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Social Media Training Solutions Ltd provide bespoke Twitter training, LinkedIn training, Facebook training and more to businesses.
The Open Championship, Siemens, London Assembly, SPAR Stores, Autoglym, AstraZeneca, British Safety Council, Royal Veterinary College, borough councils and many more. For small and medium sized enterprises, we recommend that your social media journey starts with our Social Media Essentials bespoke training.
In addition to tailored training solutions for private sector organisations, we offer a full public sector training service. We provide social media days for customer service teams, custom to your organisation, audience, sector and requirements.
Our bespoke social media training is chosen by some of the world's biggest brands for corporate training tailored to your needs. Our clients range from small businesses to national retail chains, public sector bodies, hotel groups, oil companies and global conglomerates. Learn how to harness the power of Twitter to build brand awareness, drive sales and promote your company. We teach you how to engage with new and existing customers, attract the colossal Facebook membership to your brand and products and get your news and company services promoted clearly, consistently and attractively. Pinterest has taken the social media world by storm, growing at an unprecedented rate with an exceptional reputation for delivering traffic to brand sites for longer than most other social media platforms. As the mobile phone becomes the dominant communications mechanism, more and more consumers are connecting with each other through one or more specialist messaging applications.
Finally, we take a look at the latest tools that will help you manage your social media needs effectively. Any marketer, business owner or executive who is already familiar with the principles and practice of Social Media Marketing but needs an update on the latest developments in the medium.
This entry was posted in 2016, online training, Social Media, Social Media Courses, Social Media Training, Social Media Training Courses and tagged marketing strategies, influencer, requirements, businesses, friends on April 26, 2016 by Michael Carney. Too many brands simply ignore what’s being said to them, with entirely predictable results. Only 10% of what you talk about in social media should be yourself and your own products or services.
Justine Sacco, head of public relations for UK media giant IAC, flew towards Africa in December 2013, blissfully unaware of the uproar caused by her final tweet before boarding her 12-hour flight. Even though Ms Sacco had a mere 200 followers, the tweet went viral even while she was flying. On the other hand, posting to a consumer audience via Facebook should be less frequent, because posts are likely to linger more there. This entry was posted in Social Media Courses, Social Media Training, Social Media Training Courses and tagged network, place, form, Facebook page, reality on May 14, 2014 by Michael Carney. Because Social Media never stands still, we’ve developed a brand new course that has as its focus the very latest developments in the medium. This is a seven-part eCourse providing a comprehensive update of the latest developments in the Social Media world, both locally and internationally. This eCourse is conducted on a web-based e-learning software platform, enabling course participants to proceed at their own pace, accessing materials online.
Course lessons will be provided in seven parts, for participants to access in accordance with their own timetables.

