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Text messaging or Simple Messaging Service (SMS) is an important marketing tool that should never be discounted in its power to reach an audience. The key to a successful text campaign is knowing how and under what circumstances a text campaign should be executed. A mistake marketers often make is to use SMS to acquire customers in the same way they might for direct response. SMS can be used for acquisition, but should be used only in conjunction with a medium more suitable for direct response, such as television or radio. By using a text short code (5 or 6 character numbers or words that are easily remembered), a television or radio spot can be tagged with a call to action.
For acquisition marketing over SMS to be effective, the first contact should be made by the user. Customers are invited to text a code to a number where they expect to receive offers and product updates.
Quick-serve restaurants use SMS to drive sales from loyal customers who have opted in to receive information. Another restaurant has specials every day of the week and notifies its customer base of the specials. Another key consideration for text campaigns is how often and for what?  One well-known restaurant chain sent an SMS message to let its loyal audience know that they now served brown rice. The restaurant chain had, first, been serving brown rice for six months; secondly, the information wasn’t perceived as important enough to warrant sending an SMS message by most users, who promptly went to social media to express their dissatisfaction.
But those campaigns that are built on user initiated, opt-in tactics can be successful at acquiring new customers, reinforcing loyalty and increasing sales of existing customers. Mobile Marketing and SMS Text Message marketing is a huge growth area for businesses of all sizes.
If you send 10,000 emails in a typical e-mail marketing campaign, only a few hundred will likely be read.
The issue of trust is the one thing that will make or break your SMS text message marketing campaigns. Gaining a customer’s trust can be the greatest obstacle that you, the SMS marketer, will need to overcome. What this results in are customers and consumers that are unlikely to be bored or turned off from with sms text message marketing texts in the way as they have become by marketing e-mails.
SMS is massively effective when used on warm leads, your current customers, and prospects who know you. You own a restaurant and some of your customers really enjoy your restaurant for the food and atmosphere. Would 5 to 10 regular customers coming back to your business an additional 2 or 3 times a month be worth anything to you?
How can you persuade your customers to give you their mobile device numbers, and also give you permission to market to them? Another tactic is a combination of the direct and indirect tactics to get your customers mobile device numbers. After you have received your customers and prospects mobile device numbers, you will want to make sure that your clients, customers and prospects remain happy with your marketing efforts. It‘s very important to make sure you’re abiding by the data protection rules and guidelines. The best technology for gathering and storing mobile device phone numbers is using an SMS Text Message Platform. The best advice is to first decide how you want to use SMS Messaging in your marketing strategy.
If you are looking for an SMS Text Message Service or Platform be sure to take the time to evaluate SMS Message Pro.
Why You Need Good SEO Tools Should you use premium SEO tools and just wing it with some free items? We have all heard of the wonders of text message marketing and how it can be useful for you. Generally most small to midsized businesses use this service to transmit messages to their customers. Multinational organizations have an array of methods through which they keep their customers aware of new products and any other changes they make. Text message marketing also helps the business build a personal relationship with the customer. So looking at the amazing benefits of text message marketing it is perhaps safe to say that most business owners would implement this strategy as part of their marketing plan. Text message marketing is the link between online marketing and offline marketing for many companies often replacing email in many ways as the preferred way to communicate with prospects and customers.

