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Agile software development is a group of software development methodologies based on iterative and incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams. We have developed custom software for many companies that are focused towards businesses needs and not for the mass market. Our expert team of experienced developers create cutting edge web & mobile applications across diverse business domains.
Help Desk Systems - we have experience with developing help desk systems to suite your working environment and business processes. CRM Software - manage your customer relationships more efficiently by organizing and automating your marketing, sales and customer service.
Accounting Intergration - control your finances, using powerful and flexible custom accounting software intergration solutions.
ERP Software - maximize your business effectiveness, integrating all its data and processes into a single unified system. Business Intelligence Software - respond quickly and adapt to changes in business environment by gathering, storing and analyzing your business information.
Smart Clients - a smart client solution can provide advanced features depending on the data connectivity.
Custom Software Development - We also develop custom software for various other needs like specialty software to market a product, kiosk programs and many others. SmallBiz Australia is a software development company in Melbourne, Australia that work in a multitude of industries, providing information technology solutions. We are based in Melbourne but service all across Australia, we have done international projects as well. Mosaic Software Development, part of the Mosaic Space group of companies, specialises in the development of innovative software applications for the education facilities management sector.
RUIS is designed to help space managers to get a clearer picture of room utilisation at their institution.
The CABS CEI Windows service facilitates the automatic transfer of events between the CABS Chamberlain event management system and the Scientia Enterprise timetabling system, where rooms are shared between the two systems.
Mosaic Software Development has built a number of software tools and applets to enhance Scientia Enterprise and Syllabus Plus using the COM interface. We are very experienced in creating applications that meet unique and special requirements of education facilities management teams. Our expertise lays in project management, design, software development and testing services.
At Manageyourmedia  we work very closely with our clients to provide custom software solutions.

Our broad scope of knowledge covers desktop, web and mobile application development by always using the latest proven technologies. To be on the edge of innovation, our employees are continuously improving their technical skills and abilities.working closely with the technical university. We do manual testing, functional testing, end to end testing, software usability and quality reviews. Strong Software development is needed to keep data secure and easily available for various web hosting activities. Now there are many kinds of servers that are used to host websites but of the lot VPS seems to be the most popular hosting solution in the market. Now basically a VPS is nothing but a machine that will permit customers to use a software on the physical machine like the other customers but at the same time the users are given a lot of security and have access to various resources.
As a user you be relieved to know that the level of security with this VPS is really high, even if a neighbor’s machine is hacked you can still stay protected at all times. This VPS gives the users complete control over their respective accounts from installing the software to configuring the system.
The good thing is that you will get services to get back up for your components and data and you will be able to keep them safe from any harm.
So you see that a Windows VPS has very high level of security that go down very well with the general public. It promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development and delivery, a time-boxed iterative approach, and encourages rapid and flexible response to change. Our software development knowledge will ensure we provide you with a solution that meets your business objectives that is reliable, scalable and extendable. We focus on offering advanced features, and enhanced functionality through the use of appropriate technologies ensuring a successful result. We have mobile application development solutions based on your market interests, idea or business objectives. We can scale databases from single to distributed model and able to upscale databases as well.
We provide custom software development, web development, mobile applications, embedded systems, software consulting and software developers to meet your business needs.
Our software assists property managers in the planning, scheduling and utilisation analysis of university and college space. Our consulting team are also positioned to assist institutions with the migration from Syllabus Plus Classic to Scientia Enterprise.
We focus on bespoke data analysis tools, systems integration interfaces, room booking systems, and timetabling software enhancements.

We strive to support our customers in creating products against the best price and performance by using young, experienced programmers and using the latest technologies. As your IT partner Manageyourmedia is experienced in building cross-platform compatible software, allowing you to run your software on different operating systems. So the popularity of developing software over the years has increased quite a bit ever since the demand for web hosting has increased many folds.
To understand the Reasons to Choose Windows VPS over Linux VPS we should take a look at Windows VPS as it will give us a clear idea on why this is so popular with the people. This also comes all the dedicated resources that you can use on programs without even having to rely on the resources from the other machines. All of this can be handled very well thanks to the user friendly control panel that the users can access any time. This is very important in adding protection to your business and making sure that your website does not undergo any downtime. It is a conceptual framework that promotes foreseen interactions throughout the development cycle. We develop for all mobile application development platforms and we have no second thoughts about our ability to deliver you desired mobile web applications. We assist customers with the complex tasks of integrating software systems, processes and technologies both within the corporate intranet and in a business-to-business environment.
Since 1990, we’ve developed software and consulted to customers from small businesses to fortune 500 enterprises. This VPS also manages all the updates on behalf of the users without affecting any of the other machines.
We develop mobile applications for iPhone(IOS), Android, and Windows Mobile(Windows 8 or 7). In terms of software development,Manageyourmedia has a wide scope of testing, starting from simple web pages, complex multi-tier desktop and client-server applications and finally biometric security applications.
As a user you can feel free to keep all the windows components updated at all times you can even tweak the settings to receive the settings automatically. Agile management methods can also be applied in development projects other than software development.

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