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Subscribers to Bublish’s Authorpreneur Dashboard can engage readers in social conversations about the creation process by sending out rough cut book bubbles. A vibrant blue fox, whimsical friends, exhilarating adventures and discovery await all those who explore the stop-motion world of Tumble Leaf. Starting today, Prime members have unlimited streaming access to the first six episodes of Tumble Leaf, at no additional cost to their membership. Last year Amazon Studios launched its first two prime time series Alpha House and Betas, and will debut its first three children’s shows this summer.
The next time youa€™re snuggled up in bed for a marathon viewing of Breaking Bad or House of Cards, an extra set of eyes may be watching you, counting the bits of data that stream to your TVa€”and soon they could be charging you extra for all that streaming video. This is no mere dystopian fantasy: If youa€™re a data-heavy user fond of Netflix, Pandora, and YouTube, chances are good that your bit-gobbling ways are coming under increasing scrutiny from your Internet service provider, and in the near future you may find yourself paying a premium for all those massive downloads and data streams. Earlier this month, Comcast expanded market trialsA of its a€?metereda€? broadband plans,A and analysts say ita€™s only a matter of time before all U.S. Over the past few years, AT&T, Comcast, and Time Warner have experimented with data caps and broadband metering to some extent.
Comcast has since experimented with a similar plan on an opt-in basis in select markets, while simultaneously testing tiered data caps based on the speed of service a customer buys. As we get more and more of our entertainment, such as the Netflix show a€?Derek,a€™ from the Internet, we may have to start watching our broadband usage closely.
In response to vocal outrage from consumers, the big ISPs have hesitated to roll out new metered billing plans nationwide. Buying broadband service used to be a one-size-fits-all affair, where you paid a fixed price for unlimited bandwidth.
The ISPs may be following in the footsteps of the wireless industry by creating service tiers that offer varying amounts of data per month.
Whether metered billing is a problem depends entirely on the kind of Internet user you are. According to Comcast, the current median monthly data usage for its customers is roughly 16GB. But Mastrangelo questions why any ISP would risk angering its whole subscriber base by imposing caps and metering to deal with the heavy usage patterns of just a few. And having a data cap that exceeds a typical usera€™s consumption by 600 percent seems, to her, a strange way to address the problem, Mastrangelo says. But DSLReportsa€™ Bode says the fairness argument is bogus, because American consumers already pay a€?more than their fair sharea€? for bandwidth. Besides, says Bode, the heavier users already pay more than light users, because they typically pay for faster tiers of service. But the data hogs may not be the real reason ISPs are warming us up to their metered billing approach. The average consumer today uses about 16GB of data per month, but that number has risen sharply over recent years.
And a growing segment of the population is streaming Netflix to their living rooms while surfing the Web, streaming music to their tablets, and playing online games such as World of Warcraft. Lest you think this type of user is a small minority, consider that 55 percent of households in the United States now subscribe to some kind of streaming video service.
The experts wea€™ve talked to express little doubt that metered broadband, data caps, and premium bandwidth tiers are the future for U.S. The cable companies first asserted, like the wireless carriers, that data caps and metering were necessary to prevent network congestion. Could it be that theya€™re simply creating the impression of scarcity around a commodity in order to increase its perceived value? The best advice for anyone worried about how broadband metering may affect them is to start tracking your own monthly data consumption.
Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. In a headline move for the industry of online streaming-specifics, set-top box provider Boxee have become the property of South Korean technology giants Samsung for an estimated price of $30m.
Given the money being transferred for technological properties in recent times, the Israeli start-up may have a right to feel a little short-changed on the deal given the amounts that circulate their rivals in set-top box streaming, but it would have presumably been a fair price agreed upon in the terms of the deal, which are currently undisclosed.
One of the world’s biggest and most innovative TV manufacturers, Samsung have developed plenty of features into a smart TV in their recent history, but one area that has been missing from their portfolio has been a set-top box of any sort to rival the likes of Roku and Apple TV (despite having dongles that achieve similar effects), not to mention one that carries connected streaming features and content recording. For 6-year-old Boxee, meanwhile, the takeover will join a total of $27m raised in previous funding from the likes of Spark Capital and Softbank NY, but could the support from Samsung offer much more than financial security when it comes to their ongoing development?
The Boxee TV streaming set-top box costing $99.99 has been rebranded as the Boxee Cloud DVR, offering a free DVR service into the service bundle offered.
Buyers of Boxee Cloud DVR will now receive streaming TV, live TV and a rather mean 5 hours of cloud DVR playback monthly. The Cloud DVR service is available in eight major cities Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, NYC, Philadelphia, Houston, Los Angeles and Washington D.C. The new Boxee service streams video and music from a number of apps that include Netflix, YouTube,Vudu, MLB.TV, Pandora, and Spotify, among others. Using the DVR function, users can watch and playback this content on a number of connected devices such as computers, smartphones and tablet computers. Boxee seem to be relying on the DVR function to give it an edge over rivals such as Roku (which celebrated 5 million sales today).
