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We already wrote about the importance of Email Marketing for your business in the past and have given you “6 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Important For Your Internet Marketing”. As a marketer, you need to pay close attention to your audience and your message to be able to build, execute and maintain a continuous effective email marketing campaign. Just like you want it to be easy to subscribe, you need to make it easy to unsubscribe as well. The moment someone subscribe, they are engaging with you, they took the first step to building a relation with you or your brand.
Your subscribers are busy people who get a lot of emails every day, it’s safe to assume you will not have their undivided attention when they open your email. On your blog, you’ve created a content calendar because you know you need to keep your audience engaged with fresh content to keep on top of mind.
We already mentioned earlier in our blogpost “6 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Important For Your Internet Marketing”, that 91% of the people use their smartphone to check their email.
Before sending your email out into the world, conduct careful testing to make sure it will work on a variety of devices. According to a study done by the small business CRM product listing site Software Advice, 65% of customers preferred a casual tone of voice. Jay Ivey suggest in the article to use friendly, personable language in neutral situations. This last tips might seem a bit to obvious, but too many companies start email newsletter with no plan and nothing to say. In the end email marketing and other forms of content marketing is there to help solve the same problems your company is trying to solve only through media you create and promote instead of your product.
At every opportunity, remind subscribers that they can be assured that they won’t miss out on the valuable information that they love receiving from you if they add your send address to their email contacts list. These email marketing tips won’t make you a perfect email marketer, but they will certainly make you better than most! As the holiday season quickly approaches, it is important to stay ahead of the competition.
Keep in mind, the top holidays for online spending include: Thanksgiving Day (November 27), Black Friday (November 28), Cyber Monday (December 1) and Green Monday (December 8). According to a study by Campaigner, 71 percent of Internet retailers agree that the top element for email marketing success is social integration.
Before even thinking about sending out an email, you must make sure that it is mobile-friendly. This is one of the most effective holiday marketing techniques to influence buyer behaviors. As you know, Facebook is a great source for collecting valuable data about your target audience. Unlike PPC ads, Facebook allows you to include high-quality images that will capture the attention of your audience. Don’t miss out on all of the ways your company can benefit from implementing our holiday marketing strategies! At this point, stop and ask yourself: “Am I utilizing any of those things?” “Am I doing all of them?” “What reasons are keeping me from doing them?” You might be using one or two of those items and be thinking to yourself, “why do I need to do ALL of those things?” My answer to that is this: your audience forgets 90% of what they see within two weeks!
Those figures might seem overwhelming, and rightly so, but there is a way to establish yourself uniquely and firmly in the mind of your target consumers. When you consider your brand, remember that if you want to be unique, you can’t be all things to all people. It’s possible for you to establish your brand within the psychic real estate of your target audience, but to do so you must be consistently in front of them, whether by email, direct mail, take-ones, local events, or other marketing tools. Your marketplace is constantly moving and your target audience is in some ways a revolving door as people move, change jobs, or look for something new.
Don’t rest on your laurels when you think you’ve “made it.” Capturing a the psychic real estate of a whole community is an ideal place to be, but as I mentioned in my last point, that community is made up of a constant inflow and outflow of people, and unless you continue to maintain a visible presence, you will lose that dominant foothold. So now that I’ve given you some very high level ideas to follow, what does all of that really mean?
When I first started in business, I constantly found myself searching for the one secret to marketing that would get set my insurance agency up for success… push me to the top of my market and deliver the success that I so desperately wanted to experience. The simple change you can make in your marketing is not the tools you are using, the tactics you have tried, or even the frequency of your ads. Hold on, I can sense your skepticism tempting you to close your browser so let me explain myself first. When you look at marketing in this light, there are some HUGE implications to everything you’re doing right now to grow your business.
When you define your marketing correctly, all your marketing activities will be crafted to appeal to your ideal customer. Implication # 3 – Your marketing needs to separate the ideal customers from all the strangers. If the goal is to work with ideal customers, then your advertising must communicate a message that resonates with only those ideal customers & helps you identify them from all the strangers out there.
