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I’d love to hear your thoughts on Networking nowadays, be it in Shropshire, your county or UK as a whole – do you think it could become a thing of the past one day or will it just evolve into something new? I used to go to NWS, appreciate the PAYG model and have not stopped for any other reason than getting time to go, it is a nice group though when there are a lot of women in a room it is sometimes hard to hear above the laughing!
I actually think that Carla has covered most of what I wanted to say about Networking, or Notworking as I jokingly call it, tee hee. I do enjoy going out and meeting people of course and as a relatively new girl to the area networking groups and jellies have had their place for me, but as a business we have taken the decision not be pay for membership. Over all, I think that networking groups have their place and suit some people some of time. Finally, I think there are lots of wonderful business people out there with great products and we all need encouragement to make the best of the manifold gifts we have been given. You’ve obviously struggled with the concept of networking and I understand your reasons for not attending many events. There have been numerous reports predicting 2012 will be the year of social business, and the increasing popularity of ‘digital transformation’ services touted by management consulting firms would appear to support this theory. In a word of caution, consultants and vendors alike will champion ‘digital transformation’ initiatives ala Y2K. The real gains will be made where companies aggregate social and collaboration tools in the places where people already spend their time, such as email or the mobile client, without making workers change their daily work habits. Offering only one piece of the puzzle that doesn’t integrate with embedded systems, creates unwanted complexity.
A case in point: according to Forrester Research, while companies have invested in an average 5 or more communication and collaboration tools, 64% say they realise few, if any, benefits from their investments.
Looking at other business trends in 2012, I also envisage that mobile IT will grow slowly in the enterprise.
Senior managers who can buy their own mobile smartphones and tablets will readily adopt mobile applications, particularly those that allow them to tap into team documents and projects, but enterprise adoption will take time as IT gears up to support a more mobile workforce.
I also expect that the information overload many of us are experiencing is only going to get much worse. For example, a 2010 survey found that ‘the majority of people under the age of 40 stay digitally connected in bed,’ and ‘44% of people under 30 stay connected during a night out at the movies.’ An information ‘green’ movement will begin to peel back some of the excesses of the intrusion brought on by digital devices. This isn’t just my view as one example of this movement is the recent recommendation of the National Transport Safety Board (NTSB) to ban mobile phone use in automobiles.
My final insight into what 2012 has to offer is that we will see a significant new player in the public social networking space emerge. There’s no argument that organisations want, and some really do need, to embrace the social business ethos that’s envisaged will accelerate efficiency and generate value for all stakeholders.
But that doesn’t mean scrapping what you’re already doing (unless you’re doing it badly) – in fact quite the reverse. About UsBCW (Business Computing World) is a leading point of communications between business technology leaders and their audiences. TweetEmailHave you ever wondered how these social networking sites have occupied such an important place in our lives?
On considering the ever growing popularity and the benefits of these social networking sites, there would be no exaggeration if we say that these sites are soon going to dominate our lives in near future. Whereas social networking sites such as Twitter, Stumbleupon, Reddit and LinkedIn are more professionally related and help the business men promote their businesses. So whether these social networking sites are truly an effective, efficient and safe medium for communication or not and whether we should be using these sites to the extent that we are using or not is an open ended question, which I would like to take up.
They offer an easy and effortless way to communicate with friends, family and others with whom due to time and distance constraints we otherwise are not able to get in touch with or communicate. We all have a circle of friends and acquaintances which we come across in different walks of life. These networking sites can also be used as a tool or a medium to promote your business, blog or some special skill and service. Another interesting fact of these networking sites is that they can act as a learning platform for informal learning and support social connections within groups of learners and with those involved in the support of learning. Enables shy people to express their feelings, ideas and viewpoints more openly and confidently who otherwise find it difficult to express themselves openly in a face to face environment or situations. Social networking sites provide an easy and unlimited access to information and services for any group, organization or individual who would like to learn either about some new application, use of some tool or service, the latest news etc.
Social networking sites thus by virtue of these above mentioned points have not only made themselves popular among people and spread smiles all over the world but have also turned the world into a small place where everyone can easily stay connected.
