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Social Media Training provide professional Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn and Blog training that are delivered on your premises and bespoke to your organisation. Social Media Training Solutions Ltd are unique in our approach and delivery of bespoke social media training.
All our training is bespoke to clients, their sector, audience, the products or services they provide and the competitors they face. Our social media training is delivered on your premises with huge advantages to your organisation. Our YouTube training courses teach you how to make the most of YouTube for marketing for your organisation.
Our YouTube Training Course teaches you have to make the most of this immensely popular website as a tool for internet marketing. This course will show you a vast array of tips, tricks and expert methods for ensuring that your company is visible on YouTube – and beyond with a host of shared details about the value of YouTube outside of the site itself. Delegates will come away from the course with all the skills they need to brand a YouTube profile, use annotations, bulletins and promote your YouTube channel to other social media platforms. Our Pinterest training courses teach you how to make the most of Pinterest for marketing for your organisation.
In January 2012, Pinterest became the fastest website in history to break the 10 million unique visitor mark. In the UK it has established itself as the newcomer to which brands are flocking to be seen on.
It offers an appeal that has seen it become the latest social media network of choice for companies in all sectors.
In our own research Pinterest was shown to be delivering traffic to websites up to 10 times longer than Facebook and Twitter. Social Media Training UK provide a comprehensive and tailored Pinterest training course to demonstrate how your company could be using Pinterest to its advantage. Our course is tailored to suit all levels of IT literacy (though it is generally preferable if delegates are proficient in the use of a computer and and have experience of using the internet) and imparts the building blocks for you to drive a Pinterest strategy forward through our training. The Media Marketing Company is running digital marketing training seminars for anyone who knows they should be using social media, but who is worried they’re not doing it properly.
Offering a practical, hands-on approach to learning, you’ll leave with increased skill and confidence, plus a step-by-step plan of how to get the results you need. Claire Burdett is a seasoned marketing professional and one of the top social media marketing experts worldwide. The Media Marketing Company delivers a lightening-fast social media marketing campaign to raise awareness for a new festival in Berkshire.
Claire trained me to use a wide variety of social media from the usual Facebook and Twitter to online papers and social marketing tools. The figure puts the UK in second place in terms of how many of its citizens make up the total Twitter population, with North America leading the list with almost exactly half of all accounts on Twitter. Whilst the fact that Twitter continues to prove so popular on our shores will come as no surprise, its the sheer volume of users that flock to the micro-blogging social media network that we can't help but be impressed by.
Even stalwart Facebook users have started to appreciate the unique platform that Twitter offers and individuals are joined by the ever increasing number of businesses, commercial and non-profit organisations that now seek to reap the marketing and visibility benefits that Twitter delivers.

The full list of countries reveals that the USA and UK dominate Twitter, accounting for almost 70% of its users.
As a burgeoning economy and a country with a total population of 3 times that of the UK, there is little doubt that in time Brazil will usurp the United Kingdom in use of Twitter (but don't hold your breath, it could be 3-5 years or more).
The success of many is often tempered by the failure of others, though it is increasingly apparent that many organisations that join the platform see it as a 'quick fix' solution and adopt a far too 'broadcast only' stance, with very obvious and off-putting sales related content dominating their contributions. The traditional methods of marketing are often applied on Twitter by newcomers with an unfortunate amount of naivity in respect of how astute their audience is - not to mention the fact that very few actually manage to connect with their market due to a lack of understanding of Twitter.
Nonetheless, it's good to see the UK continues to take Twitter to its heart and explore its potential as a communicator of news, builder of relationships and outstanding platform for increased visibility. Reports from various sources over the last few days suggest that Facebook is close to revealing a "Reply" function for Timeline posts. Unlike many rumours that surround the social media giant, this suggestion seems to carry substantial weight through a quote from a Facebook representative given to the online technology site, Mashable. At the moment, you can "Comment" on the top most status update in a thread, but not to subsequent posts directly. This often leads to people referencing comments from others, seperated by a tranche of other users feedback, and confusion over who is saying what to who! Users have learned to manage threads of this type a little more cleanly by referencing the person they intended their comment for in Twitter style (i.e.
Brand administrators on Facebook will almost certainly welcome this introduction as it also gives a perceived connection to an individual and the personal touch that can sometimes be lost.
Users of the FaceTab Pro application already know what this will mean - lots of annoying little noises in the course of your day and an urge to turn the volume down on your computer! Nonetheless, the Reply function would be a welcome development and from what we're hearing it'll be arriving very soon (possibly imminently). Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Social media marketing is a type of internet marketing that applies different social media network strategies to attain marketing communication and branding objectives. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
As President of SugarSpun Marketing, she's made a career out of helping clients connect with consumers.
Plus she serves as Adjunct Professor for Rutgers University's online Social Media Mini MBA program, and is the author of three books, including "Pinterest Marketing: An Hour a Day".
Her Social Media course will expand your reach, and amplify your message, with measurable ROI. Social media has become an unrivalled platform for businesses to engage with their target audience and get unparalleled insights into their behaviour and influence buying decisions.
Market Motive's social media marketing course will train you on various social media tools & techniques – social sharing, blogging, online reputation management and social media analytics.
The Social Media training course is designed to impart in-depth knowledge and understanding of the various facets of social media marketing. We redesigned our company’s website using the practices I learned … We’re already having increased success with on-site engagement.

I would say this program fast tracks your ability to strategically use social media to build brands. Many of our faculty are authors, and materials may reflect the content of their publications; thus, being familiar with their published work may be an asset, but is not at all required. Self-paced members probably spend a total of 25-35 hours to complete a single Certification course. Coached Master Certification is a structured 90 day course, and the weekly exercises are mandatory. But if you have a desire to learn, take the time to watch the video lessons carefully, take good notes, and rewatch videos when necessary to assure you're absorbing the materials, you'll do well. Whatever your current level of skill, Claire Burdett* (our MD and founder) is a digital marketing ninja who will expertly lead you through the maze of social media. These are being hosted by Goringe Accountants in Reading in Berkshire and will include a buffet lunch. She frequently gives talks on using social media for business and on how to leverage digital and social media as part of an integrated PR and marketing campaign. She knows how to make circles of goodness to connect to interesting people, groups and conversations. She has an in-depth knowledge of all the online programmes and tools and interweaves them in a way that makes them support each other.
It will cover in depth about paid, owned and earned social media and covers marketing strategies for all popular social media channels like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest etc.
The social media certification course would be greatly beneficial to professionals who are looking forward to building a career in social media marketing, social media consulting, public relations, brand management, copywriting, blogging and online reputation management.
Courses also include downloadable Student Workbooks, section quizzes, suggested exercises, and sample projects available as supplemental learning material.
The real value is in learning new skills, and the opportunities that provides for improved results, and new prospects. Our Certification Courses are recognized as exam preparatory by OMCP®, the industry leading certifying body.
The number of video hours vary by course, and you'll want to watch, pause, and review some videos once or twice. Since they study at their own speed as their schedule allows, how long that takes depends on how many hours you've got to dedicate to your studies each day or week. Students will also have access to 8 live webinars each month, covering a variety of trending topics in online marketing. Only the very best training courses that meet their stringent requirements earn that honor.
Add to that the time to take quizzes, and any extra real-world application you want to do to test what you're learning, and you'll be pretty busy.

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