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Since the tragic suicide of Charlotte Dawson earlier in the year, bullying, particularly on social media, has gained widespread media attention.
Whether it’s a misconstrued or deliberately harsh message between peers, or a public figure that displeases a large group, bullying can affect anyone. However, online bullying isn’t just a result of social media sites, it was happening by email and online messaging services for years before these sites were popular. An increasingly serious issue around online bullying is Facebook pages that bully others because they believe they’re participating in online activism and influencing decision maker’s opinions. An example of this is the Facebook page calling for the two teenage girls who attacked an aboriginal man on a Gold Coast bus to be jailed.
While, the administrators of this page and the people who have ‘liked’ it are seeking an end result, the page content and comments are an extreme case of online bullying.
The key difference between bullying on a Facebook page and peer-to-peer bullying is that when a page is dedicated to bullying, the administrators have the backing of an entire network of ‘likers’ to hide behind and encourage them.
The pack mentality associated with online bullying can be especially harmful if the targeted person or people have no means to instantly stop the bullying. Although Facebook offers a reporting option for users to report bullying and abusive content, the response from Facebook to remove the offending page or comments can take time, that’s if Facebook removes it at all.

For example, on the aforementioned Facebook page, someone wrote that they had reported the page to Facebook on Wednesday night, the following week the page was still active on Facebook.
In a particularly public online bullying case in 2012, television personality, Charlotte Dawson, was subject to bullying and death threats from a pack of Twitter followers, or ‘trolls’ as they’re now often referred to, which caused her to be admitted to hospital for severe depression and attempted suicide. Missy Higgins, another celebrity victim of online bullying, stated recently on her Facebook page, that she believes many people write things online that they would never say to a persons face because it’s easier to attack a faceless person from behind a computer. More than likely, the majority of ‘likers’ of these Facebook pages have liked the page and not interacted with it since, or never thought that the page incites bullying. Namely, it’s the administrators that post defamatory and hurtful content, which provokes thousands of people to comment negatively. A lot of media attention centres around the damaging effects of peer-to-peer teenage bullying, however, this form of large scale bullying against celebrities or adults and teenagers in the public eye is just as damaging for the victims. The handful of Facebook pages that have attributed to social change are the precedent for these pages believing their hateful comments and thousands of likes will change or influence a decision maker.
The mass bullying on some Facebook pages is disturbing and to combat online bullying as a whole, action needs to be taken to dispel the idea that bullying through social media pages equals advocacy or social action. Media psychologist Arthur Cassidy said online bullying could have a 'massive impact' on older male teenagers.'Suicide rates are particularly high amongst this demographic, so ita€™s worrying to hear that teenagers on the whole are choosing to deal with internet abuse themselves rather than speaking to parents or teachers for help,' he said.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Does footage of a 1995 Mike Tyson fight show a ‘time traveller’ using a smartphone to record the bout? Over the last few years’ countless teenagers have taken their own lives after being constantly bullied by peers online. This cycle contributes to the large scale bullying constantly happening through these pages.
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