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Advertising Press on Your Side Creating a BIG Promotion Tutorial Unique Ideas Promotion Articles Online Tools This is our article database. Your Strategic Marketing Plan is an integral part of your overall business plan, and we can help you pull all of the elements together. Based upon years of working with technology companies who were at various stages of strategic planning, Aistrup Consulting developed our own flexible process to help customers define and develop compelling, actionable marketing plans.
We don’t need to re-invent the wheel every time we take on a project—if all you need is a “tune up” on your old plan, we’ll start from there.
We write your plans to meet the specific needs of your audience, whether it’s investors, lenders, Board members or your own management. Take the first step toward making that commitment, and call us today to help you develop an actionable Marketing Plan. Conducted a product line optimization to identify low margin products and refocus business development on high profit segments.
Developed and wrote funding documentation for clients seeking financing and government grants, resulting in over $20 million of SBIR funding and successful private and public financing rounds. Trained Marketing and Sales of a Fortune 50 technology firm in Best Practices including strategy and value proposition development, market analyses, competitive intelligence, product life cycle modeling, pricing strategies and product launches. Clarified the value proposition for a disposable medical device, established a new brand identity and ultimately positioned the product as the new industry standard within two years.
Conceived and led strategy development for more than 20 early stage technology companies, resulting in first commercial sales, industry awards such as “Startup of the Year” and funding from SBIR, private and public sources.
Strengthened product pricing strategies for management of a renewable energy technology firm, validated with in-depth analysis of competitor financials, distribution, production capabilities, new products and SWOT analyses.
Established an aggressive IP licensing program for a biotech company resulting in the company’s first multi-million dollar license agreement with a Fortune 100 medical device company. Licensing and royalty revenues increased from zero to over $50M in 5 years, propelling the company to #20 on Fortune Small Business Fastest Growing 200 List. Managed and negotiated Intellectual Property licenses and agreements with global technology developers in the Printed Electronics industry resulting in two publicly announced agreements.
Qualified prospective licensing targets for medical diagnostic technologies, initiated discussions and negotiated terms leading to 3 executed agreements.
A small business owner in a local market, whether you are in the retail, consumer or business to business space, we are pretty sure you have your hands full. A new study of over 22,957 brands and 50 million pieces of digital content analyzed by TrackMaven, shows what should be an alarming requirement to any small business not already utilizing consistent content marketing. Brands are having to create and post MORE content, and even when they do, they’re getting even less engagement. Small businesses need to understand that they are no longer only competing locally for their prospects digital attention. Since there is only so much content consumers can take in, content marketing for the small local business is like air. Your local small business must have an integrated digital marketing strategy that is highly targeted for each specific digital channel that incorporates unique content marketing. Integration – Increasing traffic to your small business website might just be disastrous. Additionally, your small business website must contain strategically developed content that works within a funnel to move your visitors where you need them to go. Consistency – Finally, not only do you then have to create content, you have to do it consistently. Let’s face it, the burdens associated with a small local business are frankly pretty overwhelming. This stat still surprises me given the massive amount of digital technologies available for small businesses to target and connect with their customers – only 80% of small businesses use social media and many continue to underutilize SEO, blogging and video. Further, a funnel like this works well when you’ve already narrowed down which tactical executions need to take place. For instance, something I hear a lot is, “We definitely want more awareness, but we care most about getting new leads and customers. Are you among the 88% of B2B marketers using content marketing as part of your marketing strategy? If so, you may have already tasted success.
62% of small businesses plan on investing 4% or more of their revenue into local marketing initiatives.
Ever wonder why you can’t seem to turn website visitors who download your content pieces (e.g. One of the main reasons why you invest your time and money into marketing is to get more sales, right? Both local SEO and national SEO contains and follow the same elements for example, on-page factors, indexing, links, social media etc. For a local SEO the first and most vital thing is that you need to create and claim is a local profile on Google or any other search engines. While creating a Google my business page it is very necessary to eliminate the duplicate page if in case it is there. The very next step is to take into consideration that you have verified your Google my business page. Make sure that you have registered your email address that is attached to your Google my business account.
For local search result it is very important for any organization to optimize the Meta description and title tag so that the search engine can generate the proper information. The real reviews for your company product and a service are the best to build up the confidence and increase the visibility for your landing page. We as a digital marketing company in Boston, believes in giving out the best local SEO services to the prospective customers, as many of them preferred to look for local business when it comes to the products or services. As a small business, everything is done on a tight budget, and when it comes to digital marketing, it can seem like the bigger companies have all the advantages.
