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According to research conducted by Constant Contact, over 50% of small businesses need help with social media.
While many businesses have a social media presence, many are not engaging on those platforms and thus not meeting their goals. Build your brand by getting people to recognize your name and associate it with your product. Support sales by answering prospects’ questions and showing them how to use your products or services. Engage with your fans by giving customers a reason to talk about your brand and encourage others to purchase from you.
To help you understand their characteristics, create a set of marketing personas for the segments you want to reach. The more you know your audience, the easier it will be to engage with them on social media and get the results you’re looking for.
By clearly defining the right hot topics for your company and creating content and conversations around these topics, you’ll find it easier to get the results you want from social media. Use your existing communications such as email and in-store signage to encourage your customers to get onto social media and engage with you. Actionable marketing tip: Ensure you can track your results by using a unique promotion code or targeted landing page.
The bottom line is that your small business can successfully use social media to achieve your business objectives.
The practice of nursing should and only remain in realm of hospital and community settings.
In this article, we will examine how social media can influence the nursing profession and find ways to maintain our credibility as nurses. Social media sites or social networking sites pertains to the any web site where in people can create a personal account and get acquainted with friends and colleagues who are also registered on the same website. Bottom line is, nobody is left behind in knowing the latest news and updates if you are connected with social media. There are several advantages and disadvantages with regards to engaging oneself in social media as a professional nurse. Anne Cooper, National Clinical Lead for Nursing at the Department of Health’s Informatics Directorate, sees social media as an avenue to increase nurse-patient interaction (Ford, 2012). She calls for every nurse professionals to become role models in this new strategy of communicating with patients in order to change the view of the public that social media activities are considered inappropriate behaviour. By using LinkedIn, a website for job seekers and professionals, you can get yourself connected with other professionals around the world and the possibility of getting hired.
The downside of using social media is when the ethico-moral and legal implications are being compromised. Cynthia Saver, a nurse herself, wrote about avoiding the perils of social media and she mentioned to adhere to the standards specified by the American Nurses Association (ANA) and the rules and regulations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) (Saver, 2012).
Whatever posts or statements you made in your social networking sites, this will reflect your personality, beliefs, attitudes and even the norms that you adhere to.
The safest way to prevent this from happening is never open your laptop of computer and immediately post whatever you are feeling bad about.
The most basic step to take in protecting yourself online is to create a strong password for all your social media accounts. Use a combination of characters, small and capital letters, and numbers in making the password. We need to make the internet and social media usage to our advantage and to our patient’s advantage too. The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner.
You’ll discover the importance of failure in your work and your life, reasons you should embrace failure, and how the lessons and discoveries you make can help you succeed. Share your feedback, read the show notes and get the links mentioned in this episode below. We focus so much on success stories and what works that we often overlook the unmentioned road of failure, challenges, errors and mistakes that inevitably led to every single one of those success stories.
Social Media Examiner is my third major business venture in the last 18 years. It followed a design agency and a white paper writing consultancy, both of which were very successful and have since shut down. Listen to the show to discover how two of America’s most famous businessmen never gave up on their discoveries and why their persistence paid off. In July 2013, I launched My Kids’ Adventures, a site designed to help busy working parents discover fun activities to do with their kids. My Kids’ Adventures was designed to help busy parents discover fun activities to do with their kids.
By August 2014, I decided to shut everything down and to me it was a huge, embarrassing failure. Before we started My Kids’ Adventures, we conducted extensive market research on the blogs, books and resources available to parents and saw an opportunity to deliver detailed, non-promotional, how-to, fun activities for kids. The next step was to develop a beautiful design for the site, logo, branding and images around adventures and families. Taking a cue from businesses that are successfully using Snapchat can help you strengthen your own brand’s presence on the platform. For example, you can make your fans feel like insiders by providing content that’s not available on your other social channels. Music producer DJ Khaled has created one of the most engaging Snapchat communities with over 2 million followers, a quarter of which watch his snaps within the first 5 minutes. By providing exclusive content to your Snapchat community, you create a sense of trust and inclusivity. Social media giveaways and contests are some of the best ways to build customer loyalty, and Snapchat users love them.
