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Social media such as blogs, Twitter, social networks, content sharing and far more give customers a voice and organizations a powerful tool for value creation and competitive differentiation. Advanced Human Technologies has extensive experience helping organizations to understand social media, build effective strategies, and implement these to create value. Download our Social Media Strategy Framework to gain insights into the key steps in building an effective social media strategy. We use our Social Media Strategy Framework primarily to help our clients who are early in the process of engaging with social media to understand what is required to create a social media strategy. Social media strategy is unique to every organization, so in consulting engagements we always use the approach that is most relevant to the client’s issues and situation.
We are looking for exceptionally talented people in Sydney (and globally) to help create the future of work! Are you an experienced videographer or do you absolutely hate seeing and hearing yourself on screen?

Companies large and small are turning away from more traditional marketing channels and towards social media. This is great, because it further demonstrates that social media is a smart place for you to be, but it also shows that social media is becoming a crowded place, where it’s getting more difficult to get your message seen. One way to do this is to identify who you are trying to reach and match them with a market. To deal with these issues, you need to take a strategic approach to social media marketing to ensure that your efforts are worth their time. These allow you to schedule content on multiple social networks as well as monitor your profiles for you when you’re not around so you can see who is talking about you or posting about you at all hours.
Outside of simply using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more, what special skills do you have? Rather than having such a general goal, consider setting more specific goals tied to your business.

For example, set the goal of having a certain number of people clicking the link to your website or set the goal of have x number of followers from your home town, which means they could actually go to your brick and mortar business. It’s important to follow specific network guidelines and best practices to better identify what networks you should be marketing on. For example, maybe you’re a whiz in photoshop–use powerful images to help your social media marketing strategy.

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