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Take a breath and know that it can be embraced and used in your marketing in small, slow steps!
For sheer mass and constant engagement and interaction, there is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest and others. People rely more and more on their computers and even more on their mobile devices to search for information and make their purchasing decisions.
InSight Marketing Solutions is a full-service marketing company, providing consulting services from planning to completion. We are a digital marketing company who specializes in website design, website hosting and online marketing so you don’t have to! We are always here to help!  We will have provided you with the tools necessary to take over your online presence, but should you need help, you know whom to call.
If you need help with your monthly social media marketing campaign, give me a call or send us a message today! Social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. In today’s competitive business world, every company needs to strive to reach the heights of its potential. When businesses start marketing their business on the various social media networks, they hope to see an impressive ROI (return on investment). If you want to cultivate a community, you would not find a better place than social media for that purpose. As far as the old marketing adage goes, it takes 6 to 8 months of exposure for a product to get purchased by the customers. For consultants, coaches, speakers, authors, and such service based businesses can benefit greatly from social media. When done properly, social media marketing can significantly increase traffic to your website. In order to understand the fluctuations of traffic to your website, you may install the traffic monitoring service called Google Analytics. Skeptics often doubt the usefulness of social media marketing, but you must know that social media is not a fad and this is not something that will go away. A lot of people that are new to social networking will wonder if there any real benefits of marketing through this medium. Behind every bit of social media marketing, there lies the same amount of work required for copy writing.
Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who would like to promote your small business and significantly increase your exposure and get leads and customers through social media channels? During our fast track course, we will cover such crucial areas as effective blogging, the fundamentals of SEO, social networking, microblogging, video marketing and much more. I have recently presented a  successful webinar on Social Media Marketing for small businesses & entrepreneurs for Warwick Business School.
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3) Additionally we may provide 2 more content posts weekly into the leading SMM Site(s) like FaceBook, LinkedIn or tumblr.
February 22, 2012 by Melonie Dodaro Comments Are you looking for ways to grow your chiropractic practice? Many savvy chiropractors are seeing the benefits that social media can bring to their practice and have started “going social” with their business. Although it’s free to setup a profile on various social networks, it’s crucial that you invest enough to establish a professional, customized presence and a consistent branded image. Have you tried running an ad in the newspaper, waiting for it to come out and then hoping people buy the newspaper and read it? You can quickly identify your ideal client by doing a little homework and a couple online searches. Certain social media tools allow you to quickly monitor people’s perception of your chiropractic practice (and your competitors).
You are now able to find out what people think about you, your competitors and your industry without any barriers. With online search tools, you can quickly identify people of influence among the social media communities you join. Once people begin to recognize you online, you too can build your reputation and establish yourself as an influential expert in your community.
Below are three chiropractors that have been successful in using social media to promote and build their practice.
Based at Greensboro, NC, Alternative Health Clinic launched its new Facebook page in November 9, 2011. Michael suggests his fellow chiropractors set up two Twitter accounts: one personal and another for their chiropractic clinic so they can use their personal accounts for other topics.
Michael finds Twitter a great help in creating his articles for Planet Chiropractic—usually by following Twitter hashtags like #anklesprains or by tweeting questions on topics of interest.

Jason didn’t put a dollar figure on how much ROI he got from his use of social media, and that is understandable—it is not easy to measure money generated by mindshare. Social media is an incredible tool in positioning you as the “Go-To Expert” when someone is suffering and in need of a chiropractor. Today, the preferred method of finding trusted referrals is people seeking out recommendations from their friends and family on Twitter and Facebook.
Social Media Marketing You’ve probably heard all the reasons your business needs social media.
Social Media Strategy Social media is a wonderful tool is for attracting more leads, customers and sales for your business. LinkedIn Marketing LinkedIn is #1 business network and an absolute must if you are an entrepreneur, professional or sales person. Unlike your company’s website that has a secure way to get into the “back end” and make changes, a social media site allows users to take some control.
It’s important to know about these sites, monitor the reviews and respond when you can identify the person.
This includes strategic marketing plans, social media and website integration, search engine optimization SEO, Blogs, email marketing, branding, customer retention and referral, advertising, promotional items, events, public relations, community outreach and fundraising. With over 26 years of marketing and sales experience, InSight Marketing Solutions provides marketing consulting services, including strategic marketing plans, social media and website integration, SEO, Blogs, email marketing, branding, customer retention and referral, advertising, promotional items, events, public relations and fundraising. Various marketing methods are being introduced for promoting the business and its products or services. With social media marketing, you have the option of deciding how you want to present your business to the world. Once you have your own community, it would become a lot easier for your followers to reach you. When you have a substantial social media fan base, it will create the snowball effect that will attract new clients, customers, joint venture partnerships, media interviews, and other type of opportunities. Whenever you share videos, blog posts, or some other content from your website on your social media profile, viewers will get curious and out of that curiosity, they will check out your website. Even if social media marketing is not your biggest priority, if you keep at it, your efforts will not go futile. After all, the visible effort that goes into writing a Facebook post or sending a tweet seems minimal. Most companies can pitch a new image of themselves within weeks with the help of the content they post. However, this can be fixed relatively easily, without having to spend a lot of money in the process. There is little risk for that on social media, where the conversation regarding new products and services can be kick started in a matter of days. It is much easier to do virtually, since social media can reach out to thousands of people at once. The benefits of marketing through the medium come to life when information regarding the current interest of the target market is delivered without much effort. These interactive one-to-one or team sessions can be run on request at the place and time convenient for you face-to-face or via Skype. If you’re ready to pay please email us we’ll provide you desired e-mail to send money! In this article you will discover how you can use social media to grow your practice, how to create an effective strategy and how other chiropractors use social media to get results.
These forms of more traditional chiropractic advertising (such as print ads, radio, television, tradeshows, health fairs) are becoming less and less effective. One quick method is to do a search for keywords or hashtags on Twitter to see conversations happening in real-time on the corresponding topic. If you build online relationships with these people, and they find you trustworthy, they can bring referrals and prospects to your practice by promoting you to their many followers. The more you are perceived as knowledgeable and credible, the more people will seek out your chiropractic services and you will quickly be perceived as the leading authority. Objectives – As a chiropractor, your main objective can be to increase the number of clients and referrals you have after going social. Measurement – This video from Socialnomics shows the many ways people measure social media’s return on investment (ROI). This wellness center chose Facebook as one of the tools they will use to implement their tactic of increasing patient engagement by reaching out to them online.  Dr. This is a great example of using microblogging services to spark creativity for useful blog articles that are of interest to his audience.
If I have a 5 minute gap between appointments, I’ll scan recent twitter posts to see if there’s anything I would like to respond to, or I’ll post a link to an interesting health article that I’ve read that day. Treat your customers exceptionally well, deliver a great product and make it easy for people to talk about your practice. It is also a wonderful medium to educate people on the benefits and many uses of chiropractic treatment. It is a great marketing tool for keeping your “brand” in front of existing Customers, for retention, and being in front of potential new Customers. Because that’s where the customers of all ages are spending their time and getting their information.