Use snaps to offer insider access, promo codes or discounts with a Snapchat scavenger hunt.
With their SnapWho campaign at the Coachella music festival, Heineken snapped clues hinting about special performances at the Heineken House. The campaign provided an exclusive element to concertgoers and reached fans who weren’t at the event but enjoyed the content nonetheless. For a more sales-driven angle, you can post a 10-second snap with a special Snapchat referral code or share a daily deal with your followers. When you reward your community for following your Snapchat stories, they’re likely to spread the word to their family and friends. Before you embark on any sales offers, make sure to promote and drive users to your Snapchat account.
For all of your social accounts, you can create images that drive users to your Snapchat account.
For the Super Bowl, Mountain Dew launched a 100% fan-driven interactive Snapchat campaign called Kickstory for their new Kickstart breakfast drink.
Everlane took a different tack and asked their followers to screenshot their snap or chat with them for more information on their new shoe collection. Snapchat allows you to connect with your community and further enhance your brand’s voice and tone in a creative way. When you do, make sure the snaps you share include your brand‘s logo or signature colors.
Lilly Pulitzer, a brand known for its preppy lifestyle filled with pink and green hues, highlights these elements with Snapchat stories. Your community is filled with advocates and influencers, so tap into their power with Snapchat takeovers.
The personal feel from advocates and influencers makes your account seem less promotional and more authentic. When influencers take over your account and tell their own personal stories, their popularity enhances your brand. With over 7 billion stories viewed each day and 100 million global monthly active users, Snapchat has the highest growth rate of any social media and messaging app.
Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook make it easy to develop relationships with potential customers before you ask for a meeting. Find prospects and their companies on Twitter and see what type of content they’re posting to their accounts. Do they answer each tweet?
Many people use their Facebook profile for personal reasons, but it doesn’t hurt to check out prospective customers on the network. After researching your prospects, the next step is to make them feel comfortable with your sales team and your company. Use your social networks to tell prospects more about your company and the valuable content you can provide. Content marketing is important with this approach, so your sales team needs to be aligned with your marketing team. If the company is posting about great stuff happening, you’ll want to like and retweet their content. If prospects tweet about their business from their personal account, your company should follow them. If they feel comfortable doing so, your salespeople should follow both the company and the prospect.
Once you’ve connected with prospects, send a message introducing yourself and your company, and thank them for the connection. To start making connections on Facebook, your salespeople and your Facebook page should both like the company’s page.

Using the tips above will shorten the sales process by helping you learn more about your prospects and their companies before you ask for a sales meeting. Owen will explore how to put together a smart YouTube plan and how to monetize your YouTube videos.
You’ll discover the importance of video today, as well as the biggest mistakes marketers make with YouTube. Listen as Owen Hemsath shares what marketers need to know about planning YouTube marketing success. When Owen began making videos for his ecommerce website and started making money, he realized he could be more successful helping other business owners leverage YouTube than he could doing his own product demos.
He currently spends 60% of his time working with clients in a group setting and 40% of his time acting as manager for bigger channels that are looking to connect with brands and monetize. Owen believes that because relationships can be formed through digital communication and social media these days, the value we place on face-to-face interaction has been minimized. Video brings that face-to-face interaction to everyone, since people can use video to develop a one-way relationship with their viewers. He shares that this type of interaction can take place on YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook video, the live-streaming apps (Meerkat, Periscope and Blab), Twitter and Instagram video. Listen to the show to hear Owen’s thoughts on why people are turning to video, movie comparisons to YouTube and predictions for the future. The first thing Owen cautions against is using YouTube as a compilation channel, a holding ground for every video you’ve ever made. The second thing Owen calls out is violations of what he refers to as the 3 Ps: Platform, Purpose and People. Marketers often violate the Platform when they repurpose their non-YouTube video content (Google hangouts, Meerkat videos or portrait videos) for YouTube. Listen to the show to discover why the level of polish of a video is different for everybody. Listen to the show to hear how long a YouTube video should be, as well as Owen’s summary of a high-level strategy.
