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Youa€™ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing.
Achieving engagement with a customer or fan base is not so much about tactics such as Facebook or tools like Radian6, but how these are best leveraged to enable meaningful interaction with the consumer. We also have a new guide by Andrew Campbell describing how to create a customer retention plan, again part of a long-term process to build relationships.
The people that have already bought from you are super-special, I mean really special when you think about it. There are multiple ways to generate insight, some of it should be engrained in your business day-to-day, other elements should be done at key times of the year. Get data from those masses who do nothing on your site, tools like 4Q and Kampyle are great since they're low commitment, fast and anonymous. Email surveys are good if you lack a steady stream of data and prefer to ad-hoc, mass questioning of your database, annually for example. With the proliferation of social media usage, the idea of message amplification is really key, I feel. We're talking about the consumers experience of your product or service and how they feed that back.
Reactive - Zappos are the best example we hear of a customer obsessed brand who put tools and process around their consumer.
Proactive - Think Dell as past masters at this, and where Gary Vaynerchuck pushes with his The Thank You Economy book. Each approach isn't mutually exclusive, after all they're just processes dependent on how an organisation wants to (and can) work. Of course, capturing and using data is at the heart of informing the creation of tailored content for the consumer.
Useful content is at the heart of such a content strategy, on-topic content enables you to demonstrate a continued relevance to consumers who are buying certain types of products from you, or at least they're giving you indicators as to what is motivating and helping solve problems in their world.
This approach has obvious potential for re-promotion of your products in the right way, and at the right time, adding value and re-engaging re-affirms relevance and earns you that right. A platform to share - One of the most powerful ways to remain valuable is to enable the consumer to connect and share with other like-minded consumers, this allows the like-minded to flock together and simultaneously deliver ongoing insight for the brand hosting the platform. It's a complex space, our recommendation would be to start with simpler tools such as Office Autopilot where the focus is segmentation of a lead database (based on whatever makes sense: preferences, subject of interest, product type) since this enables the communication of the most relevant content. This table summarises our recommendations on content marketing KPIsA related to retention (Engage) and other parts of our RACE framework. You’ll be joining the 130,000 Smart Insights members from 80 countries who trust our advice to Plan, Manage and Optimize their marketing. Our free research report based on a survey of Smart Insights members and Technology for Marketing 2016 attendees explores the approaches businesses use to plan and manage their investments in digital marketing. This is our third annual report in collaboration with the Technology for Marketing event which is co-located with Ecommerce Expo and Customer Contact Expo, held on 28th and 29th September at Olympia National, London. Findings and recommendations are grouped in 4 key strategic areas which will help managers plan for an improved contribution from digital marketing. To help businesses review their capabilities, it includes this Smart Insights capability review infographic. Take our detailed Digital Marketing Health check available to Smart Insights Expert members to find out. Smart Insights via both its website resource & social media network provides me with invaluable access to all the information I ever seem to need to research my job in digital marketing.
We are at the early stages of our digital marketing journey, Smart Insights templates and tutorials help us check and learn as we go. India has again become a marketing and advertisement testbed, this time for global smartphone players. News, commentary, events and highlights about marketing - or not always about marketing but very close.
This is the third of my posts with 5 key trends in digital marketing for next year, in a countdown to 2015.
Programmatic is here to stay- if you don’t understand what it means, now it’s the time to look into it before looking silly. At its simplest level, ‘programmatic’ refers to using special digital exchanges to distribute, price and control content through partners’ channels in a sophisticated and targeted way, rather than buying individual packages and inventories from several partners.
Digital marketing software will become better as the market continues to grow and consolidate in 2015.
At the same time, it looks like the need to integrate various channels and understand ROI in a more fragmented marketing landscape is breaking up a few of the traditional silos.
In 2015, look out for tech tools that help you improve planning, monitoring and measuring marketing activity across several channels. Once that’s settled, understand and forecast the digital efficiencies you could achieve through new SaS tools and programmatic buying.
