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Adding new tools into your social media marketing streamlines your workflow and maximizes the return on your efforts.
Here’s what top social media experts are using to get results with social media marketing today.
My favorite video integration platform at this time is Blab, especially since I can run Blab from my browser (it has better camera angles too). Blab is super-easy to use, and you can interact with three of your tribe, switching out and promoting new folks with ease. Content curation is a huge part of most social media strategies and I wholeheartedly endorse it. Sniply solves that issue by adding a non-intrusive call to action at the bottom of posts you share. Sniply is customizable with tons of theme and color options, plus the ability to add a photo to accompany your message. It also lets you track clicks and conversions through its analytics dashboard to give you the insights you need to determine if your efforts are paying off. When looking to increase traffic and leads from Pinterest, create multiple images to pin for each piece of content you create.
Make sure all of the images are in a similar style, so when the pinner converts on the offer, everything is cohesive. Alisa Meredith is the senior inbound marketing consultant and co-owner of Scalable Social Media.
The social media tactic that has moved the needle the most for me has been leveraging ClickToTweet technology to interact with my audience at a later point in the sales funnel.
ClickToTweet lets participants easily show their enthusiasm for the class while also spreading the word about it to their networks.
Instead of thinking about how social can help you get the sale, figure out how to leverage it throughout the relationship with your audience and customers to make them brand advocates for life. Amy Schmittauer is a video blogger, marketing coach and host of the Marketing Lifestyle podcast. The businesses that win in social media aren’t only those with flashy designs, sharable content and access to celebrities. When your business embraces fans through your social community, you have advocates who will support your business for life, and enable you to reach even more people. Tim Schmoyer is the author of 30 Days to a Better YouTube Channel and The Secret to Building Your YouTube Audience.
When crafting content, and in particular visual content, think about where people will go beyond the image.
Increasingly I’m focusing on landing content and the experience users get when they click through on an image from Pinterest, a call to action on a SlideShare presentation, an ad or a tweet. When someone clicks through to my landing page from Periscope, they’re greeted with a welcome and the latest featured broadcast replay, as well as additional tools and resources.
Whether you verbally announce the link (a is best) or add it to your Periscope or Instagram bio, make sure the destination welcomes readers and provides further value.
Based on Social Media Examiner’s 2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 87% of respondents’ top choice outside of social media was email. Couldn't make it to Social Media Marketing World 2016?Get all the sessions with the SMMW16 Virtual Pass.

The Actionable Marketing Guide participates in the following affiliate marketing programs to bring you great products and services. As more and more people find their way to Tumblr’s idiot-proof platform, commercial brands, service providers and news agencies are also getting in on the action.
A way for it to thrive and spread its presence across different platforms, Tumblr opened its API for the public to use. Missing e is a collection of utilities and tools all packed into a browser extension that aims to dig into Tumblr’s core to make a handful of interface tweaks, and add a few more features of its own.
While the Tumblr Dashboard’s user interface looks simple and quite intuitive by itself, Missing e made a few tweaks to improve it further.
SafeDash prevents you from seeing images you might not find offensive or of the not-safe-for-work nature by hiding them. Timestamp puts a…well, timestamp on all posts and reblogs to show you the time and date they were cast upon the Tumblr community.
Because Unfollower lists the profiles who used to follow you but have since decided to unfollow you or leave Tumblr entirely, you can use it for gain an insight to your demographic’s behavior. Providing a great way for managing followers, and can serve as a guide for mapping user engagements, Follower Checker displays a list of your followers and also reveals which of them you have followed back. In his previous incarnations, Luis Oliveros served as a tech magazine editor, a graphic artist and a tour guide.
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Get entry to any elite 'club' with our 0614 Social Media Marketing Tool Diagram Powerpoint Template Slide. We are proud to present our 0614 social media marketing tool diagram powerpoint template slide.
This page not only tells them more about what to expect from my brand, but also offers a ClickToTweet, which auto-drafts a tweet notifying me that they joined my list. Participants can easily show enthusiasm for the free live training, while spreading the word about it to their networks. These businesses truly believe that people are always the product, and their business is what allows them to continue to reach people and potentially change lives. It’s essential to prioritize calls to action, and craft not only engaging content, but also landing content, that wows readers and gives them exceptional value. This will help convert casual viewers and followers into engaged fans who look for and share your content. Email is a dominant communications channel, especially for businesses to talk to consumers as well as other businesses. As an internal media format, email gives marketers control over when and how to communicate.
Email is an entry point for marketers looking to engage their customer base and to build a relationship by sending wanted and expected information. Marketers can track a wide variety of email measurements that enable them to improve the communications’ effectiveness. Since the housefile is owned and the cost per email is very low, email is a cost-effective marketing communication. Is your house email file segmented across a variety of attributes related to your product offering, location and customer buying behavior?

Just as headlines pull readers in on social media, subject lines work to get recipients to open and read your email. Do you have sufficient resources to support improved content and graphics in your emailings or have you shifted them to your social media efforts? Email is the conduit that notifies participants of what’s happening while they’re off doing other things. And even if it’s not yet as popular as other social media sites, a large portion of its user base is made up of power users, driving its rapid growth as a blogging tool.
Because of this, users are finding ways to expand its features to achieve different goals, whether for personal use or for their brand’s online marketing. Its name obviously takes a stab at the way social media sites and Web services are named these days, while embodying the functions that are missing from Tumblr’s feature list. The enhancements Missing e has included features that will easily make blogging on the Tumblr platform even smoother.
Tagged bookmarks are displayed on the right sidebar and can be renamed for better management.
It can also possibly help you determine what you’re doing wrong so you can make proper corrections to your content or the way you post to prevent losing more followers.
When not swamped by his writing duties, he spends his time reading comic books, listening to podcasts, and staring out the night sky looking for the TARDIS.
Create visually stunning presentations and define your ideas in a unique and inspiring manner using this diagram. Therefore email can be used for special offers, last minute communications and emergencies. Unlike social media, email can contain promotions and this is often the reason customers sign up to receive them. It’s a double-edged sword since emails can generate revenue every time they’re sent as well as lose names to unsubscribes. Do you routinely check that you’re collecting new email addresses across your owned media, both online and offline?
Therefore it’s critical that the subject line contain your keyword(s) and attract the recipients’ interest.
Further, social media and email can work together to cross promote each other, cost effectively to expand your reach.
As such, it has a long list of capabilities as far as networking, branding and content distribution are concerned. One such utility that tweaks the Tumblr DNA for improved usage is the browser extension Missing e. The following are among those that both social media enthusiasts and online marketers would definitely find very useful. After all, you can never be sure what kinds of image are posted on blogs (or just about any kind of Web site really). Add its easy reblogging process and social engagement potentials, and you have a pretty powerful weapon in your online marketing arsenal.

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