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Rick Burnes leads the content production team at HubSpot, a marketing software firm that produces the Inbound Marketing Blog and Inbound Marketing University. How do you turn a regional service business into an international destination for industry thought leadership?
In a business driven by relationships, Geoff says that Facebook allows him to build new ones. As he builds these relationships using social media, Geoff is also expanding his company's reach. As a manufacturer of prefabricated steel buildings, SteelMaster was initially hesitant to get involved in social media. Perhaps more importantly, SteelMaster found that social networks like Twitter and Facebook gives it exposure to and create demand in specific verticals where it previously had little traction. Idea Paint is a Boston-area startup that sells paint that turns surfaces into dry-erase boards.
The company blog, where employees publish videos, images and stories of product installations, is the hub of Idea Paint's social media activity. Marcus Wilson, Idea Paint's head of marketing, says this system gives the company a level of customer intimacy and global reach and that was unheard of 10 years ago.
One year ago, the marketing team at Neenah Paper, a manufacturer of high-quality paper products, confronted a growing problem: It was becoming harder and harder to reach new potential customers.
Jamie Saunders, Neenah's marketing communications manager, noted that most of the company's potential customers — designers, graphic artists and printers — were spending their time in front of their computers, and that social media could be a way to better engage them. Jamie says these sales reps are finding that social media is simply a more effective way of engaging with their prospects.
In November 2008, a handful of auto executives flew their private planes to Washington, DC to testify before Congress in support of federal aid for their industry.
At that time, aircraft maintenance and support company Duncan Aviation had just started using social media. Beth Humble, now Duncan's social media lead, explains that while social media is an important part of Duncan's strategy, the company doesn't aspire to create a Comcast- or Coke-like presence on the social web. It’s a pretty neat thing to see ideas that you start begin trending in the marketplace. With a Design Philosophy of Water as Art, Legendary Escapes Swimming Pools have become an art form. The Freedom Skater.” October 4th, 2010 marks the beginning of Austin’s 3000 mile skate across America carrying an American flag. Hello, I’m Tom Harris, Speaker, Author, Storyteller, Motivator, Marketing Coach, Business Consultant, Cat and Dog Lover, Singer, Entrepreneur, Book Addict, Student of Nearly Everything, Explainer of Complexities, and Creator of Cool New Ideas. Kathleens-Cookies bakes and packages her secret recipe cookies and ships them around the country. During the past year, the social media world saw a variety of well-executed ad campaigns, but these 12 standouts, from companies including Coca-Cola, IKEA, Mercedes-Benz and McDonald's, are the cream of the crop, according to social media experts. During the summer of 2014, it seemed like everyone dowsed themselves, or someone else, with ice water and posted video of it online. Coca-Cola's Share a Coke campaign started in Australia in 2011 and expanded to more than 50 countries before going viral in the United States during the summer of 2014. IKEA's "bookbook" video showcases the "interface" and "tactile feel" of its printed 2015 catalog, as part of a parody of Apple ads. During the fall of 2014, Mercedes-Benz created a first-of-its-kind ad campaign using Facebook and Instagram together to promote its first compact SUV, the GLA. One way to get social media love is to give away free products, and that's exactly what McDonald's did during the 2015 Super Bowl.
Newcastle's summer 2014 "Follow The Money" Twitter campaign was "audacious" in that the beer brewer offered to pay one dollar to anyone who followed them, according to Lily Croll, senior search strategist, Wire Stone."The campaign turned a situation that many brands face a€” trying to build up a larger social readership a€” into something transparent," she says. Virgin America frequently posts short, quirky Facebook videos of the airline's "official pet liaison," a Pomeranian named Boo. Social media has become a significant marketing function for many companies over the past few years. It has proven to be a great way to nurture online communities, learn about your customers, stay in touch with what’s cutting edge in your industry, and as a great inbound marketing tool.
But like most things in life, there’s always a little room for improvement.  After reading some great articles on amazing social media facts, figures and statistics for 2013 (you can view the infographic at the bottom of the page), I started to think about all the little ways that companies can revamp their social media strategies based on these statistics.