InSight Marketing Solutions works with businesses of all sizes nationally, regionally and in the Hampton Roads cities of Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Newport News and Hampton.
While you’re running your business, InSight Marketing Solutions will help market your business.
However, it is important to understand that social media marketing or any type of Internet marketing does not work like that. Likewise, once they become a part of your community, you get to have direct access to them. It is a lot similar to how it is in real life; a crowd gathers around something that some people started checking out in the first place.
Once they are on your website’s page, you will get the opportunity of inspiring your visitors. This allows for a constant flow of feedback and the brand building can be adjusted accordingly. Customers look forward to these conversations and their enthusiasm brings in a great deal of potential business as well.
It eases the pressure on having to reach out in the real world and garners a larger base of potential customers.
Maybe you have a personal Facebook account and have already started trying to promote your practice using social media.
A major flaw of previous chiropractic advertising methods is that they were typically untargeted and too broad of an audience. You want to concentrate your efforts on those who are likely to visit a chiropractor and those who would refer a chiropractor to their friends and family.
Becoming known as the leading authority in chiropractic health care in your local community is another goal that will eventually grow your practice. If your objective is to be known as the leading chiropractor in the city then your plan should include having a blog on your website where you post helpful resources such as articles, videos and case studies. Your investment is the time you spend on doing social media or the money used in hiring an employee or outsourced expert to do the work for you.
Jeff Lissenden, owner of Alternative Health Clinic, said their Facebook page will offer useful content—chiropractic info, notices, tips, photos, videos and blog postings. Though it hasn’t been long since this type of marketing was introduced, the business world is catching up quite fast.
It is a time consuming process and results may not be as obvious as sudden growth in revenue generation.
This way you would get to know about whatever challenges they are facing and also what they have to say about your products – both good and bad.
In order to be effective on social media, you would need to share interesting content, answer fan’s and follower’s questions, and serve the audience.
People become curious about what the fuss is about and this curiosity leads them to become a part of it. Companies can easily show their position on an issue through a few posts and get the goodwill of the people. Social media tools have search functions that allow you to search for your ideal chiropractic clients.
You can then use social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to post links to these valuable resources.  Your plan may also include inviting your readers to ask questions on your blog or social sites so you can answer them—your readers may turn out to be ideal clients so interacting with them is key. If your objective is to increase your number of clients, then you can measure ROI as the amount of new clients and referrals gained as a result of social media in your chiropractic business. Through Twitter we are able to stay in the daily consciousness of many people that live in our neighborhood. Simply put, social media marketing is the marketing technique that uses the various types of social media networks. With the help of social media, it would be possible for you to engage in social interaction, which is much more valuable that any type of paid market research. Twitter, for example, allows you to monitor topics using keywords and #hashtags—try putting “back pain” or “chiropractor” in the search box to see what comes up. Your blog may even lead to you writing a book once you’ve accumulated a significant amount of content.
This keeps an online connection with your offline audience and gives you a platform to promote a book, upcoming seminars and events online.
Such social media networks may include sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkdIn, Pinterest and so on. Ideal clients can be those currently suffering in pain and also those who suffer a car accident or sporting accident. Becoming an author instantly positions you as an industry leader, far above your local competitors. You can see when people talk about those kinds of things online and invite them in for a complimentary assessment. These people are your target market for your social media marketing campaign—follow them on Twitter, befriend them on Facebook, point them to helpful videos on your YouTube page, useful news and articles on your website.

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