As physical discs, tapes and analogue TV become extinct, and digital streaming delivery of files becomes more common. No one can say listening to music hasn’t changed greatly since the invention of MP3 players.
Media streamers come in different shapes and sizes, but they are generally very small and vary wildly in the features they provide, how well the media streamer you choose accommodates your needs will require you choose the model that has the features you might need. The media streamer you choose should be easy to use and easy to navigate with an intuitive interface.
At this time, purchasing a media streamer may be either a little expensive or even unnecessary as they are still in the early stages of development. These can be described as media players and software jukeboxes which run on your computer, a connected (smart) TV or many gaming consoles can also transmit video files through your television.  Many gaming consoles come with hard drives for storing multimedia files or offer a means to connect a USB storage device to access your video library. The rather snazzy looking Boxee Box by D-Link has full 1080P hd support and 7.1 audio as well but users complain of a lack of apps that include Netflix, Youtube, Spotify and Vudu. The WD TV Live Hub comes either with a built in 1Tb hard drive or without so it can double as your media server.
Many companies are putting the open source Android operating system on a number of boxes sized similar to the Apple TV, as well as plug-in HDMI sticks that fit into the back of your TV. Just like the Xbox, the PS3 has access to some streaming services and can play movies if you plug in an external hard drive.
Most of us own a PC or Mac and it is very easy nowadays to hook it up to the big screen TV and watch content.
Install some media software into your computer and you can make filing and running movies, shows and music a breeze. The digital age is now firmly upon us, as DVD’s begin to lose popularity, downloadable movies and shows will take over, just like they have with video games. All viewers will need to do is have access to the internet to receive the feed, and for those with an internet connected television set or set-top-box will find pointing your web browser to the appropriate web page extremely easy.
Fans of metal and alternative rock will be able to see videos from older generations including Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, while fans of newer metal bands like Five Finger Death Punch and Shinedown will also be entertained. Advertising will be inserted directly into the streams via motion graphic advertisements–similar to those used on YouTube and other video-streaming sites. Boxee have released details of the new internet TV set-top box that offers a whole lot more.

For traditional TV viewers, the Boxee TV has an in-built antenna to receive over the air broadcasting from channels such as Fox, NBC, ABC, and CBS.
For streaming internet TV, the Boxee TV comes with several services pre-installed, including Youtube, Netflix, Vudu and streaming radio from Pandora. The Boxee set-top-box is said to be getting an upgrade that is currently going through testing, and the device isn’t quite like anything currently available on the market.
According to technology site the Verge, manufacturer D-Link is utilizing over-the-air live television, DVR, and web apps to create a brand new media streaming solution for consumers. Beta testers also have received a survey that seems to hint at the possibility of the Boxee set-top-box being able to stream video across devices, allowing users to watch recorded content on their mobile or tablet computing devices.
The small black box comes with a television tuner and there is some debate on whether it will have it’s own antenna or not. The new Boxee set-top-box is said to be still in a prototype state, and no release date details have been disclosed.
No officially words yet on the manufacturer or service provider, but early review has let the cat out of the bag; the long-awaited New Xbox Experience coming this November will not only feature Netflix movie streaming in SD format, but also in HD. Much like the SD format, the Hi-Def streaming will require both memberships from Netflix subscription's Watch Instantly and Xbox Live Gold account to quality for the service. Three cheers to Xbox300 fanboys, the NXE will get revamp with new GUI and a surprised option with ability to stream 300 films in HD.
Never before have authors had the ability to actively promote their books, gather fans and generate pre-sales right from the pages of their manuscript. This builds an emotional connection between reader and writer right from the start of the book project. Amazon’s first original kids series is available today, exclusively on Amazon Prime Instant Video at no additional cost for Prime members. To ensure series are created to engage children while supporting educational goals, Tumble Leaf and all other Amazon kids preschool programs are developed with the support of an expert board of advisors led by Dr. Anyone can upload a script and Amazon Studios will read and review all submissions and those who choose to make their projects public will also receive feedback from the Amazon Studios community.
The company is guided by three principles: customer obsession rather than competitor focus, passion for invention, and long-term thinking.
The ranking was determined by compiling sales data of all book, magazine and newspaper sales in both print and Kindle format from April 2013 to April 2014, on a per capita basis in cities with more than 100,000 residents. Time Warner kicked off the trend with an attempt in 2009 to cap customers at 5GB per month in exchange for a $5 rate cut, and was soundly rebuked by the marketplace. In recent weeks Comcast has expanded the program to new trial markets in Huntsville and Mobile, Alabama.