However, while these social networking sites are loaded with goodies, they have a dark side too.  So one need to be aware of the dangers associated with the use of these social networking sites and must be really careful while using these networking sites to stay secure and safe. Social networking sites by their very nature are meant for regular and frequent communication, fun, entertainment, business activities etc.
One of the major pitfalls of these social networks is that they increased the incidence of cyber crime to an unimaginable proportion. Another major problem with these networking sites is the rising identity theft which is increasing day by day due to the ease and access of internet technology and the increase in personal data found on social networking sites.
The productivity of an individual and the organization as a whole is bound to suffer when the employees of the company invest even just about half an hour from their usual working hours using these social networking sites. Thus you see these social networking sites are like a two edged sword which although are of great help to us, they can also put our life and business in danger if we happen to be careless in our use of these networking sites. So the best way to use these social networking sites both for business and personal use is to be cautious while providing your complete identity information online such as your cell phone number, home address, class schedule, social plans, etc.
Is there an online platform available wherein small business owners can connect with thousands of new businesses, generate new prospects, and obtain qualified leads quickly? Ogoing, nation's leading social network for small business, offers the most innovative platform to small business owners and service providers. After setting up a beautiful profile, next step involves sharing what's going on at your business across various categories - offers, needs, products, services, news and events! Have you joined Ogoing, nation's leading and fastest growing social network for small business? My personal experience says I never mind when somebody sends me message for any voting, survey, etc but sometimes the frequency of such postings is disgusting as you will find you inbox filled with such email in large quantities and in the process you overlook the important ones. Personally, I always like to go for posting and it is more of a rare deal when I don’t find anything to be posted on the public record so that they can enjoy reading it over the internet.
You can always go for tools like Stumbleupon and Twitter where large number of people read and share items distributed by you. Hence always look for posting something which is really interesting for you and your friends on social networks, then only you will find better responses to your postings. Much has been discussed about the risks posed by social networking sites on employment prospects. Networking sites can be a good place to let people know about your expertise, experience and interests.
Quite a few professionals have researched the effectiveness of social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook with regard to business establishments.
Networking sites can be quite effective tools for building direct marketing relationship and probably one of the best ways of getting your customer’s feedback.
History has borne witness to the fact that people always discussed about products and services and companies have gained profits and increased sales by word of mouth influence than by any other means.

It would also be a good idea for companies to encourage such reviews from customers as that would also increase their presence on the World Wide Web. If the criticism or complaint is legitimate written honestly and transparently by one of the valued customers, the seller should address the problem directly by telling them about your company, cause of the criticism and steps being taken to address the issue. As a serial Entrepreneur and Business Angel Cornelius Boersch supports Startups in New Economy and Biotechnics.
BETWIN - Exciting live sports betting odds, Poker, Casino and Games at Europe's biggest gaming site! On the other hand, spending the time and doing the right things will result in better rankings and more visibility for your business. Authors and publishers – writers and bloggers – often have a symbiotic relationship that allows them to build authority and increase traffic for both. Actually, they are all part of the same “monster” and they’ve been around a while, lurking under the bed waiting to come out of their dark corners.
I’ve noticed quite an evolution in terms of how we build meaningful business relationships over the last 7 years since moving up to Shropshire. Other groups would do well to watch and learn; times are always a changing and you need to jump on board! Having just organised The BIG Jelly I have more sympathy with Network group leaders as I have a better appreciation to the amount of work that is involved in keep the group fresh, interesting, up to date etc.. But take their advice with a pinch of salt as most of these changes operate on a rip-and-replace model, asking companies to take a major leap of faith by dumping their existing communication and collaboration tools in favour of the latest, greatest social business paradigm. The dramatic change is often more than most companies’ employees—and their budgets—can bear, resulting in exorbitant spending on tools that never truly live up to their promised potential. This evolutionary approach to social business adoption will trump ‘rip and replace’ methodologies that peddle a totally new work paradigm.
People don’t want to open yet another window to get their work done, no matter how well designed that tool may be.
Therefore companies will look for ways to reduce the number of collaboration windows their employees need to use.
Mobile IT and mobile apps will continue to spread in the enterprise as more and more work is conducted outside of the office, but we will see a top-down adoption. The inundation of information from more and more collaboration and social channels, delivered on a multitude of devices, will continue to erode our ability to tune into the world around us.