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It’s a valid concern, which is why we’re excited here at Tatango to announce that text message double opt-ins just got a whole lot smarter! Tatango’s reminder message will help you yield the best results from your double opt-in campaign.
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This call to action can be to text a word to a short code that will take the listener or viewer to a specific location for more information. Most of us perceive our smart phones to be a personal space; violating that space can have adverse effects for the product or brand. Campaigns that randomly appear on a user’s phone will be perceived as intrusive and won’t produce goodwill with most users.
Most likely only a few of them will open your email, therefore you’d need to send it to thousands of potential customers to make the campaign worthwhile.
It doesn’t matter  if you have a brilliant headline, great copy, and a must-have offer the open rate is from 1 to 3%. Because most people are very reluctant to give out their mobile device numbers, very few businesses have those mobile numbers, and therefore fewer SMS text message marketing texts are sent.
The biggest reason most mobile consumers unsubscribe from e-mail lists is because they get inundated daily and most of the e-mail offers are not relevant to them.
You even take the time to visit with many of them personally and you’d like for them to come in more often. Part of your services is to notify your clients of new products that can help their businesses.
Build you a list of your current clients and watch your billable hours and product sales go up. You tell them that your purpose is to stay in touch with them for the purpose of letting them know about products and offers.
What you do is  advertise your SMS Text Message list and make your current customers and new prospects aware that you have a list.
Make sure that your subscribers know how to opt-out of your list and that you honor that request. Since data protection rules and the rights of individuals differ from place to place make sure that you know the rules. There was a time when all you had to do was use a couple of keywords on your webpages and name your files correctly and it was considered good SEO.
However, on the other hand small organizations have limited options because they operate to small budgets. As the messages are spread out in the community you can expect more demand for your goods and services. You might see less use of text messaging by large organizations but the majority of other organizations are still using this method to good effect.
This Dpassport InfoGuide is designed to help business owners learn how to start a text message marketing campaign, the terms and things to consider, real-world campaign examples, best practices and how to incorporate it into their business. For more detailed instruction on this feature, and how to setup your own double opt-in campaign, check out our support forums. But most of all, SMS text message marketing is direct, timely and goes to your customers most trusted device, their mobile phone. This item is very important especially if you want to keep the trust of a potential mobile consumers. So how can you persuade customers and prospective customers to allow you access to their mobile device numbers? SMS Text message marketing is also about boosting your sales with customers you already have, developing long term customer relationships and generating customer loyalty. You mention to these customers that you are starting a VIP club and would like for them to join.
Develop the trust, make a value proposition and the law of avrages will take care of you real well. Yes it can work that way, but you might be asking yourself, ‘why would I send a text message when I could use the telephone to call my customers on their mobile phones?’ It’s simple so be honest now, have you ever had a simple meaningful 5 second phone call with a customer? This is an upfront approach that has a slightly lower success rate than getting their numbers indirectly. To do this be prepared to post notices in your business, on your business cards, in your regular print advertising and make up flyers etc.

Sometimes this method can be effective because it saves time, but you should really use another method as well. Finally when you make your final comparisons be sure you are comparing apples to apples on sms text message platforms.
You must have noticed that a large number of businesses do use this service to good effect while others don’t. One of the most effective ways for these organizations to build customer awareness and loyalty is through text message marketing. Deals and offers are likely to attract customers and cleverly targeted campaigns will drive better profits.
Brand loyalty can be achieved through this method and you could get a customer for the long term.
Are you concerned though that by asking a subscriber for information during the opt-in process will result in some subscribers not completing the opt-in process, resulting in loosing a new subscriber? When this option is selected, you can set a follow up reminder after a certain amount of hours, and then set what the message will say after those amount of hours have passed without a response from your new subscriber. Mobile Consumers receive very few text messages from and it goes against human nature to ignore a text when it arrives. Obtaining those numbers comes down to your VALUE proposition and your relationship with the customers that you’re targeting with our goods and services. If you get your current customers on your subscription list and the new prospects will join as well. Explain that your VIP Club members would get special offers, discounts and sepcial notices in the form of SMS text messages. In other words you would on the average serve between 18 and 34 extra meals a month based on the averages and considering that each responder brings a friend. You can then use an SMS Text Message System to notify you clients of the new products in a direct and timely manner. Just ask them to sign up on your SMS text message list by sending the keyword to your SMS subscription number. Now what you do is make a VALUE proposition to those who send your keyword to your SMS subscription number. So to gain the edge in the market they use text message marketing techniques, this costs a lot less money but is just as effective if not more so. Always get their permission first and that simple step of asking for their permission will build even more trust.
Now you can text your customers every time you have a special, a sale on parts, or to let them know their car is ready for pickup etc.
Most cell phone calls always interrupt things like meetings, meals, or other conversations and always run long. Whereas other forms of advertisements such as TV ads or billboard ads might be missed by potential customers.
Now all you have to do is send them an occasional text message about twice a month, letting them know about a special discount offer or how about preferred seating.
It does not have to be expensive, it just needs to present a perceived VALUE to your customers and prospects. Here are a few tips that will help you decide whether you should be using text message marketing for not.
If you are using SMS Text Messaging and your conversion rate for SMS marketing is close to your conversion rate for emails, that equal 10 or 20 times as much business. Excepting an emergency or something else time sensitive most people read them and usually go back to what they were doing. This can be a discount on a purchase, a small free gift or anything that your customers and prospects perceive to have value. If you bombard and pester your subscribers with text message after sms text message they will opt-out in large numbers. My first hand practical experience has shown this last method to produce the most subscribers with the fewest opt-outs. Do not always be trying to sell your subscribers something, try to send them valuable information once in awhile.
Lastly make sure you’re sending genuinely good offers that are likely to be of value to them.

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