Owen believes that the point of being on YouTube is to carve out a very specific audience that you can serve through the video medium. He says that rather than trying to build a huge channel with millions of views and subscribers, marketers should create a funnel that takes viewers from their video to a clickable link that leads to an opt-in or product for sale. In this article you’ll discover how to adjust the privacy settings on your social media sites, so you share only what you want with the people you want.
Content uploaded to social media platforms is not always secure, so it’s imperative to understand how to use the privacy features your social media sites have to offer. Remember, each social media platform has its own settings, and some are more complicated than others. Just click the Limit Old Posts button and they will only be available to friends and anyone who has already interacted with the post, including liking, commenting or being tagged in it. While those are the major settings in the Privacy tab, there are a few other things you can adjust.
If you want to adjust who can tag you and who can see what content you’re tagged in, go to Timeline and Tagging. Just click on the icon to the left of Edit and to the right of each segment, and decide who can see that information: public, friends, custom or a list.
Review all sections of your profile and adjust who (public, friends, custom, list) can view it. Customize each element within your profile, so your privacy is in line with your comfort level. If you want to be completely private on Twitter, click Protect my Tweets and then approve any follower requests. Unlike Instagram, Twitter also gives the option to allow followers to see your location for each tweet. Make global changes to your privacy in Settings, which you can get to through the menu on the left. Google+ also has an unusual setting called Audience that allows you decide whom your content can reach.
Quick Response codes (QR codes) and other two-dimensional codes are expected to achieve widespread use this year – and for good reason. If you’re not yet familiar with QR codes, they’re similar to the barcodes used by retailers to track inventory and price products at the point of sale. Bar codes are linear one-dimensional codes and can only hold up to 20 numerical digits, whereas QR codes are two-dimensional (2D) matrix barcodes that can hold thousands of alphanumeric characters of information.
Any of these desired functions are easily achieved by properly creating your QR code.  It’s a simple process of entering the appropriate data into the QR code generator, described below, and it all takes just a few minutes. The ability of QR codes to connect people with each other and to multimedia digital content is very useful for businesses and consumers alike. Community – Sharing is how you build community, and one of the favorite arenas for doing this is Facebook.  You can use Likify to create a QR code that links your mobile device to a fully functioning LIKE button for your Facebook page. This greatly simplifies the process of merging your other communities with your Facebook page – and it is all accomplished in one click. Additionally, the accompanying signature “thumbs-up” clearly suggests the purpose of the code. Calls to Action – After building a community, the next logical step is to mobilize them to take action.   What are you trying to accomplish?  You can alternate special offers by simply linking your QR codes to new landing pages, and you can combine then with email opt-ins to build your list. The QR code above takes visitors to a Facebook page welcome tab where the calls to action are Liking the page and a list opt-in. Social Proof – To help build a community offline, it can be helpful to use your vibrant online communities as social proof of your influence and expertise.  As one example, you can use QR codes to link to specific blog posts that have earned an abundance of activity. Here are some ways for using QR codes that are mostly in practice now, as well as a few that I believe we will be seeing in the very near future. A QR code on a cafe in Seattle, WA links to Google Places and reviews on Yelp and around the web. I tried this myself and it works like a charm.  My only suggestion is to not rely on the link, but rather to save a copy of the image on your phone.   You don’t want to risk not being able to find a good signal when you need it most!
Google Places – When you register your local business with Google Places, you’ll receive a decal for your place of business that includes a QR code to your company website.
The Cure Starts Now Foundation – This non-profit foundation is creatively using QR codes in partnership with a local small business, and the results have been favorable for both organizations. For example, if you currently get five new leads a month, setting a goal to get 100 new leads in the next 12 months is more realistic than setting a goal to get 5,000 new leads. This helps define your social media metrics and will make effective social media marketing easier for you to do.
