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Nokia announces the appointment of Karel Holub asits new General Manager in the Philippines. Holub, a Czech native, brings to Nokia Philippines an impressive track record of management expertise from his sixteen-year career in the telecommunications industry, eight of which he spent at Nokia.
His current assignment coincides with the launch of the Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone in the Philippines and the announcement of SMART Telecoms’ exclusive partnership to carry Nokia’s high-end smartphone.
Karel Holub’s first media appearance was at the Nokia Asha 310 press launch held at Bizu Patisserie yesterday. Have ways and reasons as to why others should sign up to receive your emails on your website.
Highlight one or more client per month by discussing their services and ways to contact them. Above and beyond everything, DON”T subscribe individuals to your email campaign without their permission.

Personalized Messages – if individuals subscribe to your email it means they want to be there. Reduce Overhead Costs – Other than minimal fees to have your templates professionally designed, the cost to run campaigns is basically free unless you hire someone to handle them for you. Save The Planet – As a company that believes and practices sustainability their is no need for paper and it drastically reduces the carbon footprint by not using the post office to deliver your mail. Again this post was written as an informational post which we hope gives you some insights on why email marketing could be good for your business. He has a solid background in tactical planning for promotions and retail merchandising, including marketing communication and delivery of strategic messages across all touch points.
Get to know what's trending and what's the latest in Windows products and services, Nokia and Microsoft. Email marketing is a very effective way to stay in touch with your clientele and readership but only if you do it the right way and in a way that’s not intrusive to others.

You don’t ever need stamps, envelopes or have to take trips to the post office either.
With emails campaigns you can send it directly to them by using their name and email address. Email marketing just like anything else should be engineered with a plan and purpose before engaging in it. In conclusion and probably the most important thing to remember is just because someone gives your their business card or email address doesn’t mean they want to be subscribed to your campaign.

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