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How often do you use your mobile device to search for local information or to check out what’s happening on a social media site? Although there are many different means of promoting a business, real estate professionals should take advantage of SoLoMo and understand why it’s not just another short lived trend.
An acronym for Social-Local-Mobile, it combines social media, geo-targeting and mobile communication so that marketers can identify and connect with consumers even easier. This concept resulted from the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets that are being integrated with advance geo-location technology. Whether it is to read online reviews or to market a business, social networking has turned into a primary resource for businesses and consumers. If you have ever found yourself walking down the street and searching for the best restaurant nearby via a mobile device, you already know the importance of being locally recognized. Life on-the-go has become a way of life for most Americans, which is why mobile accessibility is the driving factor behind the SoLoMo concept. The combination of Social-Local-Mobile, is essential for a real estate professional to gain leads online. The emerging SoLoMo trend can be a tremendous opportunity for real estate professionals to gain exposure by positioning themselves as the local expert.
Our mission is to champion the local and mobile marketing needs of family owned small businesses and small professional practices.Our goal is to maximize the web traffic and visibility of small businesses and small professional practices through optimal web presence. Today, marketing is a relay between local, mobile and social directories and search engines. We specialize in the local and mobile marketing needs of family owned small businesses and small professional practices. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Social, Mobile, and Local shopping behaviors have become a permanent fixture in the lives of many consumers, and to date there has been little research available to truly define the impact of SoMoLo shopping on today's retail operations.
Every year, Salesforce holds their user and developer conference in downtown San Francisco, California. Chatter is Salesforce’s collaboration application for the enterprise to connect and share information securely with people at work in real-time.
With more and more reliance on being mobile is on the rise, Benioff zeroed in on why being HTML5 compliant is so important.

Benioff addressed how people today communicate especially when it comes to their opinions about a company or product.
With so much emphasis on integrating social networks to businesses, Benioff discussed social business intelligence and the acquisition of Radian6. It is a superb suggestions specially to people new to blogosphere, quick and correct information… Many thanks for sharing this 1.
Thanks for the beneficial product.I had to spend some time to look for your site nevertheless it has been worth the problems. Already being used by applications like FourSquare, geo-location provides search engines with a user’s real-time location and incorporates the information being shared on social channels to supply the best search results.
Since 71 percent of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals?, it’s no wonder why search engines incorporate the information being shared into their search results. 94 percent of smartphone owners look for local information on their phone?, with the top search results being the highest rated businesses in that area. Having the ability to research almost anything when and where you want, presents a lot of opportunity for smartphone owners as well as the businesses they are researching .Consumers rely on the information they find on their phone, which is why 73 percent of mobile searches trigger follow up actions3. 94% of all home buyers start their search online3, which is why taking advantage of the SoLoMo concept can be invaluable. As always, tell us about your experiences and what you have found to be successful in with this emerging marketing tactic by visiting us on Facebook. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. This event is called Dreamforce and attracts thousands of IT professionals as well as business units alike.
During the keynote, Benioff discussed how HTML5 is leading the market for the mobile user experience.
This will compile data from social networks and public records to put together a profile about a potential customer. He brought up an example of how unhappy consumers would use Twitter to complain about a product. While Salesforce had acquired Radian6 in March 2011, it makes sense to re-acquaint everyone with the acquisition and how Salesforce is making strides to be the leader in social networking integration. They introduced the Toyota Friend, which is basically a car that communicates with you socially about the status of the car.

In fact, one half of local searches are performed on the mobile web, while 91 percent of mobile access is for social activities?. To increase the opportunity of being mentioned during web searches, real estate professionals should always try and establish a strong social media presence and stay connected with clients and prospects. If a potential customer searches for “local real estate experts”, the first listings provided by a search engine will be for those with the best client reviews and ratings. By establishing a strong social presence and gaining exposure in your local community, search engines will be able to quickly identify your business and list you as a top search result. This year 45 k + attendees flocked to the Moscone center for the 4 day event that includes the keynote presentation, breakout sessions, expo, and a music concert, in which this year spotlights Metallica in their first corporate gig.
This is based on the fact that if you know more about your customer, the easier it is to sell. Those are certainly words to live by as we see if Salesforce and Google can live up to those words. This is why real estate professionals should build their reputation and establish themselves as a local expert.
So next time a potential client performs a search for a real estate expert in your local area, you should be expecting a call! For example, if a potential customer is into sports, you can put together a presentation that incorporates a sports theme that gets the customer excited. So essentially, instead of the customer calling the company, the company is contacting the customer.
Users can get access to any object, both standard and custom, sales information, Chatter, and any functionality that they can use in the current Salesforce web platform.
There will also be Chatter Connect API that will provide a hook for 3rd party systems, such as Sharepoint, to connect and communicate with Chatter. All these Chatter features is wrapped up and used by invited customers to Chatter Customer Groups to securely participate in conversations in Chatter. This is a great move for Salesforce and will definitely improve user experience, especially the ones on the go.

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