Small businesses are generally limited not just in terms of money but in time, resources and personnel.

The difficult and exciting thing about being a small business is that you have to do so much yourself, running your company whilst possibly wearing multiple hats of IT, accounting, human resources and marketing. The ins and outs of digital marketing can seem overwhelming, but it’s not brain surgery or even computer programming. Your small business can build relationships with these social influencers and in turn have them promote your company to their audiences. Communicating your message via Multimedia is a very valuable, unique and powerful way to enhance your brand. From mobile, podcasts to videos and infographics to photographs, there are numerous ways besides text to catch the attention of your customers and convey valuable information, and most of them do not require strong technical skills. Crowdfunding is not appropriate for every type of business or project, but it can be an excellent tool for some.
Try to establish a wide net; for example, if you run a small shop that specializes in hand-knitted winter goods, you might find customers in places as diverse as mummy blogs, outdoor sporting blogs and fashion blogs.
Be sure that you have a Google+ page for business as well as encouraging your customers to check in regularly on your chosen social channels. Firstly, posting regularly on Google+ can ensure your content is immediately indexed in Google for search and raise the profile of your business in search results. Having customers check in will promote your business among their connections and posting regularly lets others see what you do right.
Running a small business can often make you feel like you spend more time putting out fires than crafting strategies, but taking the time to create a good digital marketing plan will pay off in the long run. In the digital age, there is an abundance of creative ways in which you can engage your business with prospective customers.
The above tips are designed to help stimulate your thought process and encourage you to engage with digital tech, tools and ideas. An outstanding title can increase tweets, Facebook Likes, and visitor traffic by 50% or more. Generate great titles for your articles and blog posts with the Tweak Your Biz Title Generator. When I look at analytics on smaller sites, guest blogging often refers more traffic than social media.
Thoroughly enjoyed reading this article especially the tips on digital marketing for small business owners !
Tweak Your Biz is a business community - a place where business professionals like you can stand out.
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Our program isn’t “canned”—instead, we customize how we work with you based on your unique needs and budget. Are we saying that small business content marketing is required because it is something we do, or is there data that shows why content marketing, blogging, graphics, video and other digital content marketing is so important for the small business? The research conducted across all major industries and included 6 of the top digital marketing and social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and blogs. Now they’re competing with ALL digital content that can reach their audience, whether it comes from someones friend, or another local business. Now that adults discover both local and national businesses, content, products and services digitally and more increasingly from their mobile devices, small businesses must now look at their marketing as multi-channel and competing worldwide like never before. Small businesses must also be extremely active on social networks based on that strategy that not only incorporates substantial content creation efforts that stand out, but also reflect a human and personally, timely and responsive approach to customers that engage with your content.
At the same time, each component of your website, social, search and content marketing has to strategically and coherently work together to overcome the challenges of digital marketing facing your small business today. In fact, the more consistently you create quality content, the more effective your search marketing, social media marketing and content marketing will be. Adding digital marketing and content marketing for your small business, to these requirements and responsibilities can leave you feeling even more exhausted, both physically and mentally.
The proliferation and saturation of technology can make any small business owner feel overwhelmed without a clear direction of what the right marketing mix should be to make the largest impact. The struggle behind misplaced advertising dollars comes down to not having a clear marketing strategy which has always plagued startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs (fast fact: 50% of companies fail within their first five years of being in business). When you login to your business dashboard, next to your business name you can see a checkmark with a verified stamp next to it or else you have to see the available methods to verify your business that Google offers. To rank high and win Google trust it is very much necessary to keep everything consistent to your web for example, business name, address, contact number, email etc.
Qualitative and unique content is all what your audience look for and it drives the visitors to take an action. With the increasing competition, it is a must that we provide a best SEO solution to every kind of business. We are the team of experts, started in 2010 to help businesses with our services like PPC, SEM, SEO, website design, mobile web applications.
However, there are a number of digital marketing strategies small businesses can employ to market themselves without breaking the bank. You can teach yourself what you need to know with sites like this one on SEO for Beginners and carry out your marketing plan with more confidence. They are not celebrities but people who are well known and influential within their own fields. Your business will raise its profile, raise money and be able to take on a special project or area that you have lacked the resources for in the past. Genuine guest blogging on relevant websites brings visitors back to your own website, whilst providing a community with informative and educational content. If you are new to digital, experienced or are unsure how to apply digital best practices to your business, then I encourage you to do your research first and map out a clearly defined plan. What other creative digital marketing ideas can you come up with and how will you apply them to your small business?
