with your selection, you can click the thumbnail of the photo album from the Photo Album area (the left-down panel) to select an album you want to remove from the slideshow, but do not worry, when you delete a photo album, all photos inside the album will be removed, but the original photos will not be deleted physically from your hard drive. When clicking the Music & Transition Effects tab, you may add background music and select your desired transition effects from more than 260 amazing special transition effects. Then you can preview what you have selected by clicking the Preview tab and can also stop playing by clicking Stop button. You may also choose to Save original images and music files on disc and Use Joliet file system for long file name. This tab enables you Select PAL or NTSC format, choose TV cropping value, and whether applying anti-flickering filter. Notes: The NTSC and PAL are two different standard protocols for television (TV) broadcast transmission and reception.
In this tab, you can select the options of the recording speed, simulating and the Burn-proof disc protection.
Speed - If your drive supports multiple speeds, this selection allows you to change the speed at which the disk is written.
After you set the above parameters, you may click the Burn Now button and you creative slideshow will be burned to a disc. Once your CD or DVD disc is recorded, you may play it into your DVD player and the photo slide show will show on your TV with amazing transition effects and background music. MAGIX Slideshow Maker 2 is an easy-to-use tool that will quickly transform your chosen digital photos into a stylish slideshow, then publish it at Facebook, Flickr or YouTube. The program comes in the form of a wizard, which essentially breaks down the slideshow creation process into three steps. First, you must select the photos you'd like to use, and decide how long you'd like each image to be on screen before the next appears. And once you're happy with the results, it's just a matter of choosing how you're going to share them with the world. Please note, while Slideshow Maker 2.0 is free, you must register it with MAGIX within 7 days of installation to continue using the program.
You can use it to send and receive text and voice messages, photos, videos, even call your friends in other countries, and because it uses your phone's internet connection it might not cost you anything at all (depending on whether you'll pay data charges). You can talk one-to-one or in group chats, and because you're always logged in there's no way to miss messages.
While digital photography is all the rage nowadays it is often difficult to know what to do with all the photos that you generate. With hard drives getting bigger and bigger and multi-mega pixel cameras the norm nowadays it is easy to generate a lot of digital photos that lie forgotten on computers and cameras. Digital photo frames are great for showcasing treasured memories and it’s easy to update them with new pictures as you take them, but they do have their drawbacks.
But the real problems with a computer full of photo’s is that they remain disconnected.
They can be further enhanced by adding a soundtrack just in the same way that movies use music to convey the mood of the moment.
Even if you have limited technical abilities there are plenty of solutions for creating great looking slide shows in just minutes using the slideshow software that we have reviewed for you.
There are many factors that go into choosing a slideshow maker that will fit your needs, depending upon what your needs are. Transitions are the way that the software moves from one slide to the next and the effects that it applies doing so.
The more advanced slideshow programs can offer a more cinematic experience much like a short video clip that can include 3D effects that tell more of a story. Being able to create a slideshow that will actually play on your desired device is very important as is the quality of the final DVD or video. Many people like to view videos on portable devices such as smartphones like the iPhone and tablets such as the iPad so the chances are that you’ll want to create slideshows that work on these devices as well. Generating video slideshows can require some serious hardware from your computer, especially if you are involved in any post production editing. A lot of software is designed with only one operating system in mind, normally Windows so if you are running Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 then you’ll find that there are a lot more slideshow makers available to you. Web based slideshow makers have the advantage that they work over multiple operating systems such as Windows, OS X and Linux and they do not require any special hardware on your behalf as the production and editing is all done on the internet servers. There is plenty of slideshow software available at the moment and most of them offer a selection of options to create great looking video, some more so than others. Price wise the cost of a slideshow maker can vary from free to hundreds of dollars, although most are priced under $70. This is a web based application which means that it can be used by anyone with access to the internet no matter whether you are working on a PC or Mac laptop. As all of the processing and video generation is completed on the Animoto servers it means that anyone can use this software without special hardware requirements. What we liked about Animoto is it’s ease of use and the quality of the slideshows it makes. The videos it produces are very impressive using some special effects and animations not normally seen on free slideshow makers. What is nice about DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe from Wondershare is that there is both a very simple Wizard mode that can help you produce a finished slideshow within minutes and for the more adventurous people there is the advanced level that gives you complete control over the final product.