A correctly define marketing system will follow through completely to build an army of loyal, profitable, & noisy customers (Noisy means they talk about your greatness, not that they complain or are problem customers). I either had to much customers leaving out the back door or no enough quality customer coming in the front door. Perhaps you’ve implemented some of what I mentioned earlier, but learned something new. In the coming weeks I’ll go further in depth of each of the four implications we discussed today. David Robertson believes that your business' marketing results should be consistent, predictable & profitable. Tweak Your Biz is a business community - a place where business professionals like you can stand out. Now that you have decided to take the plunge and set up a business for yourself, you need to insure that you do all of the right things. Fifth, you should always do your best to ensure fast and efficient service to your clients. Facebook and social media marketing success is often displayed when big brands and stars with millions of fans and deep pockets run a campaign that also attracts mainstream mass media attention. This can be seen with the wildly successful Old Spice campaign that saw millions of YouTube views, Twitter tweets and Facebook likes.
The reality in small business struggle street is that often the big buckets of money are not available and resources are limited. So how do you launch a Facebook marketing campaign and make it successful? How do small businesses use Facebook to get big results! The rise and the continuing maturing of  social media has seen the arrival of a plethora of tools and apps that make it easier for businesses and brands to implement marketing campaigns that are simple and cost effective.
Here are five of some of the successful Facebook marketing campaigns achieved by companies using their tools. Sometimes brand awareness and postioning your company as a thougjht leader in its industry are the campaign goals.
Sugarbush Resort wanted to increase the number of fans on their Facebook page and also grow their email subscriber list.
If you want to see more successful case studies from people usingConstant Contact ‘s social tools you can find them here. My book – Blogging the Smart Way “How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media” – will show you how.
Twitter is a social media network that has had its business model challenged by media and bloggers over the years. In the world of marketing, getting your message out to the public can mean the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. No matter what brand you are marketing, it is critical that you get your message out there correctly the first time around.
So, do you feel confident that your brand’s message is being heard by the right people at the right time? For example, say you want to market a repair manual, be it for electronics, vehicles, household appliances or a host of other items. Your website – First and foremost, your company website is your greatest tool when it comes to marketing your brand. Social media – If you’re one of those company heads, who still hasn’t jumped on the social media bandwagon, why is that? Employees – Stop for a moment and think about whom are some of your greatest marketing ambassadors. If your marketing message is in need of some repair, open the manual of commonsense and get it working today. How to Kickstart a Product-Based BusinessThis week I’m pleased to interview the two creative minds behind the Ryo adaptor (launching today on Kickstarter), Lori Liu and Kevin Lieber. How to toot your own horn with humilityBy Diana Gomez It’s okay to take pride in giving back to your community.
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Emails can help and build relationships with your leads, it can help you gather important data and help boost your marketing Return On Investment (ROI).
You need to avoid the most common mistake of all: just simply blast your self-promotional message out there in the world.

If you are planning on sending weekly company updates, e-commerce sales, daily deals, weekly tips, it’s important to tell your readers up front what to expect and how often to expect it. Now is the time to send them a small welcome, remind them to what they’ve just subscribed and that you received all the information correctly. When you want it to be really personal and engaging, send an email in plain text without any fancy stuff. Segmentation allows you to target certain subscribers on your list based on special interests. Litmus allows you to preview your email across more than 30 email clients to make sure it will work with every popular device on the market today. By including social share buttons on your emails, you are encouraging your readers to continue the conversation with their friends and peers. Taking a casual tone may help customers see your business as more personable, which can improve the relationship you have with your audience. Before you start with your newsletter, make sure this is a commitment you and the rest of your company can keep up with and that it will help you achieve your business goals. Just use these tips as a checklist when putting your email campaign together and you’ll be fine!
Your email address will only ever be used for notifications regarding our blog posts and product releases.
Now is the time to launch your holiday marketing campaign to makes sure you effectively reach all of your potential customers. Take advantage of this simple step and make sure that all of your emails include social share icons.