And remember that, all other things being equal (particularly price), brands that touch and inspire – through real people and nurturing relationships – will always stand out from pure digital mavens.
The marketing cube is a flexible marketing, branding and digital consultancy based in London.
We created RACE to help digital marketers plan and manage their activities in a more structured way since we found that many don't have a marketing strategy. To explain and fully define 'What Is Digital Marketing?' we created this popular Digital StrategyA infographic in 2012 and updated in 2015 as shown below. Use our new interactive benchmarking tool to review the capability of your business across each area of the RACE planning framework. The RACE mnemonic summarises the key online marketing activities that need to be managed as part of digital marketing. There is also an initial phase of PLAN involving creating the overall digital strategy, objective setting and plan, so sometimes members call it PRACE, but we prefer RACE Planning for simplicity.
We have defined four steps of engagement across the customer lifecycle, since in online marketing there is a major challenge in gaining interaction, participation with prospects and creating those all-important Leads after the initial customer touchpoint.
These interactions, covered in the Act step can take place over several channels and touchpoints such as web, mobile, social media and email contacts, so these leads need separate management from final conversion to online or offline sale through techniques like retargeting and assisted selling.
RACE consists of these four steps or online marketing activities designed to help brands engage their customers throughout the customer lifecycle. We created the RACE Planning system to help give a simple framework to help small and large businesses alike take best advantage of the opportunities available from digital marketing. In our research, we have foundA that, shockingly, many businesses don't have a digital marketing strategy. RACE is a practical framework to help manage and improve results from your digital marketing.
In our 2011 Marketing manifesto we explained that we believe growing business through digital marketing should be based on a sound evaluation and optimisation process using digital analytics showing which marketing activities are effective and which aren't. Here's an example of our recommended measures in a simpler summary of RACE KPIs which could form a dashboard - the best dashboards show not only volume and how they change through time, but also the quality of visits and the value generated. Many of these KPIs be created from Google Analytics although it needs to beA customisedA for each business to record goal value or revenue per visit. All of our guidance on Smart Insights from our blog posts to detailed guides and templates are structured according to RACE. Of course, there are many more online marketing activities which are covered in our full sitemap of hub pages. Digital marketing today is not just about your website, and in fact it never has been, partnering with other sites and "swimming with the fishes" has always been important. But today, the popularity of participation in social media with web users means that how to reach, interact, convert and maintain ongoing engagement of customers through social networks is vital to the success of a brand.
Digital channels always work best when they're integrated with other channels, so remember that where appropriate, digital channels should be combined with the traditional offline media and channels. We devised RACE since we wanted to develop our own approach for improving digital marketing and we feel Step 2 is more about initial interactions with a brand and in step 4, customer engagement is a longer-term process. Through 15 years of advising marketers through my books and training I've found that, after time has passed, all that often remains from the course as a takeaway is a framework on which to hang future actions. I’m on my early stages with marketing and would very much appreciate your advice on where to start with digital marketing. One of my goals in pursuing this training is to be able to apply for certain roles that I can’t get access to at the moment due to my lack of experience in the field. Secondly, I would like to acquire knowledge that I will be able to effectively implement on my career, a hands on approach so as to speak. Lastly, timing and investment are another topic to consider, based on these items, would you recommend IDM or Squared?
A brand new marketing is and marketing engineering accessible since makes all the choices that are other seem like the laugh they’re.
Currently using this to develop a plan for a new client and finding it incredibly helpful to nail down the right strategy in a logical way. Just writing a placement research project and wondering if you have ever published this framework?
For me, Masters Digital Courses work best for more senior professionals who already have good experience in managing Digital and want to gain a more senior position.
I’m assuming your asking about engaging with Twitter+-Facebook+-Linked-In plus your own blog or community.