And as you point out while it might seem daunting to some, it’s really not that difficult once you get into it.
It CAN seem like there are so many bloody channels that you’d only be guessing as to what ones will work for you.

Read the specialists, share your opinions and sign up to become recognized for sharing your expertise by writing on this site! In terms of reflecting, you should look at your business and consider everything that’s happened over the past year – good and bad.
The research tracked and measured an astonishing total of 75.7 billion interactions and came to some very interesting conclusions. It also means that you are competing with content created by statewide brands, national companies and even worldwide organizations and sources that are creating and distributing their content online. In reverse, the less consistent you are at continually putting out new, creative, unique content that your target audience wants, the less effective your search results, web traffic and overall digital marketing will see. In a previous blog post, I highlighted 17 inbound marketing tools you should be using – this is a great place to get started in terms of exploring various tools and deciding which will be the best fit for you. There are so many resources that talk about what you should be doing and so many marketing tactics you should be implementing that the ability to actually focus becomes an even larger challenge. If you’re still not sure about where to really get started, feel free to check a few of the free marketing resources created just for you here. If your target is a local customer like a local restaurant, retail outlet, lawyer, doctor etc.
A citation is that online place where your company uses their NAP (name, address and phone number) as a consistent format for a local listing. In this situation it is very important to note the primary page and should notify Google to delete others. Many times people go through the verification process either by a phone call to your business or by postcard.
You can check it with the help of Google webmaster tool right from whether your pages have got indexed, are there any penalties or not, crawl errors. It is our primary goal to offer best local SEO services at affordable local SEO packages by optimizing it in such a way that the website appears at the top of the local search result to boost more qualified leads, sales and revenue. This can also establish you as a thought leader within your industry and help you build a loyal audience.
Social media comes into its own when you’ve already build up content and authority and when people are happy to share you content.
The right digital marketing strategy is the most important thing you should be focusing on right now. Google has made its algorithms very strict in terms of rankings, as it ensures that your local citation efforts should match your local listing as much as possible.
Even if you want to target multiple cities irrespective of your presence, make sure that you are marking down your site structure to lay out ahead of time. In this case you can take the help of some of the best & affordable local SEO company who are professional in it and know very well how to write unique content with a proper density of keywords which can help the customers to understand your services and drive them to do something.
For more information about our affordable Local SEO services or any other digital marketing solutions in Boston, feel free to contact us at 774 420 7077.
He had a fascinating story to tell about this industry and the future plans for the company.
There will be things you want to bring to an end, as well as profitable aspects of your business that are worth continuing. All just you need to do is the proper planning and a fine execution of your local SEO strategies like a consistent physical address of a city with your business phone number, hours of operations and a local website link where you want your target customers to go for a further detail. You also need to check that you have correctly mentioned your name, address or phone number (NAP) on your landing page or website. There are many leading SEO firms which provide the best local SEO services in Boston so that you can successfully convert them into your future customers. Your local small business content marketing and digital marketing strategy has to come from data, research and be highly customized to your specific business, local market and industry.
If you want to improve upon this year and make 2016 your most successful year in recent history, then it’s time to identify and do away with the following 4 digital  marketing mistakes that far too many brands made this year. Unbeknownst to many, there’s a distinction between internet marketing and digital marketing.
Digital billboards, radio, and TV are all examples of digital marketing mediums that operate independently of the internet.Keep this in mind as you move into 2016 and don’t be afraid to broaden your horizons beyond your current internet tactics. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to internet marketing, but learn to use the correct term moving forward. That means you can no longer ignore mobile in lieu of desktop.Mobile should be the priority in 2016. From web design and paid advertising to content marketing and social, optimizing for mobile is incredibly important moving forward. There simply weren’t very many tools and resources available to accurately monitor internet marketing campaigns in a cost-effective way.
From predictive analytics tools to social listening resources, there’s a technology for every need. Just scroll through your Facebook newsfeed or head over to YouTube and you’ll see just how prominent video is in today’s internet marketing mix.Currently, online video accounts for 50 percent of all mobile traffic. While you shouldn’t invest in an all-video strategy, it needs to play a role in your digital marketing efforts moving forward.
Eliminate These 4 Digital Marketing Mistakes NowAs you can see, there’s much room for improvement in the digital marketing industry. By eliminating these faults and correcting them before your enter the new year, you can enhance your efforts and incite growth. Ignoring mobile would be a grave mistake for that will mean that you will miss out on the market that could have been profitable to you if you only optimized for it.

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