In 2014, there was a 50 percent holiday email open rate on mobile devices, which is expected to increase this year. If you have used email holiday marketing campaigns that have worked in the past, then use that as a starting point. In a previous post, we explained how remarketing helps to increase your online presence so that your current and potential customers don’t forget about you. You can customize your audiences based on gender, demographics, interests, shopping preferences and behaviors.
It can help your business to stand out among the rest of your competition if you choose graphics and incentives that will appeal to those you are trying to reach.
You can get our headlines via email as well, or follow us on Twitter.Marketing today has many facets, constantly expanding in our fast-paced, noise laden, digitally driven society. Balance is essential in maintaining a competitive edge (and your sanity), but to maintain balance, you must first prioritize your time and effort. Utilizing template driven campaign management programs for email and text campaigns is an easy way to stay in the digital foreground of a prospect’s mind.
Mass marketing is typically cheaper from a “per household” approach, but often times it is wasted because it is a message to the wrong crowd. Several years ago I had the opportunity to hear Mark Magnacca, author, national speaker, and President of Insight Development Group, speak to a small group of investors. Psychic real estate is the words, pictures and feelings people associate with a product or service. One of the interesting things about psychic real estate is that, generally, people only associate one or two primary things with a particular company. Now think how amazing it would be that when someone in your community decides to buy or sell a home, your name immediately comes to mind as THE provider for those services. A potential customer is more likely to remember you when they’re ready for your services if you are seen frequently.
Well, it means that you need to sit down and develop a priority based, integrated marketing plan. Don’t get too hung up when deciding which approach to take – you’ll find what works for you as you implement. The simple change you can make to increase your results in marketing and earn more money for your business & your own budget actually costs nothing. I was trying everything under the sun to find the one activity that would cause people to need me, call me, & buy from me. When I started marketing my first business, it was all about getting the next new customer.
My family, friends, and even business relationships suffered through my learning experience too. 3D technology is already mainstream, I’m looking forward to some more 3D hologram action. Read the specialists, share your opinions and sign up to become recognized for sharing your expertise by writing on this site!
If the marketing process goes smoothly then the velocity of circulation of business or be perfect. Affiliate marketing businesses do take the risk away but you still need to conduct this venture as you would any other business.
What must also be kept in mind that obtaining more likes in Facebook is cool but what small business really wants is more sales! Constant Contact is one of those companies that offers email and social media marketing tools that make it easy and cost effective to create a Facebook custom tab that produces results. I show you how to create and build a blog that rocks and grow tribes, fans and followers on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. The link takes me to the Amazon UK page and, because there is no price on the book, there doesn’t seem any way to put it into my basket. If not, how can you go about repairing that message so you get it right more times than not? Such manuals are all but a necessity for millions of people, especially just after they have purchased a new product. That said too many companies drop the ball as it relates to their sites, having websites (specifically blogs) that are ho-hum at best. SM is a great tool whereby you can give your brand the attention it needs, all the while barely spending a dime in the process.
Crowdfunding is a great way to road-test an idea, gauge market demand, and obtain financing for your project. Research has suggested that volunteering and donating money to charitable causes not only increases emotional well-being, but physical health as well. In order to make a strong place for yourself in the world of business, you need to know yourself. While these reasons should already convince you enough about the importance of running email campaigns, many marketers end up falling short and missing their goals on the campaign’s returns in the end.
Continuing blasting that self-promotional message to your audience will only end up with your recipients hitting that delete button more than opening your message, or even worse unsubscribing from your mailing list. Give them as much information as possible on your sign up form, this will prevent disappointment and unhappy subscribers later down the line.
You might even send new subscribers a special offer or some exclusive content, as your way of thanking them for starting the relationship with you. If your store is having a sale for example and you know the zip code of your subscribers, you can send an email to only those people living close by your store. MailChimp’s Delivery Doctor tests your emails to ensure they’ll make it through popular spam filters to increase the odds they’ll land in users’ inboxes.