So you have to develop a compelling proposition for each social media channel (“online value proposition (OVP) I call it in the textbooks) which best fits the channel and the type of person who uses it. At a practical level, you ideally need a run-of-site panel (not just on the home page) explaining your proposition for each or a more general reason to engage and with a clear link to each.
Twitter, the online texting service on steroids at only 140 characters is often a challenge for those with a traditional marketing mindset. Creating and then marketing content with Twitter is more about tempting the click than revealing all your secrets at once. Twitter should be seen as the teaser social network. It’s unsophisticated ways are its charm and its fatal attraction for celebrities who dare to tweet while under the influence of substances, emotion or plain stupidity.

Twitter is sometimes seen as an inbox when it is more like a fleeting torrent that streams and screams its content past you. This led to the creation of Twitter tools like Hootsuite that organises Tweets into lists for reading later.
Are you wanting to connect and engage with influencers, customers and prospects?…Tweet their content, offer to help.
There are more goals than this but bait the Twitter hook, get focused and strategic and maybe those tweets will lead to blogging nirvana. Writing successful Twitter headlines are often the result of a well titled blog post or article. Quality of relationships is vital on social media as well as life but quantity is essential for successful marketers. Hashtags started in 2007 on Twitter and have since spread to Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and more recently Facebook. Resource: SocialOomph (professional edition, which costs about $25 a month) allows you to not only load and schedule tweets but make them recurring.
The major benefit is that it saves me about 25-30 hours a week of ongoing tweet scheduling.
Social media is sometimes seen as a narcissists heaven as it provides global online attention.
Using Twitter to tap into the power of both mass media and social media influencers can be a powerful form of marketing leverage. Social media is social, so mix up the serious and add something personal and fun to the mix. My book – “Blogging the Smart Way – How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media” – will show you how.
Nice points but surely the last one is a great tweet not because it’s asking for a RT but because it has something awesome to give away. I really enjoyed this, you’ve left me with a lot to think about and a refresher on some bits and pieces.
What I’m really curious about is if you have done any tests on doing similar tweets with and without hashtags?
Mobile technology is playing an ever-increasing role in the consumer’s digital path to purchase.
Being within a mile of your store at a particular time of day doesn’t mean a customer will necessarily be tempted to divert from what they are doing to take up your offer.
Companies have known for some time that the deeper into a store a customer wanders (and the more area they cover) the more money they are likely to spend. As Seth describes in the quoteA above, open and maintain conversation, ask questions, listen, build better products and market in a more relevant way - add value to the relationship with the consumer. What insights do we have about our customers, their needs from online services and perceptions of our service? They paid you money - they bought into what you said and now have a unique perspective of what it is like to journey from finding you, to evaluating you against the competition, then deciding to purchase anda€¦ then what? The questions we'd suggest that you ask are surrounding satisfaction with the process, what it's like to deal with you from an outside perspective. It's the most common form of insights gathering though done last minute when things feel broken, it's certainly better than no insights, just. Build relevant data capture at key buyer stages so that you learn more about your consumer as they near purchase, and beyond.
It's not that everything has to be commercially orientated either, though personally I'd ensure it ties back. If you can engage any visitor on at least some level, then worst case, you can see how well your content and messaging resonates with an audience. Do you understand the gap between your customer needs and your delivery and how do you improve and prioritise satisfaction? As a business tools like Twitter and Facebook are channels back to customer service, no matter what they customer wants, apparently. Dell's approach is to listen to the whole market and seed out unhappy (and happy) customers in order they can pro-actively solve customer problems.
Both require tools, customer process and at the more progressed, Dell, high-end a CRM software or community of some form (see question 5 and 6).
Blogs are a way to centralise this, to form the content hub, then repurposing your content into Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ represent additional ways to reach (with permission) and so re-connect. It's right-side up marketing in that sense since it has an inbound effect over interruptive outbound promotions that feel random to the recipient.
How do we create an integrated communications lifecycle, integrating channels, content and marketing around the customer?
