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Cane supply is put onto a conveyer chain to be put through shredder machine to be chopped up by revolving knives.
Cane juice extracted from the cane then must undergo processes to make it lucid and clear as well as separations from any dirt and unwarranted particles through pasteurise process. The clarified juice is then put through multiple evaporators to extract up to 60 a€“ 65% of water from it, leaving the juice becoming concentrated or syrup with (60 a€“ 65 brix. This syrup is further concentrated under vacuum pan until it becomes supersaturated and then seeded with crystalline sugar.

Normally, raw sugar that has been produced will be kept in the silo await sales and distribution. The Medine Sugar Estate of 10,000 hectares (roughly half for sugar cane) produces over 60,000 tons of sugar per year and is the only sugar estate on the West of the island of Mauritius. To search on multiple keywords select the appropriate checkboxes and click the 'Search by Keywords' button.
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