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If you feel like you have no idea what to do on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Google + to drive a lot more traffic to your site and get a lot more sales, this is the class for you.
I have had a lot of success with Social Media Platforms in my business and it’s not hard to do.  You just need a strategy to repeat again and again and again. What’s working now because as you know, Facebook and Pinterest (especially) have evolved a LOT over the last year! I’ll walk you through what works best on your Facebook page to get seen so you’re not pulling your hair out with lonely posts.
How to use Google Plus in your marketing plan and effectively put it to use in your business. How to have your pins show up more on Pinterest searches, get those people to click through to your site and capture them as new leads. And because I’m a visual person, this class includes a PDF e-manual for you, as well as slides for our live class, complete with how-to’s for you to be able to implement what you learn when you start applying all of this great information! After this live class series, the price for this material will be $50. But only through February 2nd, this class is ONLY $35! After purchasing your registration for class, you’ll be redirected to the class info page, with instructions on how to access your class as well as other details. Want to stay current with information on how to propel your business forward using time-tested strategies? If you’re looking to build your social media presence, attract new customers and reach a new audience, this is the course for you.
Our 1-day intensive Master-class, aimed at those already using social media channels for business, explores the latest developments in social media marketing.
Alison Battisby is an experienced social media trainer, having run workshops for leading UK brands including Debenhams, River Island, Legal and General, EDF Energy and Neal’s Yard Remedies.

Looking at best practice, case studies and comparing those with your experiences and goals. Main platform updates within Facebook and Twitter for 2015, top trends and case studies and building engagement.
Leave your details and we'll keep you updated about this and future courses (we only email very occasionally).
While you may be aware of how to market via social media, you may not have a deep understanding of it.You may simply be more accustomed to marketing methods that have been around longer.
This lets people that visit your blog to share the post with their friends who might be interested. Social media sites have altered how we communicate, but it has not changed the need for professionalism. Social media marketing is similar to other marketing methods; however, it still offers its own set of pros and cons. You need to know how to track your efforts, see what’s working, see what’s not, and make changes where needed to get people to your site, and make sales.
You can as long as you include this complete statement: Marketing consultant and coach Natalie Bradley publishes her weekly e-newsletter to teach you how to attract more clients, do what you love and have more fun doing it! You will learn the latest strategies, tools and techniques, including a review of social media platforms, how to build your social presence, fresh case studies and key measurement techniques. Alison has worked in social media for nearly seven years, after helping Tesco to launch their Facebook Page in the UK. It’s a stunning conference centre where delegates can enjoy presentations and a hot lunch in a secure, self-contained suite of rooms. This will exponentially increase the number of potential visitors to your website, which means more visitors who will be interested in what you have to offer.

When a person starts following someone on a social network, it is common for these sites to inform their friends that they have done so. If you waste time and money chasing hot social trends, only to switch to the next latest technique, your efforts will leave you with several dead ends. You should come up with lists of consumers to target, and hope they will follow your updates too. You will like the amount of attention you will get, as well as gaining happy readers from the informative content.
Tags appear after the symbol # and allow you to have your updates to show up in feeds of users who have subscribed to a certain group.
Contests can direct some of incorporating this feeling into your brand and provoke excitement about your page.
Start implementing these hints and tips into your plan for social media marketing to see how lucrative and successful these strategies can be. Contests are also good ways to emphasize your latest products and attract customer interest. You will be able to not only speak about your products, though it may be more helpful to think of social media sites as a place for customer relations. Avoid sharing pointless quizzes and surveys about irrelevant topics that will only distract or annoy your customers.

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