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The images and descriptions below show how MotionView™ can be used to edit, tag, and study mechanics of motion using video recorded from a variety of cameras and angles.
Whether you have made a movie, a promotional video, or a music video, you likely know that you need tight editing to put it all together properly. With video editing software, you can do more than splice together multiple takes to create a coherent scene or video. The right program for your video editing will depend on your needs and the specific features that you are looking for. VCM Interactive is staffed with industry leading creative post production professionals from video editors, sound designers to animators for best sound, color, audio editing.
DVSport Spirit is a fully functional Lacrosse-specific digital video editing and data analysis software package that outperforms its competition. The Logging tool features a variety of customized Event Data Pickers that are linked to the different cut-ups your coaching staff utilizes when breaking down tendencies. We have been listening to what lacrosse coaches want to see in their video editing and data analysis software.
DVSport is excited to continue growing its partnership with our Broadcast Partners and the CFP for the 2016 National Championship Game and Megacast. Congrats to our FastBreak partner & 11 time national champion UConn Women's Basketball program. DVSport is proud to be the Coach's Video Editing Software of the Super Bowl 50 World Champion Denver Broncos. DVSport is proud to continue its partnership with the NCAA Men's & Women's Basketball Tournaments as the Official Instant Replay Provider.
DVSport GameDay is a fully functional football-specific digital video editing and data analysis software package that outperforms its competition. DVSport Galaxy is a customized web platform that can meet the online video needs of your organization, whether it is based around teams, officiating, recruiting, or leagues. For the second consecutive year the CFP will be utilizing the DVSport HD Replay System for Officiating for the 2016 National Championship.
Continuing our relationship with our broadcast partner, ESPN, DVSport is proud to be involved with the 2016 CFP National Championship Megacast programming. Traditional telecast: Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit will be using the DVSport Talent Replay System in game to replay footage throughout the game on ESPN. Film Room: ESPN analysts Chris Spielman and Brian Griese with North Carolina coach Larry Fedora, South Florida coach Willie Taggart, Florida coach Jim McElwain, and South Carolina coach Will Muschamp provide analysis of the game utilizing a DVSport Megacast Replay System on ESPN2. Finebaum Film Room: Utilizing a DVSport Megacast Replay System, Paul Finebaum, Greg McElroy, Booger McFarland and Arkansas coach Bret Bielema provide in game analysis on the SEC Network.
DVSport would like to congratulate all of its NFL Playoff Partners and wish them luck in the post-season.
An excerpt from Maxim: As soon as Sunday’s game ends, Campbell’s four-man staff can now edit, tag, and upload clips to 70 iPads, so that by the time the team plane lifts off, players and coaches are studying film of their performance. In the screenshot to the left we are selecting only defensive plays that occurred inside the red zone!Video filtering lets you focus on scenarios.Define an unlimited number of scenario descriptors simply by entering text.
Good editing significantly increases the overall value of a production, but hiring editors can be very costly. You can create different file formats for your video, add transitions and other effects, and more. It is incredibly easy to use and doesn’t slow down your PC, yet it is packed with features.

There are tons of features that make it ideal for everyone from the novice video maker to the pro, and the easy to use interface makes sure that you can get the job done without an advanced degree in the computer sciences.
You can choose Quick editing mode or Expert editing mode, depending on what you are looking to accomplish. All three of the options presented here offer high quality and a vast range of features to make the video editing process simpler. Spirit is a custom-built software solution designed from the ground up utilizing industry standards and direct feedback from coaches, players, and video directors. The Player Data Picker allows any combination of Player Jersey numbers to be linked with the events. Before we install Spirit throughout your organization, we’ll create custom desktop wallpaper, program icons, slides, and in application graphics to match your clubs branding.
Our customized rugged case will serve to protect the vital needs of your Video File and Database Servers, Network Switch and various cabling peripherals. Through outstanding feedback, and persistent development, Spirit has become an industry leading software package. Seasons highlights, presentations, and player reviews are just a few of the situations that might arise. You will have complete frame-by-frame control of the video playback and access to tele-stration, snapshot and email a frame tools.
Using a DVSport HD Replay System for Officiating, ESPN3 will be providing split-screen showing live game action, along with immediate replays of every play and audio from the Mock Replay Booth.
A DIY approach can be much more cost-friendly, especially if you are good with technology, but what programs should you be using?
Depending on the software you choose, you can even add objects to your video or offer special effects such as subtitles, menus, and picture-in-picture.
There is even a feature called Easy Editing that streamlines the editing process when you are looking to do simple tasks, as well as the traditional editor for more involved or more effect-heavy editing. The software offers multicam editing as well as XML import and export, making it ideal for video editing for Mac users.
While this program doesn’t offer Ultra High Def or 3D support, it is incredibly easy to use and really does have a ton of useful features. Whether you have a Mac or a PC, there are a couple of options on this list for you to choose from, as well as many competing programs available on the market.
Rather than packaging and pricing different software for the different Lacrosse markets, DVSport offers a sport-specific customizable tool that is scalable to meet the needs and budget of all Lacrosse teams. This allows for fast drill down on any particular player information you wish to include for Face-Offs, Goals, Saves, Man Down etc. When you are at home or on the road you can simply connect your camera to your laptop and start capturing! The video you’ve captured into Spirit is one click away from being viewed from any computer in your organization.
This mobile server unit will turn any location into ‘your’ office networked work space and allow each coach to work from one synchronized database daily. Frame-by-frame slow motion and reverse controls, play, pause, fast forward, and rewind give you complete control of the video you need to teach players to make a play!
Aided by software designed by DVSport, they can scroll through video of every third-and-short play run by the Rams or every blitz called by the 49ers, even while pedaling along on an exercise bike. When using numbers, you can specify a minimum, maximum, and default value.Easy entry of unlimited scenario descriptors!

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the top programs on the market right now for video editing. It is also one of very few video editing programs that will run on either a PC or Mac’s OS X. DVSport’s customizable Logging Tool has the flexibility to be utilized Live in-game or post-game scout. With permissions you assign, staff members can make team wide edits and save data from their own workstations. The included touchscreen monitor turns your travel server into a full blown coaches station and presentation computer that can be used for all meetings home or away. The Spirit Slide Editor combines traditional PowerPoint tools with our advanced telestration tools to give you complete control of your presentation. It offers both video and audio editing as well as motion tracking and even the ability to auto-share a video to social media sites and YouTube. The thicker cable design allows the wire to survive being stepped on, pulled, kinked, and dropped.
When paired with DVSport Galaxy for the web, or DVSport Shuttle for your iPad, you can view game data and video through the internet or your mobile device. Pie charts, and bar graphs are automatically generated to give you a quick view of your data. Professional video and slide presentations can be authored directly from Spirit without having to purchase third party software. The cable is 15 feet long, enabling you to move around your meeting room without having to sit directly in front of the workstation. You can efficiently Live Log clips using keyboard hot keys, the Spirit Data Picker, or use a custom X-Keys configuration. After a home or road game, coaches can begin to review and create cutups for the next team meetings.
After the game or practice you’ll be able to distribute video and stats to multiple computers with ease. No batteries are required, the Commando remote control is always ready to meet your coaching standards. Cutups, and data are one click away from being shared with everyone on the team when the coaches laptop is connected back to the network. At any point in the season you have instant access to multiple seasons of lacrosse video and data. The events can be configured for a specific preset duration, or can be manually turned on and off. During Live Capture, you also have the ability to replay a previously logged event for review.
With Live Cutups, coaches can review specific cutups immediately after the period is complete for intermission adjustments.

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