One thing that makes it stand out from the competition is the range of 3D animations and effects that you can apply to produce some Hollywood style slideshows. Additional style packs are available if you need them for specialized occasions such as weddings if they are needed.
The quality of the output is good and can be formatted to difference devices such as iPhone and iPad as well as HD televisions.
If you’re the owner of an Apple iMac or Macbook then the chances are that you already have some great photo slideshow software installed, called iPhoto. Part of the iLife suite of applications iPhoto is a very comprehensive slideshow maker that combines some spectacular themes such as holiday mobile and places that can combine maps and geographical data with your pictures and clips to produce movie like creations. If you need to have more control over you apple mac slideshows and video clips then you can use iMovie, which you should also have pre-installed. Professional photographers and advertisers need to have total control over the look and feel of their videos and slideshows are are willing to spend the time to learn how to use complex software to achieve that result.
This is definitely not a software package for the beginner and for a simple slideshow it is a little overkill but the professional designer and anyone interested in creating top quality visual presentations and videos this is an excellent program. Just leave your comments below and let others know of your best experience in making photo slideshows, your top slideshow software recommendations and any tips and tricks you may have.
Although iPhoto is great for creating slideshows, how to I get that same quality onto a DVD. What I don’t like about slideshow software in general, including iPhoto, is that it either gives you only 80% of each photo (see Ken Burns effect) or it reduces the size of the image altogether, leaving black empty space around the photograph.

Want to create cool animated photo slideshows, but intimidated by programs with a steep learning curve? When you’re done, you can share your SmartSHOW masterpiece in full HD video, or share it online in a web-optimized format that won’t eat everyone’s bandwidth. Please note folks: to read more about SmartSHOW 3D Deluxe (the product offered in the up-sell), you may click here! What would be the reason a registered user must contact support to keep using their purchased product, or to discuss options? It's a nuisance to have to fill in a support request for software that comes with a lifetime license. Don Worden I just installed this SmartShow and I get this message every time I try and start it. Reg Rygus I'm trying to get the free version of SMARTSHOW but can't seem to get the email no matter how many times I try. As soon as an update is announced after the free period of one year it shows off to the launching of the software and disactivate definitely your license !!!! My period of free updates ends therefore in 5 days I am going to have the surprise (bad) or at the time of a next version !!!
I am also delighted to discover that I could not use this software anymore that I paid if I change my PC ! Can you confirm if the discussion here about registration and use of the software is correct?
Also, they are saying that if you change computers or get a new hard drive (like I need - the New Hard Drive) I CANNOT use the software on the NEW hard drive or NEW computer IF it is taken off the old computer? Errors like the one mentioned by Christian User do happen sometimes - according to our engineers, there was some issue on our activation server which seems to have been fixed by now, but some keys may still be affected. I'm very sorry that I didn't have a chance to reply to your comment before the BDJ offer expired. I spent several days with your support (my time being as precious as yours) to try to explain the problem of deactivation of the software that was not the consequence of an update, (difficult explanations because I am a French user). I think that since the problem is incumbent upon you it would have been a good commercial politics to offer the update toward the version 8 to all those that have been touched by this problem.
I was deterred in buying the Premium Copy of SmartShow 3D Deluxe offered as an upsell because of all the problems listed here, so missed out on the $17 offer.
Since we did communicate and you can see my concerns in black and white, do you think I could get the offer as a courtesy? I will say that I have had very good experience with your customer service so far, but this is a new issue. I will also admit that this is the first time I have experienced this issue with buying software and not being able to put on a computer and laptop.
Our engineers have done their best to fix the activation system error that you were affected by. It would be great if you had the licensing (how many machines) for your softwares on their sales page.
Photo Slideshow Creator is a handy tool designed to create a music slideshow with beautiful transition effects. Dozens of classic and modern transition effects will make your slideshow especially expressive. Create impressive slideshows for mobile devices such as smart phones, communicators, iPhone, iPod, Sony PSP and players.