Whether it is a content piece or an event invite, you will have more opportunities to spread your word if you include an easy way for your readers to spread your message. Since most emails come directly from one person, even if you’re sending out an email newsletter en masse, people expect human voices in their inboxes. If you don’t think you can regularly send out an email newsletter don’t start, you’ll be wasting your own time and most important your subscribers’ time.
By including these icons in your emails it easily allows readers to share to their individual social networks, which helps to broaden your overall audience. Mobile browsing has greatly influenced buyers’ shopping habits, as now they have access to researching promotions and deals before making an in-store or online purchase.
From there, you can repurpose the content by updating the message, changing the graphics and adding any new product or service updates. Remarketing helps you to target visitors who have visited your website but have not yet purchased your product or service. With this information in mind, you will be able to create customized ads for each of your audiences. Remember, Facebook does not allow you to add more than 20 percent text with your image so make sure you are sending the message you want to get across.
Juggling existing transactions, marketing, prospecting, and customer service can sometimes pose a challenge. That means focusing on what works best, what will most efficiently help you attain, or maintain, the business or lifestyle that you want to achieve. Billboards or advertising circulars, while somewhat more generic but wider reaching from a “brand exposure” standpoint, can potentially be beneficial in reaching a more diverse segment than you might with other forms of media. Granted, these are for a wide variety of products and services, but because the exposure is so large, there is almost certainly overlap.
He pointed out a concept that I (and probably you as well) was familiar with, but had not really thought about on this level – something he calls psychic real estate.
If I say to you, “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is,” most people will immediately think of the old Alka Seltzer commercial. It is much easier to commoditize a general practitioner in medicine, law or financial advice than it is to commoditize a specialist. At a minimum, I believe it’s essential to utilize direct mail marketing if you can afford it.

I experimented with everything from ads on the back of local grocery receipts to TV & billboard advertisements. As I learned more about marketing I found that I was amazingly wrong about how to market my business. Correctly defined marketing causes your advertising to change from name, rank, and serial number to engaging & effective tools that generate quality leads. If you can emotionally relate to your customers in meaningful, memorable ways, they are far more likely to buy into your brand.
If it is your sole source of income you’ll want to give it your all and make it as successful as possible.
It also includes dozens of tips to create contagious content that begs to be shared and tempts people to link to your website and blog. From boring copy to broken links, there can be (and oftentimes are) a host of reasons as to why consumers are simply passing your brand by.
If you’re yearning for inspiration, take a look at some competition’s social networking endeavors, seeing what clearly works for them and what may need to be tabled. As part of your company, your workers should always be assisting you in getting the right marketing message out there.
But compelling copy is just as important so potential consumers will stay long enough to find out what your business sells.
Even the heartache and loss we may have all experienced at one time or another in our lives.
You can explain how to capitalize on your strengths and how you make your weaknesses irrelevant. With a clear head and a eye toward resolution, apologizing can be the same as handling any other problem. Often folks can simply adjust and move forward, occasionally the damage is large enough that things need to stop before progress can be made. Post a signup form on your homepage, your blog, your Facebook Page, use Twitter Lead Generation Cards, and wherever else your customers and fans are already active.
Instead of using one long block, break up your content into small paragraphs, use bullets, font bolding and additional colours to highlight words or phrases that you know will be more important to your users and clients. If you don’t send an email to your subscribers for months, then your subscribers will forget about you.
Software can help you control the layout of your email, making sure your text and images fit within the space of the user’s screen. As you sent out campaigns, measure results and tweak future emails based on what you learn.
