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Because of the ARISING Group’s involvement in our technology, Firstrade has been ranked among the top online brokerages for ease of use, accuracy, and speed of transaction. The ARISING Group Software Development team has been entrusted by clients to plan, design, develop and launch high volume enterprise-scale applications. The ARISING Group analysts work with your project stakeholders to quickly develop simulations and prototypes that enable your business to test your assumptions and adjust models accordingly. The ARISING Group deploys software development processes that are appropriate to the project.
Overall, the above domain is new and acquiring importance in the project development life cycle, So guys it is a very good opportunity to become an Software Configuration Management professional in this domain. Software configuration management, when done correctly, will be able to reproduce any changes of any given project at any point in its life cycle. No part of this work should be produced or used without the permission of the authors: Michael Turner and Dr. Hyper Build is a build automation software which enables companies, software developers and build masters to automate their software build, testing, deployment and release process. Hyper Build allows you to visually design your build process via an easy-to-use UI using the hundreds of built-in actions for the most commonly used tasks and tools.

We TRUST our own product - Build management for Hyper Build and ALL our other products is done using Hyper Build itself! Hyper Build comes with hundreds of built-in actions for most commonly used tasks and tools related to files, folders, compilation, build, flow control, archiving, zipping, source control, testing, FTP, registry, system, text, and more! Hyper Build focuses on ease-of-use and allows you to create and design your build process visually via the user-interface.
Hyper Build shows you a detailed hierarchical log of the build process including any output generated from external processes run during the build.
Hyper Build stores the logs and summaries of all your builds so you have a detailed record of all your builds that have taken place till now. Applications developed by the ARISING Group have been faithfully serving our client’s needs, and often become the heart and soul of their mission-critical operations. For small focused projects we have used XP-Extreme Programming methodology, for larger systems projects we follow traditional fully documented and project-planned Waterfall methodology, and for works in progress we use the iterative Prototyping model.
The change results must also be available within a reasonable period of time.Continuous integration is mainly enforced with a build tool such as Jenkins. The discipline of software configuration management is to control changes and reproduce them incrementally or from scratch accurately.SCM encompasses (although this varies between organizations) the following.

The entire structure and composition of your build process is shown visually and you can change it using familiar UI paradigms like drag-drop, clicking, etc. Hyper Build also allows you to show only failed actions so you can easily focus and examine those actions.
You can define scripts for each actions which are run at various pre-defined triggers during the build process, such as when an action begins execution, ends execution or when it generates a log message, etc. This list is very general in that it doesn’t account for major, minor, emergency bug fixes, delta, beta releases, etc. This tool’s primary function (in any given project) is to monitor a certain segment of the source repository as it relates to the project.
Scripting allows you unprecedented level of flexibility and customization of your build process.
The purpose for such monitor or polling is to kick-off a build when it detects changes within the repository.

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