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At Strategic Logic IT, we help financial leaders in various states of business transformation reap Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 benefits that enable efficiency, transparency, and analysis to better control costs and manage KPIs for growth. We are a 21st-century strategic advisory team located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia that specializes in the manufacturing & trade industries. Wavosaur - free audio editor.Wavosaur is a free sound editor, audio editor, WAV editor for editing, processing and recording, WAV and MP3-files.

The program has a lot of functions for processing audio files: the effects of silence, remove vocals, decay, stereo-mono conversion, change the volume, volume normalization, fading at the end of the video, and more. We promise results: When you invite us to your strategic planning and ERP projects, you will end up with more control of operations and quantifiable results.
We promise a great experience: The process to get you results will be analytical, productive, efficient, speedy and effective.

Wavosaur lets you copy, cut and paste different segments of sound, and handle file formats WAV and MP3.

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