Marketing automation can help here and Dave has reviewed marketing automation tools before in this post. The power is layering on purchase intent (inferred through click behaviour and explicit through web forms) to then tone up or down promotional intensity and the strength of offers as relevant to the consumer. Through measurement and then improvement through testing against objectives, it's only as complex as it needs to be for your organisation. Our Digital Healthcheck is an Excel-based audit to enables you to identify areas you must improve to compete. Basic membership offers an excellent introduction to current thinking (and supported me on my IDM Professional Diploma), but it is in the Expert membership where I have found added depth and insight. It has been a great asset as a channel of advice and insight, helping me to deliver an all-encompassing digital strategy. Some resellers offer cheaper older versions of the iPhone, but Apple lacks support from some mobile carriers in India.
Forbes states that marketing campaigns will become even more data-driven and hyper-targeted in 2015; e-consultancy and Smart Insights talk about ‘machine learning’ and ‘in-house programmatic trading desks’. Programmatic ad spend is set to increase in the coming years and it will command over 50% of PPC ad budgets in the US according to emarketer.
The latter method is much more time-consuming and inefficient, so the adoption of programmatic tools is inevitable.
Larger tech providers will continue to buy new entrants and integrating campaign management and analytics tools across different marketing channels – CRM, email, social media etc. However, get your basics right before relying on marketing technology, more sophisticated tools and big data to achieve improvements. Our mission is to deliver smart, quality marketing services in a way that suits your business. In this post, first published in July 2010 and since updated with the a new summary of digital marketing KPIs you should track, we show how you can simplify your measurement and reporting through RACE Planning. A There's more detail at the end of the post in the infographic and the planning process is explained in detail in our RACE Digital Marketing Planning Elearning - click the link for free access to the first module.
When creating a digital marketing strategy, knowing how to structure it and where to start is sometimes the biggest challenge!
We hope RACE gives a structure to help you review and prioritise when there are so many options, but some options work better than others. Ultimately it's about using best practice web analytics techniques to get more commercial value from investments in digital marketing. This diagram shows relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) that should be used at each stage.
This is a summary of some of the main activities which our guides, templates and free blog guidance cover - we have created an interactive version of this planning frameworkA where you can click through to relevant sections on this diagram.
At each step in RACE you need to think how social media can help achieve your goals and how you can measure the effectiveness of social media.
A The most important aspects of integration are first using traditional media to raise awareness of the value of the online presences and drive visitors to the website(s) at the Reach and Engage stages. I was always wondering an easy and targeted way to measure the digital plan, with the RACE KPIA?s one I think I found it. To speed everything up, you should submit your website to the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. For Smart Insights for example we find that the majority of more senior marketing managers subscribe to email so the features in the email reflect that. You can use event tracking in Google Analytics to see which calls-to-action is most popular. It’s more about brutal brevity, smart succinctness and simple shortness than monstering the masses with multi-media sensory overload.
The corralling of Tweets into hashtag categories can be an effective way to manage Twitter  that is sometimes seen as similar to the ungainly management that is like herding cats. The Old Spice campaign responded to the tweets of Ellen DeGeneres, Guy Kawasaki and Perez Hilton to great viral effect.
Apps like Runkeeper that track your exercise and post to Twitter (and Facebook) can be fun and add a little motivation to your exercise. I show you how to create and build a blog that rocks and grow tribes, fans and followers on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Use some catchy lines and be less promotional else your followers may think that your just automated tool.
Location-based targeted marketing can help stores accomplish that goal through the strategic placement of items involved in a mobile campaign.
To create these conversations and build relationships is challenging - the biggest challenge in marketing perhaps. You thank them if, they're lucky, reward them somehow, just re-sell to them or simply ignore them? Did you even meet the customer's requirements and is there a quality gap from the users reality. But better is designing insight capture into the marketing and sales process in a robust way, for example using email sequences since it brings the consumer to the marketing table.