But in recent years the big ISPs have begun imposing data-usage caps, ostensibly to deal with a small group of subscribers who consume massive amounts of data yet pay the same as everybody else. Heavy data users would have to buy a more expensive tier to keep up their data-gorging ways. By all available measures, the overwhelming majority of broadband subscribers wona€™t see any impact from emerging data caps and metered billing plans, and those in the lowest usage tiers may even see a small discount on their service in the short run. AT&T claims that the top 2 percent of its users (in terms of data consumption) eat up 20 percent of its networka€™s total available bandwidth. For example, in August of this year, Verizon cracked down on one FiOS user whose monthly consumption amounted to more than 38 terabytes. They may be slowly getting into position to reap maximum profits in a future in which home broadband service is way faster, and in which wea€™re using way more of it. In 2009, the average consumer used just 9.7GB, according to estimates from the networking equipment provider Cisco. According to Netflixa€™s published bandwidth estimates, streaming HD consumes up to 2.8GB per hour.
And 88 percent of Netflix users and 70 percent of Hulu users say they have watched three or more TV-show episodes in one day (a practice known as a€?binginga€?). In Comcasta€™s Tuscon, Arizona market trial, for instance, the highest performance tier comes with speeds up to 105 megabits per second and a 600GB data cap. After all, Internet-savvy users tend to be more affluent, and have shown a willingness to pay for faster connection speeds.
But they have since admitted that the usage caps really have nothing to do with network congestion problems.
If that is so, such a practice is especially dangerous in a market that has already been designed to eliminate competition (the cable companies have divided up the markets in the United States), because therea€™s simply no counterweight to hold prices down. If your ISP offers a broadband-metering tool without forcing you to accept a data cap for its use, give it a try. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links. It also gives access to OTA live TV from broadcast TV channels such as ABC, CBS, CW, FOX, NBC, PBS and Univision.
Boxee say about the Cloud DVR service, “Boxee saves your recordings to the Cloud so you’ll never stress about deleting one show to make room for another… or a family member who keeps filling up the DVR with junk.
In much the same way, our video watching habits can and will change as internet TV boxes continue to impact on the market.
Similar to most electronic devices that have adapted and evolved, media streamers can vary greatly in quality and features provided.
This may sound elementary, but without proper connectivity there is little hope of successfully transmitting video files from your streaming device to a television.
Since there are so many different video file formats and codecs, it will be important to choose a media streamer that can handle the most popular video formats. You can choose a media streamer with all features unimaginable, but that will serve no purpose if finding files you wish to watch is difficult to do. However, there are cheaper alternatives that will offer similar experiences to those which a media streamer can provide. In these situations, the video playback is similar to media streamers and may be an affordable alternative until these units become more readily available and affordable to average users. The boxee can stream from the home network, streaming from the web, via the two usb ports, and it has an antenna slot for live cable TV as well (but only free unscrambled ones). Built in WiFi, over 600 channels, can play HD 720p and 1080p, has motion control for games and connects to your TV via a HDMI port. But there is a downside in the fact that the WD Live has no wireless connection so has to be connected via an ethernet cable. It has 1080p playback but you are limited to to rental content from iTunes and streaming from Netflix.
This device plugs into the HDMI port on your TV set and lets you stream from any mobile device or computer using a Chrome browser straight to your TV. The console made by Microsoft can access services such as Amazon Instant Video and Netflix but it is not so easy to connect to a home network. Whatever computer or console you own, you have greater access to streaming and downloadable content. The station, which will be streamed 24 hours a day in high definition video and audio will bring back the classic MTV format from yesteryear–and provide viewers with all of the metal and alternative rock music videos and news they can handle. All one needs is an internet connected device to enjoy the channel, which will stream content live 24 hours a day. The new Boxee TV will sell for a very attractive $99 and includes a whole raft of TV watching options that cover every base. To help navigate the online TV services, the Boxee remote control has had a makeover and features dedicated buttons for Netflix and Vudu as well as a QWERTY keyboard. The new media streaming receiver is being designed to pick up live local television signals and adds DVR functionality to sweeten the deal.

It should be noted that users will need access to a television antenna to pick up the signals. If the device does not come with a built-in antenna receiver, connecting one to the device would not be too difficult for most users. Few detail are available for now, but the service will debut at November 19th and the Xbox 360 will be the first hardware to offer HD streaming from Netflix. Readers can even provide feedback on character development, plot direction, cover design and so much more. Created for preschool-aged children, each episode of Tumble Leaf follows Fig, a delightfully curious blue fox, and his best friend Stick, a quirky caterpillar, as they embark on a fun and nature-filled adventure, learning science through their natural play. Each episode consists of two 11-minute stories and the remaining seven episodes will become available later this summer.