I predicts Facebook will remain the dominant player for the foreseeable future, but an attractive alternative will emerge in 2012. The reality of this, for the majority of organisations, requires a major transformation to get enough people on board to realise the benefits.
Rather than alienating with decrees of dramatic reforms, look at what you’re doing well, and just make it better. For the past 20 years, David has served as an executive for a number of high-tech companies.
It provides knowledge sharing and networking opportunities to help business technology leaders be more effective in communicating analysis and insight on information technology trends, to help the understanding of IT's role in achieving business goals. More and more people are using these networking sites to communicate with each other every day. Social networking sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Friendster and MySpace have already become too much popular among the masses and are soon going to build special a niche for people who share common interests and passions. With the help of these sites you can easily give and receive valuable business intelligence and feedback on institutional services.
In fact any organization can avail the benefits of these social networks for learning and training purposes and not just those involved in working with students.
It is up to students to discover the potential educational benefits for themselves from interacting and communicating with others.
Since social networking sites allow you to display your personal information such as name, location, and email address, security becomes a key issue of concern. However, if you are not the kind of a person who is active enough to remain updated on these networking sites, such websites are nothing but a sheer wastage of time for you.
Although many sites and organizations do employ certain measures to check these breaches of security and incidences of harassment, cyber-stalking, online scams, and identity theft to an absolute minimum, still there are loopholes even in the best security systems. Children tend to forget their parents, while parents tend to ignore their kids while getting addicted to the use of these social networking sites.
Thus social networking sites can have a negative impact in the workplace, for both employers for employees and future employees. You must be therefore careful in the use of these websites if you truly want benefit from them either for fun, communication or business.
Get as much information as possible before you add anyone as friend or joining any community. How many networking events do owners, startups, entrepreneurs and service providers attend to generate new leads?
Can this online social and business network help accelerate sales and grow your business faster? Just like face-to-face networking wherein the networker puts on a great smile and shares the best elevator speech, small businesses on Ogoing should first create an attractive business profile. After setting up a great profile and sharing frequent updates, Ogoing provides you the best platform to connect with new business contacts.
You need to take this as a two-way street where if you respond to somebody’s request for voting, in the future you may get response from the same person if you are seeking such works from others.
No doubt every blogger tries to put his best efforts in order to place more and more value to their content and blog as well.
You should look for popular articles on social networks and whenever you find something interesting or eye catching, you should try to pass it on to all your networks. You should always give your opinion in the votes you receive on these social networks otherwise don’t expect others to vote for you as well.
These Social networks can be more useful if you know how to get the best out of them by accepting the way they are designed to use.
But just as every cloud has a silver lining, these sites too if managed strategically can be used to the advantage of the individual’s career growth. By creating profile pages on sites like Facebook and Linked In, provide as much information as you desire and think that prospective employers should know about you. Although, the method of advertising here would be quite different when compared to the traditional methods, it is still as much a necessity here.
With internet have come social review sites like Yelp, Naymz, RepVine and networking sites like Myspace, Facebook, Flickr and YouTube to name just a few the companies which have realized the power of blog marketing and use the social sites have become successful in their online business . This will not only help sort out any ill feelings in the customers mind but also build a positive image in the potential customer’s perspective. Panda's main aim is to remove content that's thin, low-quality or spammy from rankings so that the user gets the highest quality results. I guess as times are hard right now those kind of questions would naturally be more prevalent – however if all the network groups weren’t in existence there would probably be even more grumbling!
As long as your (online & offline) marketing strategy overall has covered developing new and existing business relationships using alternative channels then you can rest easy. In my opinion it is all about developing and building relationships whether that be through networking, via social media or some other form of contact.

After completing a undergraduate degree in Physics, advanced studies in Electrical Engineering, and an MBA in Marketing, David co-founded Business Layers, an identity management company, serving as VP Marketing and Product Strategy from its inception until the company's successful sale five years later.
The simple reason is these networking sites offer an easy and effortless way to be in touch as well as share and exchange your ideas with each other.
Now what social networking sites do is to help build a web of connections by connecting all these people through a common platform.
There are so many smart professionals who are making a good use of these networking sites to raise their visibility, get noticed, tell about their company, service, and get more clients through marketing their products.
