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When using social media, you want to capture the attention of those reading your content – so make sure you take advantage of the visual element as it has been found to attract the highest amount of engagement of all kinds of social media updates. 60% of consumers are more likely to look at a business who’s images show up in search results.
Facebook posts that include an image are 93% more engaging than status updates, links and video. About Latest Posts Sophie Deering Latest posts by Sophie Deering (see all)Why Marketers Should Be Using Pinterest in 2016 #smlondon - February 24, 2016Is Your Marketing Team Made Up of Rockstars? After a few days of research, chatting with social media friends, and consuming absurd amounts of chocolate – I've found a solution!
Voice is what helps us (entrepreneurs, small businesses, even big brands) communicate authentically to our audience.
Whether you're B2B or B2C, people want to connect with people – voice helps you do so. If you can learn to authentically communicate with your audience then you can begin to nurture stronger and longer lasting relationships.
Once you have a better handle on who you are, who you're talking to, and why you're talking to them – you'll be able to better understand your voice. Be funny, be witty, sometimes you can even be a bit snarky – but make sure you're being honest.
When you learn to be authentic, and uncover your true voice you'll encourage trust and build stronger relationships. If you’re a content or digital marketing company that manages multiple social media pages for different clients, it’s easy to feel like you’re being torn in a million different directions. You have to write Facebook posts, bang out a blog, fill up a Twitter buffer, and respond to messages. If you’re building a schedule, it can be helpful to plan out posts or blogs for the entire week. Once your schedule is all set up, you can also start paying attention to the engagement you’ve been getting on your posts.
Before you sit down to write anything, go over previous posts and blogs you’ve written for that client.

Google Chrome allows you to add different users that you can switch between with the click of a button. It’s easy to get stuck in the mindset of one account or another, but with these tips, we hope you’ll have an easier tip switching between your many masks. Be consistent with colour – Regularity with colour helps consumers to become familiar with your brand, so choose a minimum of two and up to four colours and use them throughout all of your marketing and social media updates. Show personality through typography – Select your typeface wisely and use it consistently, as the font and colour will determine how consumers portray your brand. Don’t overlook positioning? You should keep uniformity across your social media posts, for example the positioning of your logo, text size and layout to ensure their is an orderliness throughout your updates. We sat down over coffee to talk shop – social media, blogging, and all things fabulous! Having a voice humanizes your social presence and brings your virtual conversations down to a relatable level. This honestly will also help you stay consistent and maintain your voice across other platforms. Finding your “social media voice” for each client is something that takes time and effort before you find what works. Adjust your posting schedule as necessary, especially if your content is set to automatically go post.
We’ve written about keeping social media social before, and it’s an easy thing to do on the fly when you’re refreshing yourself for the account.
Without it, you’ll have to sort your content out later, which can be a frustrating, time wasting experience. The application does a great job of keeping each account separate, so you can see which one you are working with. If you find yourself overwhelmed trying to flip from one account to another, take a break, look away from the screen, and clear your mind. Headings and titles allow you to express the personality of your brand, however it’s best to stick to clearer and easy to read fonts in bodies of text. As my friend Amy Vernon says, "your social voice should be a reflection of your real voice".

Once you have a clear direction, you’ve probably realized each of your pages sounds different.
Once you find yourself “in the zone,” follow through by completing as much for one client as you can.
This also gives you a chance to catch up on strategy, allowing you to see what worked and what didn’t.
Google will remember the login info for each separate person, meaning you can keep each profile separate. You can add filters to your images using mobile sharing apps to improve the look of your photographs. The nature of your schedule may not allow for you to do everything in a row, but group as much as you can together to keep each voice and tone consistent.
After you roll out your new schedule, you’ll get used to the pattern you set out for yourself, making it easier to work with each account. Feel free to customize the browser with different backgrounds and styles to help you remember which profile you’re working with!
Only certain audiences are receptive to whimsical or silly social media posts associated with brands. Determine whether the best course of action is to establish a colloquial style, a formal tone or even a mix of both.
On the social media spectrum, Old Spice sits on the extreme side, but the brand can often get away with funny and random copywriting along with their equally funny and abstract photos. There have been a number of intriguing psychological social media studies performed over the years.
The reader understands that it’s a brand and clicking through to their website shows the team that manages it.

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