Photo Slideshow Creator converts a slideshow to video formats which are optimal for uploading to video hosting and social sites. Photo slideshow software includes a lot of professionally designed templates, title styles and background pictures. Content ratings help you understand the type of content you might find in an app or game, so you can decide if they are suitable for you and your family. If an app or game does not have a rating, it means that it has not yet been rated, or it’s been rated and we’re working to update the page. Photo Slideshow Creator has been tested by Softonic, but it still doesn't have a review in English. Photo Slideshow Creator blends together photos, music and fancy designs to create a professional slideshow, complete with amazing transition effects. The editor offers all necessary tools and options to create compelling, memorable slideshows from your photos. Using Photo Slideshow Creator, you can create a real movie about some event, journey, person or anything else you can imagine.
After creating a photo album, you can customize the photo album by adding, deleting photos, arranging the order of photos during slideshow playback, adding captions for photos, selecting transition effects. The NTSC standard is used in the United States while PAL is used in other parts of the world. The software will test the burning process to see if it functions correctly, but will not actually write the data.
You can tweak the transitions Slideshow Maker will use (cuts, fades, 3D rotations and more), select your preferred effects (pans, zooms, rotations, collages and so on), add custom credits and titles, and even apply background music (the program comes with five soundtrack options, but you can also add your own audio file - all the main formats are supported).
The program can export your slideshow directly to a free online MAGIX album, or publish it directly to your YouTube, Flickr or Facebook account. There's no need to create and remember new account names or pins because it works with your phone number, and uses your regular address book to find and connect you with friends who use WhatsApp already. Even if your phone is turned off, WhatsApp will save your messages and display them as soon as you're back online.
More often than not they end up getting stored on a computer hard drive somewhere where they are rarely seen again. They run on electricity and it’s easy to forget to turn them on, this also means that you are unlikely to hang these frames on the wall so they end up tucked away on some table somewhere. The best way to show off your pictures is to show them in a sequence so that they actually tell a story.
Taking the best and most memorable photos from your collection and combining them together in such a way that they actually tell a story is a much more enjoyable way to remember your vacations and special days.
Use fast paced music for your action adventures and soft slow music for those romantic moments. If you struggle to produce any slide shows then the chances are that you’ll son get fed up and stop using the software. Basic transitions normally include fade-in and fade-out or a simple slide effect but there are leterally hundreds of different ways to transition between slides and the more advanced the slideshow maker the more options you’ll have. If you plan on making a DVD presentation to send to colleagues or family then you need to ensure that the software can actually produce one without having to rely on third-party software. One of the easiest ways to do this is to have the slideshow maker upload directly to Youtube so that it can be shared universally in multiple formats. Most modern computers will be able to cope but having a decent graphics card and plenty of system RAM always helps speed things up. The only draw back to this type of slideshow maker is that you’ll need to have a very fast internet connection to upload the photos and download the finished video. Not all are easy to use for the beginner whilst others do not have enough functions for a professional.
The good news is that most of these slideshow makers also come in free versions, either as a trial period or by watermarking the presentations.

There is even an iPhone app available so you can create presentations on-the-go from your smartphone.
There are a choice of different video templates available, some in HD and soundtracks can be added from a huge library of music.
This is a professional movie editing package that features cinematic visual effects and graphics animation. Apple has been downgrading slidesound shows like it doesn’t care about this valuable feature. I don't want to buy the update and I want to keep and use my current version without paying more!
Perhaps he downloaded the new version trial while he is no longer eligible for free updates.
User I purchased three of the software products AMS sells and have had both of them revert to expired trial versions which I can no longer access. When you order any of our products, you get a life-long license for the version you purchase, and one year of free updates and tech support. The license definitely allows you to transfer the purchased software to another computer if your hard disk crashes, if you buy a new computer etc.
If you got a free copy of the software during a giveaway promotion, you are not allowed to transfer it to another PC. Since you did not purchase while the offer was live just because you were waiting for our comments here, and the comments came a bit too late, we'll provide a special order link so you can purchase at the price advertised. The program allows you to add unlimited number of photographs and captions, apply themes and much more.