One easy way to set the tone from the beginning if your emails is the dynamically insert first names in your email greetings! Ask yourself, just like with any form of marketing: What’s the goal for this kind of communication. This holiday marketing strategy will allow you to segment your audience based on certain products or pages that they visited on your site. Each ad can include a different image, copy or promotion, depending on who you are trying to reach. I believe there are a couple of simple tools to handle the workload: prioritization and balance. Direct mail from local businesses and business owners is still the preferred choice among consumers, according to a recent DMA survey, and also it receives the highest response rates. Meaning that in the course of a day, a consumer is most likely seeing some form of marketing presented by either an individual real estate agent or realty company. They’ll not only remember the commercial, but most people can even see the picture of the two white tablets fizzing in a glass of water in their mind’s eye. The same goes for you: People can generally remember only one or two key ideas about who you are and what you do. This is not to say that you must specialize to such an extreme that you can’t discuss a wide range of issues.
While the cost is higher than other forms of digital outreach, the response rates are statistically better, and in my opinion, the branding points earned are greater as well. I had happy customers too, but I never leveraged those customers to produce more new customers, more revenue, or extreme loyalty. While you likely have a marketing coordinator (and or department) in place, there is no reason everyone in the company can’t do his or her part to help in repairing your marketing message when it is not working. What significant for me is the evolving awareness and acceptance of the nature and qualities of a gift.
You can explain your biggest challenge and how you handled it with finesse and outstanding interpersonal skills. You might want to collect names or even birthdays (for a special birthday offer or gift), but don’t go completely crazy with the amount of required fields. When users get frustrated while trying to figure out how to remove their email from your list, they eventually end up with flagging your email as spam. Most email providers let you easily create a template from scratch or lets you re-use one of the pre-build templates. There are lots of different ways to start segmenting, the most important thing here is that your users subscribed with a certain idea of what they were expecting (see point 3). When they forget about you, they’ll be more likely to delete the next email you send them, or worse, mark it as spam. And if a campaign receives a higher number of unsubscribes, try to figure out what you did different this time. Then, you will be able to advertise to them by using targeted ads that will drive them back to your site to make a purchase. Brochures and flyers (take-ones) at local coffee shops, dry cleaners, or restaurants can help establish your brand in the community. The biggest mistake people make when creating psychic real estate is trying to have their personal brand be associated with too many things.
It was not until later that I uncovered the secret that shrinking my market actually produced better results & a higher ROI.
By following the advice in this article your affiliate marketing business will get off to a great start and stay that way. By following the advice in this article you will be giving your business the best possible chance for success. Instead of trying to be on multiple social sites and not having a true handle on things, focus-in on a couple of sites (typically Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Have company meetings from time to time, with instructions and feedback on how to better market your brand.
If you’re using a template, be sure to customise it to include your company’s colours, logo and other branding elements. If your email providers support it, try split testing your subject lines to see which ones perform best.
Use these details to understand the interaction with your email campaigns and improve future versions of your campaigns with this knowledge.
And of course, a well-designed and appropriately brandished business card can be a hot commodity in any successful agent’s marketing repertoire.
Create an email marketing strategy in tandem with your direct mail campaigns to potentially increase your chances of consistent exposure.
Also consider letting your employees use social media on occasion to help push your marketing message to the public.
Remember the most basic thing you need to be able to contact someone is their email address, the rest is a bonus. However, every user who flags your emails being spams counts against your sender’s reputation with email providers. If your emails are consistent with the rest of your company’s content, the reader will feel more familiar straight from the start. Sending relevant content will keep your readers engaged, and engaged readers look forward to your email and share it with their friends.
After you create a book-buying relationship with Amazon, you are more likely to do business with it in one of its sub-categories. Have a take-one designed and try to get placement in highly trafficked businesses in your community. Your Facebook page is a great place to run surveys of consumers, offer specials and deals (contests are great too), and interact with those interested in your product or service. This eventually makes it harder (and sometimes even almost impossible) to get your email into the inbox instead of the newsletter flag or even worse the junk folder.
With Twitter, you can tweet and retweet messages about your brand and the industry you are a part of. Make sure you’re brand is part of any relevant discussions, as you can very well find new customer opportunities with just a few tweets and retweets. Whether you know it or not, Instagram has exploded in just the last year or two, giving businesses a great opportunity to market their products and services. Post images of your brand (including how-to manuals etc.) so consumers have a better idea of what you offer.

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