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Essentially, decision makers at every level of an organisation seeking to steer their business to sustained success need a succinct and pragmatic response.
Erik Vermeulen’s process has helped mobile phone companies sell 60 000 handsets in under 3 weeks in a saturated market.
After you’re laser focused about what you do and the value you offer, you move onto the networking phase where you multiply your contacts and gain access to your most ideal B2B prospects. This process is an iterative one, or cyclical, meaning you keep refining it until it’s perfect.
You’re going to chip away at your block of granite with questions, and your answers will clarify the actions you need to take. Write down all your answers and get your business coach or other advisor to poke holes in your answers. Once you understand your value proposition and who your ideal customer would be, you start thinking about how you can reach them and what you’ll say to them. Once you know who your perfect niche client or bullseye target customer is, and what your unique value proposition is, it’s easier to know what actions are needed. One thing for sure, is that you’ll be networking and asking the right people about their needs, views, and priorities. So go forward by speaking with the people you need to know to refine your value proposition, build your website, give you the funding you need, run your social or ad campaigns, create your branded content, advise you on how to package your services, and meet the right people. Soon, you’ll be ready for the last task: consultative selling and asking prospects tough questions!
A digital marketing maestro narrowcasting the value of the personalized, significant unique value proposition to SMB's who need to bring their new media channels in sync.

The Disruptive Marketing BlogLet's celebrate learning about new business development and digital marketing strategies. Behavioural Economics Strategist Erik Vermeulen takes a strong behavioural approach to facilitating strategy using a 7 Step process. After all, it can only help executives to have a shared definition when they are creating, communicating, and implementing a strategy for their business. Choices must be made because there is at least one way to win in every market, but not everyone can win in any given market.
Often it has to sort out seemingly conflicting objectives, such as the need for both long-term growth and short-term profitability, to choose which options to pursue. The better your groundwork in business development basics, the more unambiguous your networking will be. What is the demand and why does it exist, and how are others trying to do the same things as you? Do you offer things for free such as advice or services, or will watch their business intensely to act at the very time they need you most? This repetitive questioning process will strip away the unnecessary and wasteful and lead you to the perfect vision of who you are and what your business is.
Your customer profile will help you know what medium to use to reach them whether TV, or direct sales, or inbound content marketing.
It is the result of choices executives make, on where to play and how to win, to maximize long-term value.
It can be defined in any number of ways, such as by where the target customers are (for example, in certain parts of the world or in particular parts of town), how they buy (perhaps through specific channels), who they are (their particular demographics and other innate characteristics), when they buy (for example, on particular occasions), what they buy (for instance, are they price buyers or service hounds?), and for whom they buy (themselves, friends, family, their company, or their customers?).

Early in its development, Southwest defined its target market to include regular bus travelers — people who wanted to get from point A to point B in the lowest-cost, most convenient way. To “maximize long-term value” means — when there are mutually exclusive options — to select those that will give the greatest sustained increase to the company’s economic value. In contrast to the industry’s hub-and-spoke standard, Southwest’s point-to-point operations and hassle-free service model offered a compelling value proposition for people who would otherwise choose bus travel. The target market, value proposition, and capabilities must hang together in a coherent way. We once heard a corporate leader ask, “But how can you ever know when you have maximized value?” The fact is, you can’t, because you can never know with certainty if there’s a better option than those you’ve considered so far. What they had was a mission statement, belief, and a willingness to trudge blindly forward. And good strategies call for the right amount of “capabilities stretch”: not too much or too little change from the capabilities a business already has.
Think about how you will create exceptional value for your client and how good you will feel.

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