Any Business Owner, Marketing, Advertising, PR or Communications professional who wants to keep up with the latest developments in the Social Media sphere.
Pictures have taken the social sphere by storm, and Pinterest and Instagram are leading the way! Google Plus is strategically important, even though the social network still has a much smaller membership base than Facebook. Social Media Marketing is traditionally discussed in the context of smaller businesses; but how do large enterprises cope with the demands of Social Media? This entry was posted in 2013, Enterprise Social Media Marketing, Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Pnterest, Social Media, Social Media Courses, social media for marketing, Social Media Training, Social Media Training Courses, Twitter, YouTube and tagged table, cover, audiences, Communications, booking on January 4, 2013 by Michael Carney.
Companies in New Zealand and around the world are now starting to use social media for business purposes more effectively, tapping into tools such as Facebook and Twitter, to market their services and to communicate more effectively with their customers. Slightly less cheerful news, however, comes from a study by eConsultancy and Adobe, which finds that there’s little deep tracking going on by those who use social media for business. As the graph above suggests, Revenue is an obvious measure (and one which will matter most to your CEO and CFO).
How can you track revenues and attribute them to your use of social media for business marketing? Another metric that many of those who use social media for business choose to track: how much traffic was driven from their social media pages to their website. The courses are all online and they provide comprehensive explanations of tracking and the many other aspects that matter when you use social media for business. This entry was posted in how to use social media, how to use social media for business, Social Media Courses, social media for business, Social Media Training, Social Media Training Courses, use social media for business and tagged fans, courses, state, money, ENGAGEMENT on September 15, 2012 by Michael Carney.
ENGAGE — ask questions, invite comments, encourage your audience to interact with you. We cover a whole lot more in our social media training courses, but those three are by far the most important. This entry was posted in Engagement, Freshness, Relevance, Social Media Courses, social media for business, social media for marketing, Social Media Training, Social Media Training Courses, use social media for business and tagged account, number, readers, news, cover on September 9, 2012 by Michael Carney.
As ever, there will be loads of events around London (as well as 13 other cities around the world) and, having missed out a little in previous events, I have decided to participate as well on this occasion.
The LinkedIn Masterclass Series is a set of five 90 minute sessions running one each day of the Social Media Week which examine some of the key elements you need to develop to use LinkedIn as a successful business tool. You can find further details at the Social Media Week London schedule here on their site and if you wish to come along then you will need to register for the event when registration opens on Tuesday 28th August. More details to follow but do head over to the Social Media Week site and have a look at all the different things going on – should be good and hope to see you there! Whatever sector your business works in, we can help you obtain the social media skills you need. We can provide you with the information and LinkedIn training you need to make the most of the primary business social media channel. So we’ve devised this social media marketing refresher course to capture the latest developments across the expanding world of social media. Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn are constantly hard at work developing and evolving their offerings. Now the top four messaging apps attract more eyeballs than the top four social networking apps.

In Lesson Three we examine the key providers of live video services and show you how you can determine whether live video will meet your promotional needs.
In this lesson we examine how to make the most of your advertising options across various social media networks — and how to really take advantage of the enhanced targeting opportunities that social media provides. However we offer an Early Bird Discount of $100 +GST — pay just $397+GST for bookings received by Wednesday May 18.
Then on the first day of the course we’ll follow up with details of your Login and Password, along with an Enrolment Key for the Social Media Refresher 2016 online training course. Say something stupid in social media and there’s a better than even chance that the whole world will find out about it, far sooner than you think.
An Arizona restaurateur, fed up after years of negative online reviews and an embarrassing appearance on a reality television show, posted a social media rant laced with salty language and angry, uppercase letters that quickly went viral, to the delight of people who love a good Internet meltdown.
What that means, in a nutshell, is that even if someone likes your Facebook brand page, it’s most unlikely that they will see your posts in their newsfeed. This course is designed for those who already have a solid understanding of Social Media Marketing and wish to keep themselves as up-to-date as possible. It supplements and extends the topics we cover in our general Social Media Marketing Principles & Practice course.
This particular eCourse provides content in a variety of multimedia forms, including videos, slideshows, flash-based presentations and PDF files. Interaction with the course tutor is enabled through the platform software tools (with telephone backup if required). Also, if you’ve taken one of our courses in 2012 or earlier, this is the course you need to bring you up to speed with the latest developments in the medium.
The annual event has now been brought in line around the world and so will be taking place here, as elsewhere, between 24th and 28th September after its February appearance earlier in the year. I have therefore decided to run a series of LinkedIn Masterclass sessions to run throughout the week.
Unsurprisingly, Ms Sacco lost her job, her former employer apologised profusely and several AIDS charities received donations from appalled twitterati.
The course content is reviewed monthly and updated where necessary to reflect what’s happening NOW. Social Media, as the name suggests, is all about talking – engaging with your followers, and having them engage with you. I run internal workshops for companies looking to bring their key people or teams up to speed and run public courses around the UK. And how do you reach out to influencers — those who have significant communities of their own? So how do you measure sentiment (without poring over your own Facebook pages every other moment)? Start with a free Sentiment Analysis tool such as the Chrome plugin offered by Viral Heat, and consider other, more powerful paid options as budget allows.

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