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Researchers decided to investigate by implementing a way to actually measure how many websites are being “packed” into each server. Based on their independent research, GoDaddy appeared to be by far, the worst offender when it came to packing sites on individual servers. With 4,171 sites attached to the sample IP address, we’ve found GoDaddy to be consistently slow.
Right now, it appears that Network Solutions and Bluehost are roughly about the same when it comes to packing servers. Based on these results and for today, at least, HostGator still is our top choice as the way to go. My goal is to help companies of any size reach full potential by tailoring customized business solutions and creating aggressive strategies to fit client goals. Your Mobilized Business and You: Do You Need a Mobile App or a Mobile Website to Reach Customers? Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

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With only 92 sites packed per server, HostGator however, is clearly doing something different.
Each of these hosting providers will certainly use different hardware, network setups, etc.
Calling your host provider may not be much help, as they are skilled at confusing the issue with a variety of excuses and explanations. By taking a closer look at server packing at four of the most popular shared hosting providers.

While Bluehost had previously been one of our top choices, they have recently seemed to be incurring slowdowns and uptime issues. This is probably not surprising considering this number is almost two and a half times the amount being packed by the next highest, Network Solutions.
To date, this validates our experience that HostGator provides hosting that is fast, reliable, and consistent. While we are not hosting providers, or even system administrators, we have noticed a correlation between number of sites per IP and the level of performance experienced from that particular hosting provider.
If they start in about “rebuilding your database” and other tasks that they want to place on your doorstep, get ready to run! HostGator has long been a solid choice of ours, but now we wonder if it will only be a matter of time before they begin to pack their shared hosting along with the others.

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