Think demographics, psychographics and past purchases, as well as interests and priorities.
Most purchase decisions, including consumer purchases, are made with input from more than one person. It provides an owned home base for social media interactions, while supporting building a house file and encouraging social sharing. Understand that this may not be possible, depending on your company name and similarly named organizations. After you’ve claimed your space, remember to incorporate elements of your brand into your profile.
Depending on your business, assess where you have opportunities to develop content that supports your goals. To this end, plan ahead to ensure that your time spent on social media reinforces your other business messaging and engagement and yields measureable results. What are your special tips for making social media engagement effective at driving your business’s success? And it has taken a very tremendous change in delivering messages to almost everybody in the world who has internet connection.
Contradictory to this statement is the thrust of some nursing leaders to participate in the social media arena to allow continuity of patient’s care and advancement of nurses in their profession. You upload your resume for everybody to view and review and by adding tags into your data like skills, profession, and position, the site is able to connect you to big companies and persons in the same line of work. Never let Facebook, Twitter or any social networking sites your echo walls of your negative emotions. This can be an avenue to check on with his or her condition, discharge plan activities, sharing information about health, and other related activities. But if this is impossible, keep your password in a location that you can locate easily and known only to you.
I for one can consider internet as part of my physiological needs already (sorry Maslow, but I think we need to revise the pyramid). Her topics of special interest are Psychiatric Nursing, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Critical Care, and Nursing Informatics. It’s designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing.
The most important reason to embrace failure is that it makes way for new opportunities to grow into awesome things. In Social Media Marketing Podcast 49, I was interviewed by Cliff Ravenscraft on how I launched My Kids’ Adventures.
If you listen to Social Media Marketing Podcast 97 from June 2014, you’ll hear a clip from our first episode of the Parenting Adventures podcast at the end of the show. You can use this attribute to strengthen your community ties by publishing content that shows a similar but different side to your brand. With his 24-hour Snapchat stories, he provides daily insights, otherwise known as “keys to success,” through inspirational advice and commentary on his life’s adventures.

You can track customer behavior and the effectiveness of the channel by seeing how many promo codes are used. Create a custom Facebook tab to promote your Snapchat account, or put your Snapchat name in your Twitter bio and use your QR code as your profile photo. Fans voted on what would happen next in the story by taking screenshots to indicate the level of engagement. Your Snapchat story, which is a reflection of your brand, can promote your products or offer behind-the-scenes moments, employee activities or interviews with key stakeholders. The stories feature palm trees, the design studio, model shoots at the beach and in-store events.
You’ll want to set attainable targets for how often you create a brand-centric Snapchat story. With this tactic, you give select people access to your Snapchat account and let them create stories that enhance your brand’s personality. He took fans through his day surfing in San Diego and driving up the mountains to snowboard at Big Bear. As a salesperson, you want to know everything you can about your prospects and the companies they work for. For example, you might discover that a company regularly publishes how-tos on sales and marketing or that the CEO writes articles himself. Your salespeople are on the front lines, so they know what’s important to their prospects. If they’re tweeting about personal things, you may not want to retweet them or chime in.
The more they see that you’re interested, the easier the next steps in your sales process will be. Then like and share that content with your connections. If prospects are writing and posting their own content, like and share that, too. Join the conversation and like and share the content with your friends and fans and on your company’s page.
If they are, start a conversation using the hashtag and their Twitter handle, and ask for a meeting. For instance, you may have a couple of Q&A videos with your staff, an old commercial and some home video of the company picnic. Instead they use screen captures, PowerPoint and typography to answer questions from TubeBuddy software users. Owen shares that a lot of YouTubers sell to their subscribers or a non-subscriber base through both in-display ads and pre-roll ads.
