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Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. One important thing here is that this template is already installed with Web Optimization Framework so you can check in bin folder required DLLs have already been added. I think now you can better understand practically how this framework optimizes the calls and loading of resources. Now, we are ready with our bundle so the last task is to consume this bundle into our file. Now just go back in your web.config file and set debug = true and run the application and again press F12.
If you can observe here, now you can see two separate JavaScript files are loading separately. In day 5 we will look in to how to bundling and minification to maximize performance of MVC application.
In case you have missed the past 4 days of the MVC learn series below are the links for the same. Web projects always need CSS and script files.Bundling helps us to combine to multiple javascript and CSS file in to a single entity during runtime thus combining multiplerequests in to a single request which in turn helps to improve performance.
Now if you think a little the above scenario can become worst if we have lot of javascript files(especially JQUERY files) resulting in multiple requests thus decreasing performance.
If we can somehow combine all the JS files in to a single bundle and request them as a single unit that would result in increased performance (See the next figure which has a single request). Minification reduces the size of script and CSS files by removing blank spaces , comments etc.
So to understand bundling and minification , let’s go ahead and create a empty MVC project. Now run the MVC application in Google chrome , press CNTRL + SHIFT + I keyboard keys to see the below output. So once you have got the optimization in your package , click on install to get the references in your project. Below is the code which will bundle both javascript files in to one unit thus avoiding multiple request call for each file. If you click on the preview tab you can see both the javascript files have been unified and….

You can see in the below output how the comments are removes , white spaces are remove and the size of the file is less and more efficient. Let’s do a small lab to understand MVC view model concept using the below screen which we discussed previously. The next step is to create a strongly typed MVC view where we can consume the view model class.
This view can be invoked from a controller which passes some dummy data as shown in the below code. So the first thing is to add a simple controller and action which raises some kind of exception. So if you execute the above action you would end up with error as shown in the below figure. Now once the error is caught by any of the three above methods we would like throw some error page for display purpose. HandleErrorAttribute at global level confirms that exceptions raised by each and every action in all the controllers will be handled. Side image is the structure of the project when we had 2 modules, imagine a situation when we have hundreds of modules in single system.
Note: - Area is logical grouping not physical, so no separate dlls will be created for every area.
One can ask a question why we should use Areas for breaking system into modules when we can just use folders.
In order to achieve same functionality using simple folder you have to do following things.
Final note, you can watch my C# and MVC training videos on various sections like WCF, Silver light, LINQ, WPF, Design patterns, Entity framework etc. In case you are completely a fresher I will suggest to start with the below 4 videos which are 10 minutes approximately so that you can come to MVC quickly. Every lab I advance in this 7 days series I am also updating a separate article which discusses about important MVC interview questions which are asked during interviews.
But I will recommend before reading this article to please go through my previous article because that is a prerequisite for this article. You can see that there is already some code present in this file and some code is commented so there is no need to worry about that.

So for adding cshtml file, right click on solution explorer, click on add and choose new item, then you will get one dialog box. So suppose you have added 20 js files in your view, then there are 20 separate calls which will be made for 20 js files. We will also look in to the concept and advantages of view model which is nothing but a bridge between model and the view.
You can see how whitespaces and comments are removed to minimize file size and thus increasing performance as the file size has become smaller and compressed. So run google chrome, press CNTRL + SHIFT + I and you can see the magic there is only one call for both the javascript files.
If the amount is greater than 2000 then color is red , if amount is greater than 1500 then color is orange or else the color is yellow. I can create the object of that class in any other UI technology (WPF, Windows etc) easily. Because our UI code has moved in to a class library (least denominator) we can create an object of that class and do unit testing. So when exception is raised from any part of the MVC project it will be routed to this central error handler. One area represents one module by means of logical grouping of controllers, Models and Views.
Now just check in network tab so here you can see there are 4 separate calls for 4 separate files. Below is a simple unit test code which demonstrates unit testing of UI look and feel logic. One more thing you might have noticed here is that I am using *.js, because I am adding all js files into one bundle and same for CSS. You can see how the color testing is done automatically rather than some manual tester testing it manually. So exactly what I did here, I bundled all JavaScript files into one bundle, it means they will load as single entity not as multiple different files and same for CSS, I created a single bundle for all CSS files.

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