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All rebranding of White Logistics & Storage was done by London-based design agency The Allotment. White also suffered from a lack of strategic business planning, with no focus on long-term goals, and a lack of consistency in how their brand was represented by drivers.
The result – In the nine months after White Logistics completed their re-branding project, they generated ?500,000 worth of new business. With facilitation from our Strategic Planning Business Experts, companies are pursuing novel ways to hatch new products, expand existing businesses, and create the new markets of tomorrow. Strategic planning aligns your total organization – people, processes, and resources with a clear, compelling, and desired future state. BackgroundHitachi Consulting is a leading global business strategy, operations, and IT consulting firm.
There can be few more effective ways to engage employees than through recognition of their effort, endeavour, achievement and success. A recognition programme is an effective tool to reinforce a company’s values and desired employee behaviours; it gives you the opportunity to showcase employees truly living your values by recognising their contributions and sharing their success widely within the organisation. Employee success stories identified through the Recognition programme can be used to attract talent to the organisation and instil a sense of pride internally to fuel retention. Recognition programmes do not necessarily need to provide expensive incentives to motivate employees.
In the past, ‘Length of Service Awards’ were the main means of recognising contribution and whilst showing your appreciation to dedicated and loyal employees are important, people are increasingly seeking more frequent and ongoing recognition. Playgroup has recently supported Brakes, a market leader in foodservice in the UK, to design and deliver a Recognition programme that spots and thanks the stars within the business.
The Special Thanks and Recognition (STAR) Awards were designed to engender a sense of pride in the business and celebrate the everyday successes of Brakes people, those living and breathing the customer-centricity of the business, providing unrivalled customer service, going the extra mile, making an impact or doing something out of the ordinary.
Playgroup developed a wide range of communication materials, to support the launch of the STAR programme internally; to ensure all 7,500 employees excited and motivated to take part. Beyond giving employees the opportunity to be recognised by their managers and peers, the Star Awards have acted as a catalyst for new ways of working at Brakes, engaging people around their strategic objectives, core values and showcasing positive behaviours to all.
It’s about the impact re-branding can make to an organization and particularly to a business’ revenue.
These companies are posting increased sales, decreased employee turnover, improved employee morale, and record profits and growth despite the economy.

The company’s Executive Leadership retained BrandingBusiness in 2011 to accomplish three objectives: evaluate and refine its strategic positioning, help it to clarify its brand relationship to the parent corporation, and give it a unique offer-of-value to differentiate from other offers in the business consulting landscape. Recognition programmes have the ability to make people feel good, improve relationships internally and create a thank you culture.
It is a vehicle for uncovering values-led stories and motivating employees around these stories. Programmes with non-monetary recognitions or small nominal awards like vouchers are widely believed to subtly motivate employees by encouraging friendly competition, increasing employee’s self-esteem and in doing so increasing pride and loyalty. Today’s employees are looking for daily reinforcement when they have made a positive impact to the company but they are not only seeking this recognition from Managers, sometimes the most powerful recognition can be from their peers.
The star-spotting concept used a range of graphic starts to reinforce the point that everyone is different, everyone is unique and everyone at Brakes is a potential star.
The top 50 star nominees were put forward for an annual CEO Star Award and democratically voted by a People’s Choice Award with 2,500 employees casting their vote (a third of the workforce). A real win for Brakes, their people and ultimately their customers – heightened employee engagement, improved job performance and ultimately increased business value.
Their branding looked tired, it didn’t reflect the organisation’s values and didn’t fit with their plans to grow their business. Strategic InsightsCareful review of internal documents, 3rd-party research studies, and client-authored positioning explorations, supplemented by interviews with Hitachi Consulting executives and clients, provided BrandingBusiness with insight into the common ‘brand DNA’ of the corporation and consulting specifically. The importance of creating a thank-you culture cannot be under-estimated; sometimes it’s the little things that mean so much. The Star Awards culminates in an annual ceremony to showcase and celebrate success and each member of staff was given a bound notebook that contained the portraits and inspiring quotes from the 50 nominees.
The re-branding process started with discovery, analysis and strategic recommendations to create a design brief that reflected White’s values and aspirations.
It also highlighted points of competitive difference that could be marshaled against larger consulting houses like Accenture, BCG, and McKinsey. Recognition programmes are a vehicle for driving employee engagement with strategic objectives and the values and behaviours required to deliver enhanced business performance and positively influence the bottom line.
And by aligning Recognition programmes to values, companies are able to track and measure recognition and determine ROI. The result is a failure to capture the full value of the Recognition programme and the existence of ad hoc recognition programmes within different departments, divisions, regions etc.

What linked Hitachi Consulting back to its parent corporation was a shared spirit of innovation, albeit manifested in different forms, spheres, and markets. Isn’t it better to have a single, consistent Recognition programme delivered throughout the business that is aligned to your business objectives whilst also focused upon the simple act of saying thanks? What separated Hitachi Consulting from its competitors was an ability to deliver—in addition to the requisite (measurable) business performance improvements—an exceptional consulting experience. Companies are beginning to realise that a more strategic and integrated approach to recognition programmes can have greater business impact. Hitachi distinguished itself by making the quality of the consultative experience itself part of the deliverable.
They made the time and effort to understand the particulars of their clients’ organizational cultures. And, they were often able to draw on deep vertical expertise and thus discourse with clients in their industry vernacular. Hiring client-side veterans makes Hitachi Consulting fluent in the industry language, concepts, history, and trends, indispensable to delivering sound strategic recommendations; smart, precise counsel, and long-term solutions. In addition, Hitachi Consulting was noted for its ‘’roll up your sleeves” work ethic and unique collaborative style that linked strategy with tactics in a way that set it apart. With impeccable credentials and connections, their launch party was hosted by Lord Digby Jones. The new brand is bold and playful as well as sophisticated and intelligent, summed up by their strapline ‘Good news, seriously’. SolutionsBased on a foundation of intensively analyzed client research and our own qualitative research, BrandingBusiness created for Hitachi Consulting the Strategic Pragmatist positioning, building competitive advantage around its unique combination of consultation and execution, its distinctive way of partnering with clients, its work ethic, and vertical expertise. Apollo’s Founding Director, Pallab Sarker, described the brand as one of the best business investments they’d ever made.“Our new brand has made a real difference in winning new clients.

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