There are some anti social elements who can misuse this information in the garb of some fake identity. You never know if these people might be using some fake identity or be involved in some illegal activity which could destroy your image. Many go to at least one networking event a month to meet and interact with new professionals, and learn what they do. Ogoing is the best platform to market your small business, network and share with thousands of owners, and generate new qualified leads. Just go to Find Business after you login, and begin searching for your ideal prospects or future clients. But we always find that we either reject them after reading once or neglect them without giving a look. This is the reason behind not getting better website traffic because this procedure is more of two-way in nature as in if you respond to others, they will respond to you. Also you get the chance to find friends and acquaintances that were with you in school or worked in the same concern as you or are in the same field as yours.
With the influx of internet, review sites have been the latest way for people to know about products and services. This has helped people create blogs or personal spaces on these sites were they can express their views and opinions about literally anything under the sun. Most customers are quite reasonable in their demands and want to be heard or their problems resolved. Our aim is to help digital marketers, content creators and bloggers create quality content, increase traffic and improve sales. The local Jelly groups would not be the success they are today without your forward thinking and action and certainly have opened up a whole new world for lonely home workers and taken the county by storm via twitter! Additional stints as VP of Marketing and Product Strategy for several successful high-tech companies followed. Some of these connections can definitely prove valuable in the walk of life both professionally and personally.
When they are at the event, owners share what they do, find common points of interest, exchange business cards, and follow up! The latter thing we do when we find the person sending all these is not in our friend’s network and the topic or the request is not of our interests. By responding more for things who go through daily on internet basically helps you in adding more value to your blog and thereby increases the quality of traffic from your social networks. By expanding such contacts, you increase the boundaries of search for possible career options. These blogs on networking sites are also the best places for people to write about their experiences with products and services. When they hear from the company, it would give the company a lot of credibility in the eyes of the customer making them more favorable towards the products. Sometimes, all you need is one powerful graph, chart or image to instantly convey the big picture. At large networking events or mixers, a master networker can make twenty-five to fifty new connections. You always need to ensure that you submit things into your networks which are not only useful but also interesting to read for visitors.
Hence it is imperative for companies and organizations to know what the search engines churn out about their products particularly on the blogs of networking sites. People do understand that not everything is a hundred percent perfect and are ready to let goof minor issues if only their views and opinions are valued. Whereas with our business we need to be very careful when and where we go so as not to eat into valuable production time.
We’ve been blown away by the growth and dedicated following that the group has, not to mention the numbers that the monthly meetings attract. He is also pursuing advanced studies in STS (Science, Technology, and Society) - focusing on the research of online behaviors.
Within a couple of days, a personal email is sent to the new contacts, and often, followed up with phone calls asking for a face-to-face meeting. We were conscious that weeks pass by between meetings along with opportunities that we knew our members would benefit from and so gradually introduced the various forms of social media to continue connecting people between meetings and sharing news and relevant items of interest.
On an average, out of the fifty new prospects one makes at the networking mixer, five to ten prospects would become leads, and agree to follow up meetings. More "what's going on" updates an owner shares, better the visibility they get on the Ogoing social network and the Internet, and greater the interest your profile will generate from community members and prospects.
Ogoing gives you all the contacts prioritized by their profile completeness, number of following users, number of followers and updates. The more you engage with them, the more they would be interested in what's going on with you, and connect back with you. Many followers & fans will post a message in advance of a meeting and get reponses from friends as well as new faces which definately adds to the buzz in the room and just shows the level of support so many are willing to readily give. After the follow up meetings, one or two contacts will finally convert and become a new client. So you can be rest assured that the contacts that Ogoing shows you first are in all likelihood the most active Ogoing members.
When the contacts you follow on Ogoing connect back with you, that's when you have a qualified lead! It’s thanks to social media that this has been possible as being not for profit has financial limits but not when all these fabulous tools are there to utilise for FREE! We are all so thrilled at how things have evolved and that so many successful collaborations have formed as a direct result of the group along with great friendships and of course lots of business! In essense, from the fifty new contacts made at a networking event, a really good networker can generate one or two customers after active follow-up (around 2% conversion). Did you know that Ogoing provides a built-in messaging system wherein you can send short emails to your contacts? Ogoing makes it very easy for you to add real business contacts to your database, and help them convert to qualified leads.

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