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Organizations are looking for new ways to curtail testing costs while increasing testing scalability.
For the uninitiated the common criteria (CC) is one of the most widely recognized security evaluations criteria for secure IT products.
CCRA’s nod will not only provide global recognition to the product testing labs in India, but it will also remove the bottleneck in product testing, which has been present up until now for the lack authorizing nation status. Through the recognition, India’s STQC is now authorized to certify independent labs as recommended under the Joint Working Group (JWG) of NSA. Nasscom has urged private players to take a lead and tap the opportunity to set up testing labs including the ones which specifically target cyber security area and work closely with the government-controlled certification body to give India a boost in the assurance regime. This blog expressed my technology vision and based on my professional experience in the Software industry. Contains Knowledge base, Tutorials, Code examples and Best practices of frequently Software design issues.
About 2 decades ago, software testing was not perceived as a separate career, Software development and Software Testing went hand in hand. I still remember about an incident, it’s about 10 years ago, I and my friend (prefer not to mention his name) travelled to client location (from India to USA) on a short term assignment.
In the last 1 to 2 years, most of the fresh graduates are seeking software testing as their career, this is due to increase in awareness of importance of software testing phase in SDLC, with increased focus on Standards and processes, Quality consciousness, increased popularity, usage of Software Testing tools, Software Testing certifications and also due to increase in number of software testing jobs has changed the perception that prevailed over last few years. If you are new to Software Testing or if want to go through detailed definition of software testing, then I would recommend you to read related article What is Software Testing? To succeed in Software Testing Career preferably one should have a 3 year Bachelors degree or Engineering or Masters in Computer Science.
Refer to article that briefly explains various roles and responsibilities in Software Testing profession OR refer to below articles that explain different roles and their responsibilities in detail. Software testing and IT industry has an uptrend since Year 2000, most of the developing countries like India, China and Philippines have gained the most from the IT boom. Software Testing Certifications are offered by various commercial boards and independent institutes. Pay package for Software Testing professionals is in par compared to other roles in IT industry. If yes, then I strongly suggest you to enhance your knowledge by reading articles on this software testing blog, learn new Software Test automation tool, write guest articles for this software testing blog, share your experience and knowledge with Software Testing community and gain popularity in Software Testing Community.
Feel proud to be a Software Testing Professional, educate people around you about importance of Software Testing. This is especially true when companies can spend as much as 10 to 12 percent of the annual IT budget fixing core application problems. Testing Automation: A robust set of tools and assets to consistently support the entire spectrum of automation-related testing activities. It provides and assurance that the overall implementation and evaluation of any ICT product has been carried out through the use of standard-based, rigorous methods which are repeatable. Further multinationals have already established their R&D centers in India which can now be extended to incorporate testing facilities and because of the status they will automatically be recognized by other countries.

STQC, Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) and members of the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI) have been working closely on this all along. As software development models evolved, importance of Testing software by a specialized team was found more effective than testing being carried out by Developers.
Most of the new comers to IT industry thought Software Testing was less challenging than Software Development and Software Testing was a profession for people who were not very skilled and it can be picked up by anybody with or without formal education, and it was repetitive, boring and there was nothing much new to learn.
Since past 3 to 4 years, educational institutions like NIIT, Aptech etc., have included “Software Testing” as one of the professional courses in their offerings to meet the ever increasing demand for trained software test engineers in IT industry. Graduates and Engineers from other than computer science streams can take-up professional courses offered by reputed institutes. As indicated in above Software Testing Career chart, there are various roles ranging from Junior software test engineer to Software Testing Unit lead.
To succeed in software testing career one would need combination of both Soft Skills and Technical skills to succeed.
This may sound unreasonable but software development and software testing teams are forced to bear with it. In most of the projects, software development phases eats into software testing timelines by completing their development or unit testing late. If the quality of the code provided for testing is bad then software testing team will end up executing more tests without getting testing timelines extended. Industry acknowledged Testing Certifications are offered by following boards QAI, ASQ, ISEB and ISTQB. There are no defined rules, so as to decide the exact pay package would vary across companies depending on HR policies, designation, geography, and educational background and years of experience etc., In India entry level Software Test engineer would be getting about INR 100K to 300K per annum depending on company. Going forward new Software Testing service models are expected to evolve like “Crowdsource Testing” or “Crowd Testing” wherein Software Testing Professional can provide part time or full time testing services remotely, get paid by the defects reported or get paid by leveraging their specialized skills or expertise. R Softwares thinks differently about application testing—more innovatively and holistically. The CC framework is managed and operated by CCRA and it has 26 member nations including the likes of Australia, Germany, Japan, UK, and US among others. On the way to his cousin’s place, he requested me not to mention that we were software test engineers, instead I should say we were Java developers. Different or additional skills required to be successful in software testing career depends on the Role and designation of the individual.
Changes or inclusion of requirements in mid or end stage of the project will add additional rework and stress on software testing team. As a result the time provided for testing software will reduce but the scope and effort will remain same.
India and China are getting majority of their IT business from USA, UK and European countries.
Instead of testing for quality at the end, we focus on it throughout the application development life cycle.
I was baffled to know that my friend’s relatives who were mostly developers in reputed companies in USA thought testing was for dumb heads!!!

Before choosing external training institute one should evaluate software testing topics covered, hands on training provided on Software testing tools and any testing certifications they would coach for. So testing team is expected to work extra hours or over weekend to compensate for the time lost. To maximize our clients’ cost reductions, R Softwares combines this industrialized focus on quality with productivity improvements and flexible sourcing. Now my same good old friend who felt shy to introduce himself as Software Test Engineer about a decade ago is working as Software Test Manager in one of the reputed companies that provides Software Testing Services. As you can see in the below image entry designation or level can be Internship or as Junior Software Test Engineer and all the way to Manager or senior manager. Our 13plus testing professionals define themselves as stewards of end-to-end quality, delivering testing productivity at a cost-effective price. I am happy for him that he realized importance of software testing and pursued his career in Software Testing. From the below chart we can see how Designations and Roles are related and the number of years of industry experience it takes move up the ladder i.e. We demonstrate this commitment by conducting quality assurance activities in each phase of the application development life cycle—from plan, analyze and design to build, test and deploy. R Softwares delivers cost reductions and scalability improvements—and goes one step further. The number of years of experience required to attain a particular designation is based out on normal scenarios. We work to improve testing productivity through automation and industrialization, while also emphasizing a holistic, end-to-end quality strategy to drive quality throughout the application development life cycle.
Combined with our offshore testing services and flexible sourcing model, R Softwares’s approach can reduce the cost of poor quality to less than 5 percent of IT spend. As an example, for or most of the professionals it might take 6 years to get designated as “Team Lead” for some it can be just 4 years, it depends on the company policy, geography, education background, individual’s performance and institute one graduated from e.g. R Softwares leads the field applying an extensive range of services, tools and technologies. IIT (Indian Institutes of Technology) or IIM (Indian Institutes of Management) are usually on fast track career path. We leverage deep technology, process and strategy skills to assist our clients in the development of holistic testing strategies.
Deep Experience— Providing offshore development and testing services for more than two decades, our team stands ready to help you build and refine testing skills, functionality and achieve economy of scale savings and efficiencies.

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