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You can send Account statement (billing statement) of the entire overdue balances to the customers or as per the agreed frequency like weekly, monthly etc., based the number of invoices raised in a period. Typically, Account Statements are used by the customers and vendors who have previously agreed upon the frequency of payment. Usually if your customer has no overdue balances, they do not need it, but can send them monthly billing statements, if they specifically request for it for their bookkeeping.AdvertisementYour browser does not support Javascript or it has been disabled. The website will not function properly or will not function at all on some browsers when Javascript support is disabled.For better user experience while browsing our website, why not consider enabling Javascript support of your browser. In this template, we provide single entry bookkeeping method, for the business who have either just started or have medium to low volume of transactions, which presents a really good substitute to an expensive bookkeeping software.

In addition, account statement can be used as corresponding document with most Spreadsheet123's invoice templates that share similar design and can go side-by-side with each other.
This template provides a provision to select the default currency by selecting a country currency symbol from the drop down menu under the country specific settings. It also has a design Picker, where you can choose a colour that is most appropriate for your company.Once the settings are specified create a list of transactions on the second sheet named Billing Statement. You can begin by writing any previous balances that needs to be taken forward in the current statement and if there are no previous balances then you can write zero over there.
After this record other transactions organized by dates which includes all the invoices raised, any overdue charges or payments received.

For writing the amount, use the column named "Charges" for invoice amount and charges and for the payments received, use the column named "Credits". Just remember not to delete formulas that column "Line Total" contains as well as formula in sub-columns "Charges" and "Credits" helps to display the currency symbols.
You can use PDF converter or printer to create a PDF file for Microsoft Excel 2010 and earlier or use built in PDF converter of Excel 2013.

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