This can be as simple questions built into existing enquiry, purchase and post purchase forms.

You can easily ensure that commercial goals tie to customer engagement or marketing KPIs by developing a simple matrix. Commercial sales are the end goal, and yet they're still preceded by a number of KPIs that are more manageable and meaningful to those working on the front line.
How this is done is dependent on what kind of organisation you are in terms of budgets and resources available.
Layer on segmented email communications to such solid social media programme and you're pioneering brand communications! This is an area being pioneered by high-end, fully integrated marketing automation platforms like EDialog and Eloqua, and being made accessible to the rest of us by companies such as Genius, Office Autopilot and Marketo. Integrating email communications, SMS and outbound with direct mail is pretty obvious and totally possible with these platforms since you get to design the communications sequences for each segment, and sub-segment. Focus on the basics as to what content, tools and techniques drive re-engagement, referral and re-purchase evidenced by your measurement dashboard. I reckon that at some point it will be even hard to think of a digital campaign without some ‘programmatic’ features. It’s just a matter of time before the right marketing skills and tools to manage programmatic in-house become available and widespread.
This will deliver increased efficiency and automation in generating, nurturing and converting leads.
This is especially true for start-ups: even if your business model relies on scale and larger media budgets, you need a small-scale proof of concept that it can work. Hire new talent or upskill your team in marketing analytics – it’s not rocket science and there are plenty of courses online. Reach involves building awareness of a brand, its products and services on other websites and in offline media in order to build traffic by driving visits to different web presences like your main site, microsites or social media pages.
It's a separate stage since encouraging interactions on websites and in social media to generate leads is a big challenge for online marketers. This is long-term engagement that is, developing a long-term relationship with first-time buyers to build customer loyalty as repeat purchases using communications on your site, social presence, email and direct interactions A to boost customer lifetime value.
We hope it will help simplify your approach to reviewing the performance of your online marketing and taking actions to improve its effectiveness. This makes it difficult to know what to report; you have to identify your "critical few" Key Performance Indicators which you report on regularly to review performance and identify problems. Second, at the Convert and Engage steps stage customers may prefer to interact with customer representatives as part of the buying or customer service process. When I did the analysis to break down digital marketing into 25 activities I was surprised there were some key activities that were gaps from our other resources, e.g. I am also currently writing a book- which hopefully will be published early next year and am writing to seek your permission to include RACE within it as a marketing framework, naturally with full credits etc. Each social channel should also cross-promote the site or other channels to keep it integrate and to help your audience on their journey.
Building a large targeted list of Twitter followers will move your content and increase sales. With every new article, post and YouTube video you need to share it several times on the first day it is published.
This works well for my content marketing as most of my content is evergreen and can be sent out more than once. Jamie Oliver the Celebrity Chef is well known for sharing fun and personal content on Twitter (and Instagram) that builds his brand.
It also includes dozens of tips to create contagious content that begs to be shared and tempts people to link to your website and blog. That has certainly been my approach and not be too precious about if they have similar interests. There are no quick tips we can give here, but we can offer this structure which will step you through the decisions you need to make to work towards long-term relationships. The first step is to understand how they perceive you based on the service and experience you have provided. Of course you can target particular groups of customers with email, so they're powerful in this sense. Think about using tools such as Get Satisfaction for feedback too since it offers you progression into a feedback community and crowd-sourcing. Using this approach allows people at different levels, with different perspectives, within an organisation to see the value in an engagement or retention programme. Being useful adds an incomparable value to a consumer relationship post purchase as well as keep you front of mind. Marketing automation is a huge area and different platforms have strengths in different areas.
Instead, think of drastic discounts and greater consumer affordability, wince as you think of smartphones at hundred dollars a pair, or phone calls at a cent per minute. For its rigid approach, Apple has been penalized by the average consumer, by being thrown out of the list of the top five smartphone vendors in India. Until then, most brands will need to rely on media agencies and a few centres of digital expertise. It involves maximising reach over time to create multiple interactions using different paid, owned and earned mediaA touchpoints.