Alice Wilder, one of the world’s foremost experts in educational and child psychology.
Customer reviews, 1-Click shopping, personalized recommendations, Prime, Fulfillment by Amazon, AWS, Kindle Direct Publishing, Kindle, Fire, and Fire TV are some of the products and services pioneered by Amazon. In essence,A your Internet use will be treated like your electricity or water use: Youa€™ll begin paying for exactly what you use,A and a€?all you can eata€? plans will disappear. The ISP tracks (a€?metersa€?) the customera€™s data usage and then charges for each additional gigabyte of data the customer uses beyond the monthly allotment.
Meanwhile, Comcast is experimenting with caps ranging from 300GB to 600GB, depending on the service tier. By those numbers, a single tech-savvy person could easily consume 150GB of data just by watching the national average of 50 hours of TV per month via their Netflix account instead of traditional cable. According to Comcast spokesperson Charlie Douglas, this arrangement is designed to account for the fact that customers with faster connections tend to use more data.
But as streaming services grow in popularity, that premium could hit lower-income families hard as they follow mainstream adoption trends and begin viewing more of their news and entertainment over streaming connections rather than conventional TV broadcasts. Nearly every major ISP has adopted some form of cap or metering, though their explanations and policies vary. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements.
No big screen, usually lower quality sound, having to wait 5 minutes for a boot-up and not conducive to group watching means we need another option. In the very near future, gone will be the piles of DVDs we all have stashed in some drawer in our house, all replaced by digital copies. Media streamers is a term that appears a lot now and describes a network connected device  that both plays media from a hard drive or home network, and can stream content from the internet. Like many electronic devices we have all purchased from time to time, the features needed may also vary from one person to the next. The menus and navigation bars should be user-friendly and perhaps customizable to gain the most from your unit. It is still possible to transmit video files stored on your hard drive and view them through your television with alternative sources. It’s also likely, these jukeboxes and gaming consoles will continue to evolve and provide improved video streaming capabilities to continue to be competitive as media streamers become more popular. It has a cloud based DVR that also disappoints as it has limited coverage and carries a monthly subscription charge. They can stream movies and shows from the home network as well as having (limited) storage internally which is usually around 4Gb and can be expanded up to 32Gb. Now is the time to set-up your computer or media player to a home network so you can watch all of this great content at home or on the move. You can access your recordings from any web browser on a number of devices from your television, smartphone or tablet PC. The form factor is conventional, sleek and should appeal to more than cord-cutters who are looking for ways to get free DVR functionality for local television stations. A four-way directional controller-remote allows users to easily navigate menus on the device. The series will also be available in Kindle FreeTime Unlimited, a service built just for kids that gives them the freedom to explore all their favorite books, games, educational apps, movies and TV shows, while providing parents with the tools they need to manage their kids’ screen time.
Without some kind of data cap, says one ISP spokesperson, providers have no way of cracking down on abusers. The answer is one of the new breed of internet TV media streaming set-top boxes that deliver digital files onto your big screen TV easier. It’s even possible that DVD players, cable receivers, or satellites will turn out to be as un-important as the VHS players we all got rid of a long ago. So in general terms, the media you can play, video, music or images are usually stored outside of the media player and the device will play the file from its source wirelessly.
But in order to be sure you have a media streamer that will suffice, there are a few requirements to consider.
Some models will include component connections and audio connections, and there are now a range of models that enable wireless video streaming, so you can lose the ugly cables. Your media streamer should offer easy network set up and a remote control unit that responds very easily. It plays full 1080p HD and can stream from the web or your network files, and can also play casual games.
Services such as Youtube, Netflix and Hulu etc can be run as well as apps from the Google Playstore and the XBMC media software. After the post-Format war, the company has done little to compete with its rivalry, Netflix; no additional services have been announced but they managed to raise the subscription fees to distance the competition.
Amazon Original Series are available exclusively to Prime members through Prime Instant Video.
So you can stream from online video sites like Hulu, Amazon and Youtube, catch-up TV sites etc. Interestingly many people prefer these devices over the official Google TV devices as streaming services are not blocked. But as delivering media via the internet continues to be developed, the playback of digital video will become as common as MP3s. Or you can connect to your home network consisting of a computer, hard drive, tablet, phone, or media server etc. Any media streamer worth its weight will provide an Ethernet port to connect to your network.
Once you do, your viewing will never be the same again, and you will never want to go back.
In fact, a media streamer is very similar to an MP3 player but the media streamer offers playback of video format as well.
But these days, the better media streamers should also provide a wireless network support to offer users and hands-free operation. It seems on the face of it, a very attractive package andpromises a box that has something for everyone.
Availability of on demand subscription movie sites will only further your home entertainment.

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