A few tweaks and minor adjustments here and there could help you more easily meet your goals and improve your social media presence. It can be hard to do when you’re managing several social media channels, but this is information that is definitely worth knowing.
Social media isn’t something that just young kids are up to any more.  More adults are joining the social sphere, so if you’re targeting an older demographic, you may want to consider ramping up your digital strategy.
I once heard a great story about how a mobile carrier found and gained a new customer over a negative tweet about a different carrier. It should be no surprise that people like visuals, so when it’s applicable use this to your advantage.  If someone on your team knows how to use Photoshop, edit and incorporate original imagery into as many of your posts as you can.
Hopefully you’ve found these tips helpful enough that you can start incorporating them into your social media strategy today! If you have any more suggestions on simple things that can be done to improve social media presence please comment below. For more helpful blogs, and to learn more about what’s happening at Venture Accelerator Partners, subscribe to our monthly newsletter. Viviana Gallant: In previous roles at Innovate Burlington and Scotiabank, Viviana developed an expert understanding of social media platforms and gained a wealth of experience consulting for startups and small businesses across Southwestern Ontario.
Tip #1 –Successful companies are using programs like Web Intent, an interactive Twitter application that allows followers to respond to tweets in real-time without ever leaving the site or having to open a separate window.  Basically programs like this encourage online dialogue and make it easy for site guests to show their affiliation to the site. He says it was his blog, his Twitter feed, and his Facebook account that helped him win appearances on Horse Talk Radio and
Geoff says that over the last year, Facebook alone has generated about 100 leads and 10-to-15 customers. Chicken farmers and woodworkers don't typically think to use steel buildings, but when friends and colleagues share pictures of their SteelMaster buildings on Twitter and Facebook, the farmers and woodworkers become interested. The company uses Twitter and Facebook to share content published on the blog — then to listen to, respond to, and interact with the community that content engages.
Social media is now one of Idea Paint's largest sources of leads and traffic — and it is growing steadily. Their traditional channels — phone conversations and in-person meetings — were not working as well. While the experiment started with Neenah's marketing team, its sales team was one of the biggest beneficiaries. This perception of corporate excess created an outcry, and the private aviation industry's image was damaged. The company discovered that the new medium could be a way to positively shape the conversation — to add its perspective and improve the industry's damaged reputation. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Someone on the radio was talking about all things social media, and one of my connections seriously thought it was my voice, until she was reintroduced again. The pools that are designed and built by Legendary Escapes Pool Scapes LLC offer homeowners a place to escape from reality. I am Betsy Rackliffe, the smiling eclectic designer of openDesign, an interior design firm I am a friend, a professional, and an admirer of art. Tom Hill: My primary focus in life is to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Have you ever tried to do a thank you gift that was personal, thoughtful, easily shipped, classy, and appreciated when it got to the person you’d like to thank, that was well within your budget? The show apparently was not profitable because it catered to an older audience, and advertisers generally want to reach younger viewers.
On Instagram, the automaker posted photos with the hashtag #thingsorganizedneatly to show neatly organized items in the GLA's cargo area. The company tweeted about each TV ad that was shown during the big game, and encouraged followers to retweet its posts for a chance to win every product that was advertised. One day later, the company "blacked out" its Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr pages with a post that promoted the hashtag #onlyintheapp.
Under Armour's campaign "empowered women of all shapes and sizes to get moving and not let anyone hold them back," he says.The campaign spotlights the potential power of using real-life success stories to inspire consumers and strengthen a brand's message. The dog has more than 16 million Facebook followers and is the inspiration for two books and a stuffed animal.Virgin America's "adorable and crafty" Facebook campaign features images and video of Boo inside airplanes and around airports, and it helped the company earn more than a million Likes, according theMIX agency's Camones.

You may be surprised to learn that Twitter’s fastest growing demographic is 55 – 64 year olds! Recognizing an opportunity, they tweeted the annoyed customer their sympathy in a funny way, and assumingly happy to have had their concerns heard, the client soon switched providers. We’ve all received emails and letters from companies that seem personalized but really aren’t. While this should never be tagged along to the back of every single tweet, there’s no harm in doing it every once in a while when you have something really exciting happening. Learn how to deliver a good user experience, how to set up an effective site and what features you need to capture lead information.
Campbell Copywriting Solutions have experience with implementing marketing strategies that work.  If you need help standing out from the crowd, getting your message heard, and creating your own social media success stories, contact us today. First, they found that Facebook is an excellent way to post pictures of customers' steel buildings. Meanwhile, the company's Twitter and Facebook reach grew 70% in Q1 2010, and is expected to grow an order of magnitude in Q2. He plans to stop to inspire countless students to pursue their dreams and live without fear.
I am a life-partner, a home maker, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a niece, and a granddaughter. I do this by focusing on three areas: Coaching, writing (books, articles and news-letters ) and public speaking. Lou Gehrig's disease) started the "Ice Bucket Challenge" to raise awareness of the ailment.
The company also collaborated with photographers and fans to create a new Instagram theme, #GLAPacked, and asked the question, "What would you pack in your GLA?"Mercedes's Facebook ads showed off the car's design and linked to a GLA-specific Web page. The campaign kept the chain's core product in the social media conversation and received mainstream press attention, according to Croll.A decision on the proposed emoji is expected in mid-2015. If you miss that window, engagement is likely to decrease and your post won’t have reached its full potential impact. Not all acts of engagement will help you acquire a new customer, but it’s important to remember that social media isn’t about you. Designing a particular hashtag for your location, event, or business can be really beneficial as it can make for an easy way to moderate a conversation and see what people are saying. Not only do the pictures engage existing customers — they also demonstrate to prospective customers the range of uses for SteelMaster buildings. These were the stuff of successful social media campaigns from major brands and organizations since the summer of 2014, as selected by the group of social media experts we queried.The following campaigns succeeded on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and other sites because of the fresh thinking and, in some cases, big money and audacious spirit that created them.
The idea quickly gained so much momentum that the ALS Association made it an official charity effort.
The campaign helped the series get picked up for a fourth season, by Netflix, in November 2014."You might expect this sort of online petitioning from a younger demographic," Balinas says.
Taco Bell said that within the 24 hours following the app's launch, 75 percent of its stores processed a mobile order.Francesco Gallo, social media community manager at AppDynamics asks, "How many social media experts would tell you to delete every single one of your tweets and go dark on social media?"If you stay traditional, you'll never be unique," Gallo says.
So by trying your best to determine when your audience is logging in, your posts are going to increase in visibility and engagement. The majority of LinkedIn users are also in the 44 – 54 year old range, with the 55 – 64 year olds trailing right behind.
A good hashtag will have medium competition, meaning it’s something that will be used by others, but not viral to the point where your messages will get lost in the clutter. Without further ado, here are 12 of the most successful social media initiatives of the past year, in alphabetical order. Create an identity for your company that surpasses a daily update or tweet, and find out what others are up to.
Thanks in no small part to a lot of celebrity involvement, the campaign achieved pure viral "magic," according to Koehler.

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