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It used to be that if you were doing online video, you were doing YouTube and probably nothing else. Today, YouTube is still an enormously popular outlet for video marketers, but it’s no longer the only one around. Making matters complicated for video marketers is that different video platforms have unique features, requirements and metrics.
What Counts As A View: If you thought watching an entire video is required for a view, you thought wrong.
Auto-Play: Does the video play automatically or require someone to manually click or take an action?
View Counts (Public): Can the public tell how popular (or not) your video is, in terms of views?

Metric Dashboard: Does the platform make it easy to have an overview of what’s happening with all your video content? Thanks to marketing pro and spreadsheet wiz Andrea Lopez for providing inspiration and assistance for the original version of our Social Video Chart. Facebook is regularly touting the growth of video watching among its users, and the company has launched multiple new video products, like Live and 360.
For video that auto-plays, it’s wise to create video with compelling imagery in the very first frames, since you are hoping for a click to activate the full video experience (and competing against other moving pictures in the feed). Keep in mind that if you’re trying to use the same video across multiple platforms, a lowest-common denominator approach might be wise. Usually, this is an option for advertisers in cases in which view counts aren’t shown to the public.

Thanks also to former Marketing Land writer Martin Beck for research and writing on the original. Twitter supports native video and owns both Periscope for live video streams, and Vine for shorter clips. Vine videos are limited to just six seconds, while YouTube videos don’t have a time limit.

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