A It's about persuading site visitors or prospects take the next step, the next Action on their journey when they initially reach your site or social network presence. It involves getting your audience to take that vital next step which turns them into paying customers whether the payment is taken through online EcommerceA transactions, or offline channels.
It can be measured by repeat actions such as repeat sale and sharing content through social media.We also need to measure percentage of active customers (or email subscribers) and customer satisfaction and recommendation using other systems. To help digital marketers structure their thoughts, over the years I've created or been involved with these frameworks too - I hope you find they're useful - that's what we aim for - to make marketing life simpler and more profitable.
If you are agreeable, it would be of real added value if you could pen a few lines regarding the framework’s intention and application for small and large businesses alike.
The more you know about your customers and their desires the more personal you can make your offers.
If, for example, a customer is actually in your store, a safe assumption is that they are in a buying mood and are looking for the type of products your store is selling. So you need to harness insights A you have about this super special group of people, and what insights could you have to help you do a better job to generate more sales?
You can also use the "Watch don't ask" approach of using analytics to see what customers click on or don't click on.
For example, take the idea of customer making a second or third (repeat) purchase vs a referral of your brand to friends, both matter, both will tie to traffic to your domain and so can be tied to sale. Two reasons - you're connecting the consumer with others, and deepening their experience of subject area. Marketing automation includes analytics and intelligence gathering, automating lead generation and conversion and advanced cross-department workflow. So long as the KPIs can be tied broadly to sale (question 1) then discussions with management are much simpler and meaningful at the commercial level. Those are the sacrificial slashes that mobile companies will need to get mobilized for to capture the hearts of pampered Indian consumers. For many types of businesses, especially, Business-to-Business, this means generating leads, but it may mean finding out more about a company or its products, searching to find a product or reading a blog post. For example, marketers can firstly use traditional media to raise awareness and drive more site visitors.
This kind of location-based targeted marketing is called proximity marketing and it takes advantage of beacon technology. For the customer, repeat purchase can manifest in 'lifetime value' commercial goals as well as 'new vs returning' visitors for the marketers using in Google Analytics. The practical start point is to take a lead from B2B marketers who focus around the automation of lead generation and lead conversion, with "get lead, convert lead" being the mantra, focussing mostly on email and outbound telemarketing in its simplest sense. Imagining yourself to be a smartphone equivalent of Tata's Nano car could be one way of soothing nerves. Apple has recently taken steps to bolster its sales in India, by selling iTunes music at a discount, placing ads in prominent Indian newspapers and offering interest-free payment schemes, trade-in offers and discounted service agreements. You should define these actions as top-level goals of the funnel in analytics.Google Analytics Goals can include "Viewed product", "Added to Basket", "Registered as member" or "Signed up for an enewsletter.
He writes, “Companies exploring the benefits of mobile location-based services need to ask some hard questions first: How much do customers trust your company? You can just as easily use other counters of engagement, such as use of Facebook (usually more customer orientated) and any owned web property such as customer forums or groups. Dell, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Sony and even Microsoft could just as well bite the dust for their inflexibility.
This can be sharing of content via social media or customer reviews (strictly, part of Engage).The specific goals and dashboard need to be defined for each business as explained in our Delivering results from digital marketing guide. Chris Perez, Co-Owner of Golden Flame Hot Wings, writes, “The best business principles are timeless. A It's about engaging the audience through relevant, compelling content and clear navigation pathways so that they don't hit the back button. The bounce rates on many sites is greater than 50%, so getting the audience to act or participate is a major challenge which is why we have identified it separately. How you harness your business’s operating location towards creating an effective marketing strategy can cause a company to sink or swim. One of the best technologies for analyzing a large number of variables looking for insights is cognitive computing. For ads and messages to be relevant, firms must combine location data with insights like past behaviors, preferences, needs, and situations.

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