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Here are the top 10 social media blogs you should add to your regular reading list in 2016.
Buffer Social regularly addresses questions many marketers have, answering them with authoritative, in-depth articles on cutting-edge topics. Jenn’s Trends is laser-focused on Instagram, but occasionally offers tips on social media marketing strategy and tactics.
Peg Fitzpatrick combines resourceful content on a variety of social media platforms with practical advice for marketers. Rebekah Radice uses plenty of examples to support content that teaches social media marketers about topics that are important to them. Simply Measured uses a data-driven, example-rich approach to help marketers understand best practices for using social media. Socially Sorted helps marketers learn to use all things related to visual content in social media. The Social Media Hat features authoritative content that takes no shortcuts with explanations of what to do and how to do it. Unmetric uses an analytical approach to uncover and share surprising insights into social media marketing. We’ve compiled a list of our top ten articles from the recent past, each focused on a different social network. You’ll discover proven techniques to get your marketing on the fast-track to success.
Nearly five years ago Social Media Examiner® launched to help business owners learn how to best use social media, blogs and podcasts to connect with customers, drive traffic, generate awareness and increase sales. And if you’re curious, we published our very first article, Top 10 Easy Steps to Starting a Business Blog by Denise Wakeman, on October 12, 2009. We asked top social media pros to share their favorite tips for getting the most out of social media. Discover ways to save time and improve your marketing with great social media hacks and tips from the pros.
Yes, there are tools that save long-winded tweeters, but they really just add a link that takes the reader to a website, out of the stream. First, send a tweet as you normally would … but end it with an ellipsis or a cliffhanger of some kind.
Now, visitors who see the first tweet (or either of them) in your stream can see the full length of the super-long tweet by clicking the View Conversation link.
Ever look for people on LinkedIn, but the search results you see are restricted based on your membership level?

We used this social media hack and have gone from 0 to 400,000+ followers on Instagram in under a year.
It’s great because the hack works on any social media platform: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Periscope, you name it! Because our Facebook page community can be rowdy, I add words commonly used to attack another fan or our Facebook page to a list of words in the Page Moderation section of Page Settings.
When a banned word is used in a comment, the comment is hidden from the general public, but appears to the person who left it and their friends. Add troublesome words to your Page Moderation settings to help keep your Facebook page friendly. Holly Homer runs Kids Activities Blog and Quirky Momma Facebook page, and is the founder of Business 2 Blogger.
When people really want to pay attention to you, they put you above the noise by assigning you to a Twitter list. Mark Schaefer is the author of Social Media Explained, The Tao of Twitter, Born to Blog, and Return on Influence. While you can use services like Schedugram with Instagram, you have to surrender your username and password to them. Although the feature isn’t completely automated, it does allow a single person or teams to batch-create content and have it ready for scheduled posting. When trolls commented on my Facebook posts, I used to delete the comments and sometimes ban the user. When you do this, only the person who made the comment and his followers can see the comment.
I used to create a series of tweets for each of my articles and schedule them in a scheduling tool. If you’re looking for some creative examples of Facebook pages from the small guys, look no further! Our panel of Facebook experts carefully reviewed the nominees and finalists, analyzing their landing pages, engagement, reader involvement and creative use of promotions (among other things). How to Market Your Horse Business is an award-winning social media marketing company focused on horse businesses and other small businesses. Recruit Military is a military-to-civilian recruiting firm, helping veterans and transitioning military service members and military spouses find civilian jobs, buy businesses and improve their education. The Chicken Chick at Egg Carton Labels by ADozenGirlz is a retailer of chicken egg carton labels and other chicken-related products.
Legendary Whitetails is a family-owned business selling unique casual apparel, gifts and gear for whitetail hunters through their catalog and website.

Chocolate for Breakfast is the business page for Sue Ann Gleason, a culinary nutritionist and marketing strategist. A special thanks to our judges—Amy Porterfield, Andrea Vahl and Phyllis Khare (co-authors of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies) for their participation!
A panel of experts carefully reviewed the 20 finalists based on their content quality, post frequency and reader involvement. This article shares eight types of Twitter cards, how to install them and their analytics options. This article reveals special features that enable you to make the most of your LinkedIn network. This article shows the basics of navigating Google Analytics and what you need to set up now. Here’s how to create podcasts with Google Hangouts On Air and gain a live audience for your podcast.
How many of these articles have you read? If your favorite Social Media Examiner article isn’t listed, tell us about it in the comments. Here’s a hack that lets you run long, while keeping your readers right there on Twitter. Because the majority of profiles are indexed on Google, you can use the search engine to do a more comprehensive search. Basically you post each other’s content with a reference or tag to each person on an agreed-upon social media platform.
Ad blockers are diminishing returns and overwhelming information density makes it hard for our message to be heard on Facebook, Twitter, and other channels. Even small companies and agencies need to tune into people who can effectively carry a message online to an engaged audience.
Her expertise in social media comes from years of serving destination organizations and businesses in the travel and tourism industry. And thank you, to all of our readers, for spending time with us, for allowing us into your inbox and for sharing us with your friends, peers and colleagues.

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