Show your slideshow on the screen of the virtual TV set or computer monitor, on the paper page, banner board, or even in the movie theater. Now you can easily put your slideshow to YouTube, Facebook, MySpace and many other popular sites. It does not indicate that the app was specifically designed for that particular age, or if a certain level of skill is required to play the game or use the app. Put your digital memories in motion with many animated transitions, slide templates and fancy design templates. We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws.
You can select the radio button of PAL or NTSC according to the standard selected in your country. Or, if you'd like a local copy, then you can also export it as a WMV video in either web (640x480) or DVD (720x576) quality. So rather than just show a selection of random pictures from your vacation they should be ordered so that they describe each day by activity e.g. This way you’ll be able to create funny and personal video slide shows that not only you, but you friends and family will actually enjoy watching.
Likewise, if you want a high definition version, such as Blu-ray then not only should all your photographs be high very high quality and you have a Blu-ray writer but you’ll need software that outputs files in HD format. The software manufacturers should always state the hardware requirements needed to run their slideshow software. Just remember to check that the software that you choose will work on your hardware and operating system.
It is a good idea to try and calculate how many slideshows you are likely to create so that you have a guideline to calculate the perceived cost. Doing so deletes the installed version and the user needs to ask for tech support assistance in order to restore the previous version. When a year has passed, you can choose whether you just want to keep the version you own, or renew your license and get another year of free updates and support.
If you are OK with our license conditions, and still interested in SmartSHOW 3D Deluxe, please contact tech support on Monday and mention your nickname on BDJ - they'll give you a special order link so you can take advantage of the 80% off discount.
We also discussed your issue with our supervisor, and were allowed to offer you an update at no cost. Once created, the slideshow can be saved as an executable file (EXE), screensaver or video, including full HD. The slideshow can be saved as AVI video, HD video, video for mobile devices, executable slideshow, auto-run DVD photo slideshow and video for YouTube, Facebook, and MySpace.To add life to the slideshow, you can make use of the Virtual Screen feature and apply a default design template to a picture. Even if you have a regular CD-RW drive, you can still create an album that works on most DVD players.
The good news is that the majority of slideshow makers come with a built in wizard function that will allow you to have a complete slideshow created in minutes.
These differ from transitions in that they are overlays to the slideshow and can be visible across multiple slides, an example would be falling snow or changing backgrounds. For example, if you only want to create a few slideshows, possible for a special occasion such as a graduation or wedding then you may want to pay someone to create a slideshow for you rather than purchase the software yourself. They responded quickly that since the upgrade to v8 is within a year of purchase, the upgrade is at no cost and also the v7 key is still valid. After emailing their customer support I am told there is nothing they can do as they do not keep previous versions.I would have to upgrade and pay for the priviledge.
For example, photos can be viewed framed on the virtual monitor, banner board, school blackboard and screen of the movie theater.Photo Slideshow Creator has simple user-friendly interface so it's an ideal software for beginners. Best of all, you can share your pictures with anyone who has a television with a DVD player. If you are going to be creating presentations regularly or on a professional basis then going for a higher end product may be a consideration. That's what I suppose, but obviously, I can't ask for the user's registration details here on BitsDuJour. So I now have sofware that I purchased and cannot be used as this company holds you to ransom until you elect to upgrade. The program offers all necessary tools and options to create attractive music slideshows from photographs. I should be able to download the version of the software I paid for, not be forced to pay for an upgrade to continue to use it.
If you are using it at home you can download the free version here.Customer Reviewa€?My mother recently passed away and I used the PhotoStage software to create a slideshow memorial for her funeral.
When they become more serious they get converted to Aperture 3 (costs 79 dollars from Apple).
Especially if there is a deal, they can buy two of the deals if they choose to or just buy the one.
I found PhotoStage so simple to use, adding captions was so much easier than Windows MovieMaker.
I worried about adding the music, so asked my son to help with that part a€“ but it could not have been simpler!

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