As marketers, we’re usually out there promoting our business, yet we still need to be conscious of our privacy. We’ll go through privacy settings for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
There are three places to set privacy on Facebook: the Privacy tab, and your profile and photo settings. Decide if you want to make your Facebook posts public, just shared with friends or customized. Further down on the page, choose who can send you a friend request and whether you want strict message filters in your inbox.
Also, the Blocking tab is helpful if you need to block a specific user from seeing your profile. For example, choose whether you want it publicly known that you work for a certain company, whether you want to hide your relationship status from certain groups of your friends or whether you want everyone to have to ask for your phone number. However, for albums to which photos have been added individually, you must change privacy for each image. The desktop site is stripped down to the very basics and you can’t edit the privacy of your images there. To block a particular follower, navigate to that user’s profile, hit the Settings button on the top right corner of the page and then tap Block User. Then select which items—such as reviews, +1s, photos and YouTube videos—show up on your main profile. Click Setting on the menu along the left side and then click Audience at the top of the screen. Consumers want immediate access to what’s relevant and QR codes are being used to make that possible. Their ability to hold more information and their ease of use makes them practical for small businesses. Be sure that QR code links to the most relevant information that potential customers are interested in – such as hours of operation and current specials and offers. Develop a framework to minimize content creation time by not needing to think about what you’re going to write before you craft content.
For most businesses, the easiest way to accomplish this is to answer your customers’ questions before and after purchase. Attract attention with images, since some social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are image-based. A social media plan—together with a strategic approach—will help you find the right balance. Don’t forget to get customers’ permission to use their images to ensure you don’t have issues later. All you have to do is check and align your time zone to the exact time and date of the webinar. We often forget that we are already going beyond our duties and responsibilities as health care professionals – and that is to protect our patient’s confidentiality and respect their rights as patients.
Even if you change the name of the patient, someone could read separate entries on separate sites by separate people and put together a patient’s identity.
This act can lead to serious derogatory effects including damaged reputation, tension in relationships with colleagues or an effect on the defamed person’s work or profession. But sometimes, there can be a danger if the nurse goes beyond the professional relationship and turn it into a social relationship with the patient.
They are knowledgeable of hacking through your account and steal your photos or use the information that you provided against you. The nursing profession does not limit to traditional ways, rather it goes with the changes that transpires be it socially, politically, and culturally. I would like to share what went wrong, the lessons I learned and the importance of failure to your business, marketing and life. For example, ask them to send in a selfie featuring your product or create a video on why they love your product.
Going the extra mile on Snapchat will make users feel special and included in your community.
This type of data lets you get a glimpse into the person and company you want to do business with. Share this data with your marketing team so they can develop case studies, guides, infographics, and how-to videos. Both options are 10-second ads that appear in front of the video that’s queued for viewing. You can also do a custom setting if you want your default to be shared with a previously defined list or if you want to share with everyone except a person or list. Also, determine how others can look you up, including using your personal information to find you.
If you upload photos directly into an album, click the audience indicator on the bottom right side of the album to set privacy.
Either anyone can see all of your pictures or only an approved list of followers can see your pictures. Instead, open your Instagram mobile app and navigate to the profile page by tapping the user icon on the far bottom right of the navigation menu.
You can choose a minimum age or you can make individual global settings for certain countries. If you already own the popular price-checking app Red Laser, they’ve recently adapted their technology to accommodate QR code reading. Be guided that professional relationship with patients is synonymous to therapeutic relationship. If you’re not willing to float a new idea for your company, experiment with your marketing or launch a new venture, the opportunity that sits in front of that idea will never manifest. You might make 10 videos that are all designed to build a list, and then 20 videos that are designed to get new subscribers. For albums with images uploaded individually (like profile and cover photos), you must click each image and enter the privacy setting there. Built over time, this kind of relationship can eventually benefit the patient as it aims to provide therapeutic conditions. Select Protect my Tweets if you want to approve each follower instead of allowing anyone with Internet access to read your tweets.

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