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As a business owner, literally every minute of the day your mind is generating ideas and making decisions.  However, due mainly to the day-to-day operational pressures of running a business, the things you most often think about are mundane, urgent and operational in nature.
When taken to its extreme, getting too caught up in your day-to-day business operations can be disastrous, and can adversely affect personal and business relationships, stress levels and even general health.
Now, strategic thinking is not something you do at the end of the year or as part of a formal strategic planning meeting. When your business is strategically strong it is easier to gain and maintain a strong market presence, your business is more favorably seen as the brand preference in the eyes of prospects and customers, and it is harder for competitors to imitate you. So, in your efforts to create a winning strategy for your business and to maintain a strong competitive edge, it is imperative that you constantly remind yourself of the foundation upon which that strategy is created.

So, as we head towards a new year, let’s recap some important principles of strategic thinking and planning.
And synonyms for strategic include opportune, critical, key, principal, essential and crucial. Strategic thinking is primarily a creative process, and therefore requires an ability to think laterally and outside-the-square.
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I define strategic thinking as the skill of analyzing and conceiving important ideas, decisions and strategies that are essential to success.

Bartlett is a senior strategist, coach and advisor who helps firms, teams and individuals to accelerate performance and achieve their goals.  His speciality is strategy, with a focus on business and marketing strategy, strategic HR and organisation development, and high performance strategy.

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